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Smoke was everywhere. It was in the air. It was on the ground. It was in your lungs, creeping, seeping down, until you had the feeling it pervaded your very being.

And the corpses, everywhere. The injured, groaning painfully – but not that you were actually able to hear it, for the fighters were making so much more noises. The weapons, discarded like pick-up sticks on the muddy, bloody ground.

"Haaaah!" Nami exclaimed as she electrocuted five enemies at once – the last ones, on her part. Inhaling the smoky, filthy air slowly, she wiped the sweat off her brow. She felt fit otherwise – a little wonder regarding her condition from two years ago.

Her eyes darted from one nakama to the other. Franky – battle mode – was just overrunning the ones daring enough to stand in his way. Robin was creating illusions to lure her foes into attacking the fake Robins, to strike them from behind. Sanji and Zoro were somewhere she couldn't see them any longer, but Chopper and Usopp were just a bit to her right, bravely battling their way through lots and lots of hostile fishmen. And Brook – she could tell he was just now uttering his dumb jokes while fighting.

All in all, their crew had become so much stronger. This was almost peanuts for them. For them all, except …

She couldn't help but looking at the 'sky', where the menacing dark shadow grew bigger and bigger. A short moment of panic befell her – if that huge ship hit the bubble, they were all dead meat very soon.

But then, a smile spread on her lips.

Casually, she turned and blocked the hit by another fishman, looking angry. "You smile?" he blurted incredulously, which made her smile even more. "You've got no reason to smile, woman! Isn't it your little puny captain up there, fighting for his pitiful life?"

Nami held against his sword while at the same time inconspicuously forming pitch-black bubbles at the tip of her Sorcery Clima-Tact. "Someone like you would never understand," she told the fishman, her voice sugar-sweet.

The bubbles exploded, and since her enemy, unlike herself, had no time to jump back and evade any damage, he went down with a shriek.

"Because he is Luffy," she said, making her Clima-Tact twitch and hit him on the head. As he went out cold, she turned her gaze upwards again, panting slightly.

"Because he is Luffy," she repeated softly. "And we believe in Luffy."

Yes, as long as she knew that it was him, who hadn't changed particularly – except having become stronger and, perhaps, a bit more serious. But it was still Luffy, their Luffy. Her Luffy. And as long as he was there, she could be at ease.

That boy – no, that man – would someday reach the top of the world, and she didn't mean Skypiea.

Because she believed that if he wanted, he could reach anything.