Couldn't Lie

Puck couldn't lie. Well, he couldn't lie in the sense that he couldn't lie about his feelings towards someone. He could lie very easily, like when his grandmother asked him if he was a virgin last week – he easily told her, "Of course Grandma, I'm a virgin!" though Puck has had sex with every Cheerio, and every Football Mom – minus Finn's mother of course.

But when someone asked him whom he liked, Puck would have to think about it for a second. He could easily say he thought Santana was hot, or that Brittany was a dumb blonde and could easily get her in bed with him if he was craving some hot sex. He would say Quinn was pretty, and attractive, and good in bed. But if someone asked him who he had a crush on, he would be thinking about Rachel Berry. He wouldn't tell you he liked Rachel, he would just think it.

Finn asked him one day what he thought of Rachel, and Puck shrugged it off saying she was, "Weird, bossy and completely obsessed with being a star – which will most likely never happen!" Finn stared at him awkwardly for the rest of the day during Glee club. Like he knew that Puck wanted Rachel, and when Puck said he wanted Rachel, he didn't mean in bed – thought that would be a perk – he just wanted her in general, he wanted to be able to call her his girlfriend, and walk around with her on his arm all day. Though it would be social suicide, but sometimes, when Puck thought about it, he didn't care. Social suicide would be worth having Rachel Berry kiss him everyday.

Maybe Puck wasn't good at hiding his feelings; everyone in the Glee club knew he liked Quinn when she was insisting that Finn was the father of his child. So maybe, he should just give up on girls – not go gay – but just take a break from girls. And that's what he tried, though it didn't last long, because a new Cherrio came to school named Janice, and she was smoking. But he still wanted Rachel, no matter how many girls he had sex with.

He tried to change his mind about Rachel, tell himself that he didn't like her, and that she should just stick to dating ballet-Broadway-singing boys, like Jesse St. James, but Puck couldn't lie. He couldn't lie to himself, and no matter what he did; he knew that he was in love with Rachel Berry. There was nothing he could do about it.

But little did he know, Rachel loved him too.

An Evil Waffle Note:

First Glee fanfiction, and I hope it's good, I just came up with it, and wrote it in like fifteen minutes, so it's not my best. But please review and tell me if some day I should continue with this fandom, maybe not this couple, but this fandom.