What would happen if Lucy was experimented in the windmill? Most say it's hopeless, Lucy could not save Hollow Fields. But that might not be such a destiny. There could be more… much more to such an alternate change in events. There is still Claude McGinty in the story. He already takes place officially as the secondary character. This story now revolves around him.


*Location: Windmill*

Lucy was trying her best effort using enhanced toy/invention Dino to get a grasp of a pipe and climb out of their prison. This was futile for the pipe were wet and moist of fungus and other decomposing contaminants causing Dino to slip off.

"Hey Claude! I'm doing all the work here! You could be trying to 'help,' here you know!" Lucy said frustrated.

"What's the point? Look where we are Lucy. Look at the marks on the wall.." He pointed to scratches on the walls. Some were scratches marking how many days previous kids remained in the windmill. Others were drawings. "No one has ever managed to escape.."

"Simon escaped!" Lucy said trying to prove Claude wrong somehow.

"But not before they did something terrible to him. You saw him. We both did! Even Stinch looked scared of him."

"I've been thinking about something. Something I kept hearing about." Lucy began. "The 'Key to Hollow Fields'. People keep mentioning it whatever it is. Simon said it 'was the only way out of Hollow Fields'."

"Who knows what he really meant? It could mean anything. SIMON'S CHANGED! You can't trust anything he says!"

"And Doctor Bleak mentioned it too. I knew he was searching the coordinates for something. Something important. And I bet it was that key whatever it is-"

"Doctor Bleak!" Claude snapped. "Don't get me started on that contraption! I had nothing to do with that box and it's the very thing that got us stuck here in the windmill! If I come across it again, I'm gonna pry it open and pull out it's mechanical brains!"

"Don't you DARE say that!" Lucy yelled back.

"Lucy Don't you get it? Simon and that box will only cause more trouble! Getting involved with them will only cause trouble! Look again where we are now! It's hopeless!"

"Claude just listen-"

"If you had a second chance which you mostly might not, don't get involved with someone else in their business. I don't know how you encountered that box but next time, don't stick with those that will lead you into trouble!" Claude was in so much rage, those words would've been enough but he somehow unconsciously added "You Stupid girl!".

Those last words gave an impact. Lucy's expression of surprise was slowly turning into the expression of hurt. But before she could even express sadness, the cell door opened. Stinch and a few other engineers came in.

"Alright kiddies! Miss Weaver only wants one of you!"

The Engineers came over and grabbed Lucy by the arms. She struggled for dear life. Even if she didn't resist, they still would take her by force.

"Lucy!" Claude yelled out.

"Claude!" She yelled back for Claude.

Claude ran over but Stinch appeared in front of him and threatened to use his crook. "Back away kiddy!"

Lucy almost already out the door yells out "If I don't make it! Escape without me!" Already out of the cell, the door slams closed. Stinch also left.

Claude stood there with Lucy's last words repeating in his head. Another thought occurred telling him he can do something. But what? Claude's face faced the floor. He didn't know what to do. But then he hears "Claude? Claude McGinty?" coming from the drain on the floor. Claude recognized the voice immediately. It was Simon. "I can help you help Lucy."

To be continued.