I'm in such a Severus mood today. It may be because of the weather. I'm also cleaning out my drive now that I have a new one. Here is another short little story for Severus.

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Deeper. Just a little deeper in darkness. That is where you have to search to find me. Find me. Pick me. Choose me and stay for just a little while longer. A little while with me. A few more minutes everyday and soon you will see how perfect we are. This is where we belong.

You like apples and hate cherries. Your grandfather's name is Peter and you never met your dad. You want to be a teacher and you have a sister who married young at 16.

What do I not know about you that he does? What is it that I am missing? I know in looks I am lacking, but can you not look beyond? Those sparkling green eyes are torture on my soul when I know you do not mean to stay.

I can like apples. I will hate cherries. I will make sure our children get to know their father. You can be a teacher. I can be your scholar. Studied and learned in all things you. We will forever together be. It is a fairy tale. A dream. I have got to let it go. Go.

Go. Go a little further. He isn't hard to find. Stay with him. In his arms. That I can be alone. I have always been alone. Enjoy life. Live happily ever after. Without me.