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Here We Go Again

Chapter One


Having a week away from that place had gone quicker than I'd hoped.

Back to school, how exciting.

After 15 years of repeating high school, I finally understood why they thought of it as purgatory. I try hard not to think of any of them, but it's hard.

I'd heard that human memories fade with your change. I was definitely miss informed.

I still remember everything. Every moment with Charlie and Renee. My last few days joking around with Jacob. Every excruciating part of my change and of course every lie they had ever told me.

Every fake emotion they showed their pet human before leaving and moving on to their next challenge. It seems so obvious to me now. How I had not seen it sooner still sends a shock to my frozen heart. I was just a new challenge to liven up their monotonous existence. Convince the human girl she's family. That's the only explanation for why he would have confessed his undying love, yet leave after one minor incident.

I don't need anyone anyway I'm fine on my own, I have been for the past 20 years.

Slipping into my usual jeans/t-shirt combo and locking up my pitiful attempt of a flat, I made my way to my one prized possession. My black and silver 2010 Ducati motorbike.

Ever since Jake and I'd ridden around Forks on our salvaged bikes, I'd had a soft spot for them. With the wind in your hair and the exhilarating speed, it was as close to running as you could get without shocking the unsuspecting humans.

Securing my helmet - a prop of course - I kick started my way to another day of boredom.

I've been living in a flat on the outskirts of Anchorage, Alaska for the past 3 months. Enrolled again in another tedious year of junior year high school. On a whole, the school had been relatively durable compared to the past 3 schools I'd attended. Less people were nosey about my past or brave enough to confront me about it anyway. That suited me perfectly.

Parking in my usual spot in the car park and removing my helmet, I was shocked to see a group of seniors openly staring at me and my bike with obvious lust in their eyes. You would think after attending this school for the past 3 months, they would be used to this arrival every day of the school week, but obviously not. Personally I hadn't thought I'd changed much in appearance since I was human, but there still must be something different to cause this ridiculous reaction. Unless of course it was the bike they were staring at, in which case I agree. She is amazing.

"Hey Bella!"

I didn't need to turn around to know who was calling me. 5"2" of grinning blonde haired, glasses wearing Lizzie Standhurst. One of the most overly friendly people you could ever encounter. Even with my sometimes hostile manner towards the student body, she still finds it appropriate to hug me as greeting. Don't get me wrong, I'm not like they were. I'm not completely antisocial. I speak to a few students here and there, I'm not rude. But this is partly due to my comfort in not being outted as 'different'.

When I awoke to this new life and adjusted to the diet and lifestyle with relative speed, I quickly realised I was gifted. At first I was disappointed with my gift, I couldn't see how it would ever be useful. This was at a time in my life when I was angry at every new day that began, resentful towards every happy person in the world and more than anything, saddened and depressed at the way my life had turned out.

I still don't walk around whistling show tunes all the time but I would say I'd gotten a better handle on my emotions.

Shaking me out of my reverie, I felt the warm arms of Lizzie enveloping me. Instantly the smell of the blood I'd worked so hard to ignore assaulted my senses along with a sickly smell of cheap flowery perfume.

Most vegetarian vampires -though very rare- would shy away from contact with humans for fear of suspicion at our cold skin, but you see my gift is to mask the senses. I can feel warm and alive to humans by affecting their sense of touch, and mask my scent to vampires. This comes in very handy when the rare nomad vampire starts to feel territorial. I can just mask my scent and run, they would never find me. Also in times like these, when having an overly friendly human attach themselves to you in unwanted greeting.

"Hey Lizzie, Do you mind letting go your cutting off my air supply" I jokingly wheezed out.

"Oh sorry! How was your trip? You missed so much! Julie pushed Martin over on Friday in the cafeteria and he fell and ripped his pants, it was so funny! Oh oh oh anddd there's new stu..."

I quickly interrupted. This was ridiculous, she talks to me like we're best friends. I don't need friends.

"Sorry Lizzie gotta run, I've gotta go to reception and tell them I'm back. See Ya." And I ran. Ironic, the predator running from it's prey but I couldn't take much more of that inane chatter.

Anchorage High is a boring assortment of brown brick buildings assembled in a T formation. Surrounding the school on all sides, dense forest bathed the grounds in shadow. The occasional picnic table dotted the patches of grass for those rare sunny days that the students would bask in the warmth outside. The days I would not be present for of course. The car park is at the front near the reception which currently is decorated with banners and brightly coloured flyers littering the windows and walls showing support for the home teams basketball tournament. GO HUSKIES. The cafeteria is to the far left side of the faculty next door to the gym. All in all nothing too different from all of the other high schools. No welcome change from the mundane. The only difference from my last school being Anchorage Highs basketball team are 'The Huskies' and last years team in Cali, Colombia were 'The Condors'. Even a lick of paint to those bricks would liven the place up a tad. Not enough to become interesting but maybe enough to stop myself feeling as though I'd been in the same place for my entire existence.

Just then the bell rang signalling hour one of boredom commencing. Government in building 3. I put on my friendliest expression, hopefully communicating -I'm a nice person but I'm a loner- rather than my internal debating on their prized high school being tediously dull.

I trudged to my class. I could only handle one Lizzie Standhurst in this school so there was no need appearing more approachable than I'd like. Now if someone could just inform Lizzie of that.

Finally lunch hour was upon me. Government and AP physics went much the same way. Slowly. Everyone seemed to be whispering about the new students. How smart, cute and funny they all were. I lost interest after the first excited squeal escaped Tracey McDuggles shallow form from 2 rows infront. One of the new guys was single. How predictable. He's single and new around so he's now Traceys. It was common knowledge in Anchorage High that once Tracey sets her sites on some unlucky guy, she has marked him as hers. Forbidden, claimed. Practically a warning for all female kind to avoid the wrath of Tracey.

I caught myself snickering over the poor newbie who Tracey would most likely hound for a date until he concedes. As if being new wasn't difficult enough he now has a stalker. Poor guy.

Just before stepping into the cafeteria to sit down for my fake lunch, 2 seniors called Carl and Joe, loudly started discussing one of the new students.

"Oh my god did you see that one chick, she's so hot man. Her boyfriend is one lucky son of a bitch!" Carl bellowed into his friends ear.

"Dude don't let her boyfriend hear you say that. Did you see him! He looks like he bench presses his car in his spare time!" Joe jeered back.

"Pfft, I could take him!"

After that last exclamation from Carl they became quiet. As I opened the cafeteria doors, I heard them both break out into hysterical laughter. Idiots...

Shaking my head, I made my way over to my usual lunch table in the right corner near the doors that lead out to some of the newer picnic benches. Everyone knows this is my table so I know I won't be bothered. Perfect. I pulled out my lunch in its brown paper bag and set it on the table. Another prop of course. Fished out my ipod and book from my shoulder bag and got comfortable for 45 minutes until the next class started.

Getting lost in my old copy of Jane Eyre, I didn't notice the unusual quiet around me until I finally looked up. People were staring at me and whispering from their tables. I quickly followed the path their eyes were making from mine to the entrance of the room. Instantly I felt my nails tearing into my book, my face contorting in surprise and anger. Venom built up in my mouth and it took every ounce of my control to hold in the snarl that was bubbling to my lips.

There they were, staring at me in shock. All of them. As I continued to stare at them a few details were catalogued in my periphery. Everyone was whispering. Lizzie was asking her usual lunch table of friends whether it'd be wise to come speak to me. It wasn't wise. Tracey was shooting daggers at the side of my face and most people were suggesting ridiculous scenarios. Maybe I was a long lost relative. Maybe I had ran over their dog. Maybe I used to date one of them...

At that point I controlled my expression. They left, it made no difference. Just because they were in clear view across the room looking better than I remembered didn't change a thing. Alice had a hand to her mouth with the other clasped tightly in Jaspers hand. Rosalie and Emmett were slightly behind them with their jaws hanging to the floor. If it weren't for who I would see next and the rising tension in my body, I would have laughed. Their faces were comical in their shock. I couldn't concentrate on that as my eyes locked with his for the first time in 20 years, I was looking into the eyes of Edward Cullen.

A small part of the old Bella was being dazzled into oblivion. He looked amazing, better than my human memories had portrayed. His unruly hair was messy, pointing in every direction. The cafeteria lights shone down on his shocked face, catching the different shades of red in his hair with its rays. He wore a light green sweater with a white collar showing underneath, over a pair of dark jeans and trainers. There he was. The face that haunted my dreams for so long while human and appeared in my thoughts more than I would like to admit, was right there. His strong jaw, angular nose, plump lips all paled in comparison to the beauty of his eyes. Deep golden orbs locked with mine, so many emotions swirling in their depths. Shock, sadness, regret, pity. All of which I didn't want to see. I didn't want to see his pity.

I snapped my eyes back to my book, noticing I would probably need a new copy now. The entire interaction seemed to last a lifetime however only lasted a few minutes to the humans still staring back and forth between us. They left, It doesn't matter, I don't need them or anyone. I'm better off alone, other people just let you down. I hate them for what they did to me. How had I not sensed them earlier? How had they not sensed me!

As soon as I realised why, I wanted to go strangle Lizzie at her table. This morning when I knew she was going to hug me, my power came in handy. However it must have automatically masked my scent aswell. When my gift is in use my other senses lesson. I hadn't realised.

It was still too quiet for the usually bustling cafeteria. It was making me edgy. Picking up my ipod to turn the volume up, a shadow hovered over my table. I didn't need to look up to know who it was. I could smell them now. Floral, sweet, honey, lilac, cinnamon. Vampire. Danger. The Cullens.



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