This is partually inspired by the prince of persia movie and a song called 'the mission' by Pusifer.

I sort of liked the whole sands of time thing. But I also sort of liked the 'What do you know?' thing too.

This is going to be heartbreaking in some places, and just odd in others. So bear with me.



Uzu stared at the faces of the people who had once been her friends through the blood and dirt on her face.

Sakura pushed her way to the front of the group and stared at her, her expression full of hatred and malice. "You-" She pointed at the blond. Her former team mate, her friend, the one that she had come to kill. "You bitch. Look what you've done to the village!" Sakura yelled as tears slipped down her face. Uzu looked around the barren wasteland around her in disbelief. There was no way that she could have done this.

No matter how much she might have wanted to destroy everything in rescent years, she just would'nt have done this. Uzu turned her head to look at Sakura again, intending to tell her that she would'nt and could'nt have destroyed everything.

She had just come back from a mission and had wanted to stop and visit Kakashi, and her childrens graves outside of the village. She had been sitting there for the past five days, just doing nothing.

"I didn't do this Sak-" Sakura moved so fast that she didn't even see her. Her hand connected to her cheek with the force of a brick being thrown at her head, spreading fire across her face, cracking the bones in her cheek and jaw.

"Don't lie you monster-" Sakura shrieked at her. Uzu stumbled back and blinked back fresh tears. In all the year she had known Sakura, she had never heard her call her a monster before. But then again Sakura didn't know her very well. None of them did. None of them had ever bothered to try to get to know her outside of work.

And many of them had pulled away from her after the Sauske incident, all of them believing that she had done what she had done out of jealousy.

If they had bothered to get to know her better, they would have known that she was'nt so petty.

"You've been planning this for a long time have'nt you? Planning to pick us off and destroy everything!"

Uzu shook her head no. She had never planned to do anything to them. Even though many of them had become the things that made her wake up screaming at night. Even though she was often too afraid to be close to soem of them any more, she had never planned to do anything.

Uzu didn't say anything as Sakura let out an enraged scream and ran at her with a kunai in hand. Uzu's eyes widened in alarm as she paled and stepped back out of the pinkette's way, trying to avoid being hurt anymore. But she was tired, and her body already wounded, the kunai sliced through the air dangerously close to her neck as Sakura slashed at her, pushing her back towards the others.

Uzu glanced over her shoulder at the others and frowned when she caught them taking up a formation behind her with weapons drawn. Ah. So they were going to help Sakura kill her. She turned back to Sakura and felt her lips curve up in a feral smile. Well, if they thought so damn badly of her, then fuck them. She'd take them with her into the next world.

She stopped moving and let Sakura's blade slip through her ribs at an thirty degree angle and saw the flash of malicious intent on Sakura's face. The sheer savage joy of having managed to hurt her. Something snapped in Uzu's mind and she grabbed the woman, placing her hands on both sides of her head and snapped her neck without a second thought.

Everyone cried out and looked at her in shock and rage.

Uzu smiled sweetly, really did they honestly expect her to die without killing any of them in turn? Cause if so then they were fools.

"I can't believe you people... I bloodied my hands to protect you. I sacrificed my happiness, my health and well being for you. I kept all of you alive, and made sure that you were safe and well, that you had someplace to come home too after each and every mission that you went on, and this-" She turned to look at them, her eyes glittering scarlet like the stain spreading across her shirt as she stared at them.

"This is the thank you that I get. Really?"

She looked from one face, then another. Her eyes landing on Shikamaru, her oldest and most favorite friend. He had been the first to turn on her. The day that Asuma had died he had come over to her apartment and strangled her until she had lost conciousness then raped her repetedly and then left. He had visited her every night for six months after that. Always beating her, strangling her and doing other distasteful things to her. Calling her a monster, a loser, telling her that she was better off dead, yet refused to let her kill herself.

Rage swelled in her chest, and the dam inside broke. All of the things that she had been felling for the past nine years, all of the hatred towards them, all of her anger and rage. They had betray her. Used her. Hurt her and left her hollowed out and dead inside. Traitors. Vipers. Fools!

They didn't deserve to live.

None of them did.

"You brought this on yourself Uzu." Shikamaru said as he stepped forward and she laughed. It really was very funny how easily they seemed to be able to blame her for everything. So she laughed. And laughed. And laughed, even as she felt their weapons piercing and slicing and cutting into her body. She laughed, as her heart broke for the very last time and sank to her knees bleeding.

Finally she managed to collect herself enough to look up at them, her blood running down her chest, her back, her arms, down onto the ground. Staining the ground a deep scarlet as she stared at them. There was no flicker of guilt or remorse in any of them.

And I wasted my whole life on them. Pathetic.

She bit back a silent snarl and gave Shikamaru a creepy smile as he grabbed a hand full of her hair and tipped her head back, his bloody kunai going against her throat. "Any last words?" Shikamaru asked coldly and for some reason that she didn't understand she snorted and asked.

"Your not going to rape me anymore? No? Good then pay attention. Everything that happens from this point on...is all your fault." He slit her throat at the same exact moment that she broke the seal and the world fell into darkness.