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Chapter 1 - Is it a kind of Dream?


"Hey Jou, come on!" I shook my head. Apparently I had been daydreaming. "Jounouchi..?" I looked up into a couple of big purple eyes, watching me worried.

"Sorry Yugi. Guess I dosed of a bid…"

"Are you all right? You've been like this all day…" I stood up quickly, grapping my schoolbag from the back of the chair. The others were already at the door, looking at me with concern in their eyes.

"I'm fine! Just, didn't get much sleep last night." They seemed to be satisfied with that explanation. Only Yugi gave me another look as we all walked out of the classroom.

It was true that I hadn't slept much that night, but my daydream had nothing to do with that. I was fantasizing, about duel monsters (what else). Yugi had awoken me, just as they were handing me the Championship Trophy, of course I had beaten that jerk, Seto Kaiba, in the finale. I smirked at the picture of his, frustrated, face in my mind. "Jou..?" Yugi touched my shoulder and I looked up. (I still couldn't believe how tall he had gotten)

"Yes, what?"

"Are you sure there is nothing wrong?" Yugi was always concerned. My smirk turned into a big grin.

"Positive! I'm great!" He finally smiled.

"Hey guys, are you coming?" Anzu called, from up ahead. We started running, catching up with the others, just as they reached the gameshop.

"Grandpa I'm home! I brought my friends!" Yugi yelled as we went through the doors. This was like heaven! The walls were covered with posters and everywhere you looked, there were duel monsters cards, on shelves and in glass showcases.

"Nice to see you all. Did you have a good day at school?" Yugis grandpa asked, as he entered the shop. Anzu answered him and they started talking, but I didn't pay very much attention, as I was studying a card in one of the showcases, and were starting to sink back into my daydream.

"And Katsuya Jounouchi is the winner!" I whispered as I examined every new card on the shelves. Then, out the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of movement, and turned to see what it was. I froze, as I saw a black limousine parking just outside the glass doors. The car door opened, and a tall, brown haired man stepped out. "Kaiba! What's he doing here?" I hissed. Yugi ran towards the limo with a happy look in his eyes, but stopped as Kaiba slammed the door behind himself.

"Hold your horses Moto," He said, with a disgusted look on his face. "I'm here alone!" I quickly stepped to Yugis side, putting a hand on his shoulder, and glared at Kaiba.

"Why?" I asked in my coldest voice.

"I want to challenge you to a duel!" He said, still looking at Yugi and not showing any sign of having heard me. That Kaiba!

"A duel..?" Yugi asked confused. "But why?"

"Because I still haven't defeated you!" Yugi still didn't seem to get what it was all about. I growled at Kaiba.

"Hey chill 'moneybags'! You have the title as world champion, so stop bothering Yugi!" He looked at me with his ice blue eyes. I'd never seen that look before…

"Yearh! You just can't let go!" It was Anzu who yelled.

"It's just because Yugi and Mokuba are…" Honda started, but Kaiba cut him off.

"Why is it, that every time I try to talk to Moto, you guys interrupt me?" I had let go of Yugis shoulder, and now I clenched my fists.

"That's because we're his friends 'rich-boy'! But if you want a duel, you can fight me!" His eyes, again, turned to me. They were big of surprise. For a moment he just stared, then he burst into laughter. I winked baffled at this unusual outburst. It was no normal Kaiba laugh, cold and degrading, but a warm one, filled with genuine amusement. I felt the heat rising in my cheeks. "What's so funny?" I growled, trying to hide my red face by bowing my head.

"Nothing really," Kaiba said, with a vague smile, "Just you and your constant friendship speeches…" I wanted to say more but Yugi interrupted us.

"It's not really the best time Kaiba. I mean, with Mokubas birthday just a few days away…" Kaibas face turned serious again.

"You're probably right… Even if it is just an excuse, not to duel me."

"Grr… Kaiba!" I made a swing at the (unbelievably) annoying brunette, but Yugi grabbed my arm and stopped me. Kaiba smirked.

"Now, you be a good dog Jounouchi…" He said and pat my hair. Then he turned his gaze to Yugi and in an ice cold voice he said: "Then I'll see you Saturday at the party…" Yugi let go of my arm as Kaiba returned to his limousine and drove off. My face was still glowing red of anger and embarrassment.

"Man I hate that guy! Do we really have to go to that party on Saturday?" I looked at Yugi and his eyes were begging.

"Mokuba will be very sad if you don't…" I sighed.

"yearh… I'll just try to stay away from the 'rich-boy' then." He smiled.

"Thanks Jounouchi."

After Kaibas sudden appearance, I couldn't really relax. My daydream had totally changed shape; I kept seeing his face in my head. I heard his laugh (And it gave me goose bumps) and when I remembered the feeling of his hand on my hair, I blushed. Why? Kaiba had always been annoying as hell, but after today, it seemed like I was annoyed by him in a deferent way…