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and this is the ending. no more telling me to write more of this. The Sleeping Beauty Arc is officially over.
As in over over. there will be no more.

(a fairytale with a happy ending?)

(they don't exist in real life— so darling, please stop looking me like that.)


and kiss the ones you love with—

reckless abandonment


(he's like a time bomb— one day he's gonna explode.)



He always knew that the girl wasn't fully in love with her— and honestly he didn't care, but even a blind man could see the carefully hidden bubbling rage that overthrew him when he saw her biting her lip as she looked into the inky eyes of that boy, Black.

He didn't hate the boy— but even he had to admit that there was some pleasure of taking something that didn't originally belong to him.

So once Black was gone, he kissed her— and for a moment it seemed like they were fully in love, but then the spell was broken and White ran off and didn't come out of her room until three days later, and when she finally emerged— he was surprised not to see any bags, and when he subtly asked why, she told him that she loved him.

And he's not sure if he could fully believe it.


The first month was the worst— the area where he ruled, his kingdom, his place was beautiful, but it was sullen and quiet and there wasn't the usual chatter and smiles from White, who seemed to be dozing off into some daydream— and he can't understand why she stays with him when there is Black, but still everyday she says—

"I love you."

And N feels as if this kingdom has been frozen in time— because he thinks that she still replays the moment over and over again and he wonders if she regrets it.

He doesn't want her too.


Days turn into months and nothing has changed— except for the fact that White is getting happier, and the place is turning out to be a lot brighter, but it still seems as if this castle is under a sleeping spell and he wonders if the spell will break if he kisses her.

(but deep inside he knows that Black's the only one to break the spell.)

But he kisses her anyways.


He thinks that he may be truly in love with the girl— but he doesn't admit it, but every night when White's locked up in her chambers, he sits in front of her chamber's doors and falls asleep guarding her— he doesn't want any dark knight to steal her away.


It took a few months for him to finally snap, "Why do stay here?" he says— quietly, darkly, desperately and she stares at him sadly and says—

"Because you need me more," and it takes all his self-restraint not to look into those sad sad blue eyes and he could truly see that she loves that boy, more than she loves him and he feels anger and snaps.

"But you love him."

"I love you, too."

And then after those seconds of mellowing down— he kisses her, and thinks that the spell is broken.


the end.

(darling— you didn't love me at all, i loved you and you beautiful silly girl who loved that other boy chose to stay with me. i love you even more, but it hurts that you'll never truly be mine.)