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Chapter 1

Mishima Hina stepped out of the airport, breathing in the warm, summer air of Japan. It had been just over two years and she had missed her home country- or, more specifically, she had missed the people in it. She smiled to herself, thinking of all the friends she had left behind when she went to France. She had missed everyone- Ruu-chan, Yutaka, Koshiba, Isshiki, even Nishizaki. Behind her, her uncle Kyouichi wheeled a heavy suitcase.

"Hina, go get us a taxi." he said in French.

"Kyou-chan, we're back in Japan, wrong language."

"Ah, yea."

Isshiki Shoui stared out the window of his rented flat. It was a tiny place, with only one small bedroom. He could not afford to a bigger place, as he didn't want to have a roommate and was really quite poor. Which might seem odd, seeing has he came from a rich background, but he had promised Hina that he would live on using his own strength. He was determined not to have to beg for anything from his bastard of a father. All of a sudden, his mobile phone rang. Seeing the caller ID, he sighed as he picked it up.

"What do you want, Nishizaki?"

"If you're gonna be rude, I won't tell you my news."

"Fine." Isshiki hung up the phone, only to pick it up again when it rang two seconds later.


"Just get to the point."

"Hmph, you haven't changed at all. Anyway, the monkey is back." A moment of silence.

"Hey, you still there, Shoui-kun?" Isshiki ignored the jibe.

"Hina's back?"

"Yea. Aren't you grateful to me for-" Isshiki hung up once again. This time, he didn't bother picking up when his phone rang one more time.

Nishizaki Kaito looked at the phone in his hand, feeling very disgruntled. Beside him, Iijima Yutaka snorted.

"You should have expected that, Kaito. It's Isshiki we're talking about after all."

"Bastard. He really pisses me off, with that emotionless voice of his and that constantly calm expression..."

"He only uses that expression in front of you. He does it to prove his superiority over you, because he, unlike you, knows how to keep his cool."


"You see what I mean? He knows how to keep his cool." Nishizaki scowled.

"Yea, yea, whatever. But wait, how come we knew that the monkey's back, but Isshiki didn't? I'd have thought he'd be the first person to find out."

"I guess Ruu didn't get a chance to tell him. I think the only other person she told was Koshiba."

Usami Ruu and Koshiba Tetsuta sat in a cafe, a hot chocolate in front of both of them.

"So...Piyoko is really back?"

"Yep. She gave me a ring an hour ago, telling me she had just landed."

"I see." Koshiba smiled, his gaze losing focus as his mind flew back to three years ago, when he had first met Hina. Suddenly, he snapped back to the present and focused his attention on the girl in front of him.

"Ruu-chan...about Hina..."

"Tetsu-kun. It was my decision to confess to you, even though I knew you liked Hina-chan. Don't worry about my feelings now, I can deal with it. Just remember, I'll be waiting for you, if you're feelings ever change." Koshiba smiled once again.

"Thank you, Ruu-chan. Anyway, now that Piyoko's back...where is she going to be staying, do you know? Her old house?"

"I don't know if it's her old house, but I have her address. She said she wanted to see everyone tomorrow, if possible."

"Yea... She came at the perfect time, right at the start of Golden Week*."

"Mm. I'm looking forward to seeing her. I wonder if she's changed at all...and there's so much to catch up on, what with Nishizaki-kun and Yuta-chan getting back together and Isshiki getting his own apartment."

"Yea, but we wouldn't even have to be catching up on all this stuff if she had at least kept in touch with us! How come Ruu-chan is the only one who got letters from her?"

"Tetsu-kun, haven't we gone over this many times before? Hina-chan moved around a lot in France, you know how her uncle is. She's been so busy these two years, I only got a letter from her once every two months- I couldn't even send her a reply, because by the time I did, she had already moved."

"That damn ossan, taking away Piyoko..." Koshiba mumbled.

*Golden Week, for those who don't know, is a series of holidays in Japan, usually starting in the first week of May.

Hina and her uncle dragged their luggage into the house, breathing in the musty air.

"This place needs some airing out." Kyouichi said.

"Not just that, it needs a thorough clean!" Hina said, noticing the dust all over the place. Kyouichi smiled at the energetic girl next to him.

"Sixteen hours on a plane, Hina, and you're still not tired."

"What are you talking about, I'm dead tired, but you know I hate dust, Kyou-chan."

"Yea, but we'll clean later, ok? Right now, I want some sleep."

"Kyou-chan! It's only two in the afternoon, stop acting like an old man!"

"Hey, I'm only 32, and it feels like four in the morning for me."

"It's called jet-lag, and it'll take you ages to get over it if you sleep now."

"Mmn, ok, wake me up in a couple of hours, Hina."


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