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Hearts Together

"I'm bored", Luffy stated, hanging over the railing and letting his hands dangle below. "I'm sooo booored …"

"You know what?", Usopp asked as a sudden idea popped into his mind, and Luffy looked at him curiously, half-upright now.

"What?", asked Chopper next to him, his large reindeer eyes focused on his friend.

"Let's play cards! We didn't do it for two weeks!", Usopp exclaimed, proud of his idea.

"Yahoo!", Luffy yelled and shot up immediately. "Let's play cards, let's play cards!" Chopper and Usopp joined his sing-song as they hopped over to the boys' quarters to get the cards.

Nami rolled her eyes at that. Even when they were just going to take a pack of cards, they couldn't do it without making the noises of a whole circus. They annoyed her to no end. She only wanted to take a sunbath, was that really too much of a request? Robin, sitting in the beach-chair next to her, didn't seem to bother and Nami wondered how she managed that.

"Let's play cards, let's play cards …", the sing-songing continued as they came back to the lower deck, a pack of cards in Luffy's hand. Nami angrily clenched her fist.

"Nami!", Luffy cried out.

"What?", she answered in a dangerously low voice.

"Come play with us!" Her captain didn't get anything of her annoyance as he appeared looming over her, casting a shadow over her face in the progress.

She sighed in anger. "No, I won't. I'm sunbathing right now, don't you see that? And get off, you're taking my sun away!", she commanded as she cast him a threatening glance.

"But Namiii!", he continued in an annoying whiny voice. "There's enough sun over there, please come and play cards with us, you didn't do that for two years or so!"

Nami rolled her eyes once more. "Dumbass! Two years, we're not even on the Grand Line for two years", she muttered, but she knew he was right. And she knew he wouldn't leave her alone as long as she didn't come. "Alright", she sighed.

"Yahoo!", Luffy yelled and jumped in the air. Nami couldn't prevent herself from smiling involuntarily. The captain's joy was infecting like the plague, and even Nami was not resistant against it. He dragged her to where Usopp and Chopper had settled themselves on the floor and sat down as well. Then he unpacked the cards and passed them out.

"What do we play?", Nami asked them.

"We play Cat's Paw!", Usopp told her. It was a game he had invented by himself, and as Nami didn't know it yet, he explained the rules to her. "You know, the kings are the highest …"

"Why not the queens?", Nami asked with narrowed eyes, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"Umm, because the kings are always higher than the queens, don't you know that?", Usopp said, unaware of her threatening glance.

"Why is that so?", Nami asked further on. "The queens are even more beautiful. They should rule the game."

"I won't change the rules of my game!", Usopp said with his brows furrowed, but as he saw the death glare in Nami's eyes, he began to sweat slightly.

"I'm the King of Hearts! Yosha!", Luffy exclaimed happily. Of course he hadn't listened to the little quarrel of his nakama.

"No you're not!", Nami hissed at him.

Luffy scratched his head. "Why not?", he asked, confused. "Kings are the highest, and the King of Hearts is even higher than the other kings. It's like he's the Pirate King! Shishishi!", he explained, and for a moment, she was simply baffled by his unbeatable logic.

"Umm, hey guys, this game is not played like this, you can't be a card …", Usopp tried to take them back to the game but failed.

Nami huffed, completely ignoring the sharpshooter's interjection. "No, you can't be the King of Hearts because I wanna be the Queen of Hearts. She's the most beautiful of all. It's as easy as that", she said, looking a bit arrogantly at her captain who narrowed his eyes for a moment, thinking.

Then his trademark grin came back to his face. "Then you're my queen! Shishishi!"

Nami immediately blushed for reasons she didn't quite get. "No!"

"Why not? The King and the Queen is not the same card, you know. Just the same colour." Luffy was happy for finding a simple solution to their problem.

Nami clenched her teeth, thought about it, and then sighed, still blushing. "Well … okay."

And grinning as always, Luffy continued to pass out the cards.

Author's note: So yeah. Actually I got the idea for this one when I listened to One Republic's "All the Right Moves". In the song, it says "They'll be the King of Hearts, and you're the Queen of Spades" – and I always understood "I'll be the King of Hearts". Combined with a bit "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", it inspired me to this. Hope you enjoyed.

Ah, and by the way, I don't think the Queen of Hearts is the most beautiful. It's the Queen of Spades. Ha. (okay, depends on which set of cards you have, and, as every time, on personal taste …)

But Luffy definitely is the King of Hearts ... the king of the hearts of all One Piece lovers ...