Well here is fic number two. It is not related to Draken. Oh well. I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I hope you will! Thanks for those who have and will read my stuff.


"Mamoru!" A clear voice echoed between a laugh and a yell as the small blond form desperately tried to escape the arms of the dark haired man who fingers seemed to hit all the right tickle spots.

" Usagi!" He mimicked her tone as he to fought back laughter.

" STOP! That…tickles..." Usagi gasped.

" I believe that is the point?" Mamoru told her as he sprawled next to her and pulled her shaking form into his lap.

" You don't play fair." Usagi pouted. " You cheat."

Mamoru raised his brow in question. " How do you cheat at tickling?"

" I don't know but you do it." Usagi informed him candidly. Her blue eyes were huge and twinkling in the moonlight. Her still blond hair looked almost the silver hue it would one-day grace the world with.

Mamoru brushed a small hair away from her face. His eyes were dark as stones and showed the tenderness he felt for the child/women he held.

" I love you Usagi." He told her softly before kissing her under the stars.


" It's enough to make me sick." Rei declared sulking. Her full lips were pulled into a full pout and her head, which rested on her arms, was flat against the ground.

Minako rolled onto her side, trying not to think of the grass stains the motion would leave, and laughed at her friend's expression. " Why is that?"

Makoto played with a flower resting her back against the tree trunk that was so easily placed behind her as if for the sol reason of holding her frame. " Because she has what you don't?" Makoto questioned.

" Rei," Ami demanded he tone worried. " You are not still hung up over Mamoru are you? What about Chad?"

"NO!" Rei said hotly. " I do not love Mamoru." It was probably a good thing she could not see the other Senshi relax in the dark.

" And what about Chad?"

" You know he loves you." Minako said gently. " And I thought you loved him as well?"

" I did to." Rei admitted shoving her head back into cave her arms had made. She breathed in the deep the smell of earth.

" But I can't. It might sound unfair and wrong…but I can not love someone weaker than me. Does that make sense?" Rei questioned. Her tone was very hesitant, for the fire Senshi opened up very little.

" Actually, " Minako commented, " it does. You know ever since we found out all about Usage, Crystal Tokyo and even before, guys just don't add up to something. Its almost like there is this measure and…" Minako slammed her hands onto the ground.

" They just don't cut the cake."

Makoto slowly nodded. " Its was always my old boyfriend who I compare everyone. But now that I think about it…I was judging him by someone as well." A shriek of laughter interrupted them and they all sighed again.

" I wonder." Ami muttered. Three heads turned to her in the darkness.

" Wonder what?" Minako demanded.

" Well its comes to the logical conclusion that are past lives influence quite of a bit of our lives." Ami slowly muttered. " So if we…" Ami cleared her throat turning slightly pink. " If you are judging someone by a standard it may be that we were in love once on the moon. And that are past experiences with those men are what we are judging others by." Ami concluded.

" Maybe. Or it could just be that I am worried that someone will try to use the man I love against Usagi." Rei dryly told her. Everyone blinked.

" I wonder. Maybe we did have past loves. But Ami," Minako said looking at the shy girl wonderingly. " Would they not have come when Mamoru did? And who would we, as princess, trusted our lives and hearts with?"

Ami sighed. " I don't know. But I wish I did."

The girls looked upward and watched the stars, trying to block Usagi's laughter. A single shooting star raced across the night sky.

I wish


Setsuna looked over the timeline and watched the patterns change. Her lips pulled into something that was either a smile or a frown. With the Guardian of time you never knew for sure.

" So," Setsuna sighed to the emptiness of the night. " It is time. The finale pieces of the puzzle have finally shown themselves. I wonder. I hope you are ready for what you wish for, Senshi of my princess' heart."

Setsuna turned on her heal, her garnet eyes dark, and slammed the staff of time down. The ruby colored crystals began to glow as she worked the spell to bring forth those with who time had needed to call again.

" Jadeite, Zoicite, Nephrite, and Kunzite. Come forth to meet thy destiny."

Slowly images appeared. Four men stood in front of her, there eyes as sad as the eyes of the know extinct unicorns.

" Setsuna." Jadeite mummered, his disembodied voice echoing in the tunnels of time. " I thought we were to be vanished from the presence of the Senshi for all time."

" You were." Setsuna said ruthlessly. She did not forgive these men, and the crimes they paid were theirs to pay. But she loved the princess. And for her happiness she would do this thing.

" But the love the Senshi have for you is enough to move the time-line. Even now, when they know nothing of you or your past sins, there hearts cry out for your touch. Do not through this gift away as lightly as you have before." Setsuna warned the men.

" For this time, if will be MY wrath you face." Her tone was finale.

" Setsuna, we have no desire to beg forgiveness." Kunzite told her, the quite dignity in his eyes. " You know the sins were not out choices. We would not have betrayed Endymion willingly. "

" It is not for me to judge you. But the woman who called you back. Take head. The dangers are now increased. It is up to you to find them and your rightful place in you lives. Good luck." She allowed her eyes to soften for a second.

Their worlds went black.


" Mamoru is wrong for me to wish I could clone you for the girls?" Usagi questioned her tone child like.

" Usagi, what is good for you may not be good for them." He whispered in her ear.

" I know. I wish I could bring back…the part we promised never to mention to them, so they could be happy." Usagi whispered her voice barely a breeze.

'I know.' Mamoru thought. ' I know.'