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" Come on guys," Minako gasped, " Its only another ten miles. We can do this."

" Only another ten? I am not made of steel here." Rei moaned, limping with the others. They where dragging, but they liked to think that running since dawn gave them an excuse.

Liked to think.

Hearing the hoof beats they somehow managed to pick up the pace. At lease the castle was in sight. Once there, they got to fight for another three hours, eat fruit for lunch, and then take swimming lessons.

The hard way.

Being dropped out of a boat in the middle of Lake Serenity, weighted down with their weapons, and being forced to swim a good distance, was always so much fun.

And today was only Monday.

But first Minako had to find a way to get them to the castle. To help them pull reserves out of themselves she herself did not have. It was only 9:00. They had a whole day ahead of them. Life of a Senshi was always so much fun.


Rei dodged a blow from Minako's sword and wondered how the girl could move so fast after so much work. The pain in her feet was intense. It felt like the souls of her feet were slowing burning off. And the worst part of all this…no extra planet help. They had to get through a day of hell with no help from their Senshi powers.

Life was so much fun. Life as a Senshi was a pain in the Ass.


Makoto forced the limbs that carried her to push in the water. Forced another stoke, another yard, another foot. Anything to get to that shore. Swimming was not her bright spot, and she felt the eyes behind her, the judges condemning eyes.

She could make it.


Ami felt her swollen ankles tremble with pain, and then give out. A strong hand caught her.

" Come on Ami, we just have to make it to the castle. A few hundred steps and we can quite." Minako said. She was too tired to sound nice, and it came out more of an order than a friend's encouragement.

Ami took a shuddering breath and forced her aching limbs to move. Forced them to go the extra mile. For today was Monday, the day they where judged as proper Senshi or not fit for duty, and she would not fail.


Minako collapsed almost sobbing into her hot tub of water, it was past midnight and she was just finding herself in her room. After the grueling day of work, she had to go and sit in a meeting with Senshi trainers and listen to them bitch about what they did wrong.

And stay awake.

They had starred at her, and she had been forced to stare back until her eyelids had been heavy, until she was wanted to curl up and cry like baby. Her exhaustion made it hard to think, but she would not fail them after all they had done for her.

And then they had let her have. They where not fast enough, not good enough, there drive not strong enough. No one ever knew, not even the Queen, what was said in those meetings, no one knew the brutal bitch outs she was forced to take with a stone face.

Only her Senshi could guess. Which was why when she climbed out the tub she had to force bodies aside to find room on her own bed. Why her Princess was curled in the middle, why after their evaluation, they slept in the same bed. Encouragement, help, and love shared in sleep.

They where the Senshi, a team a unit, people who experienced hell on a daily basis, and lived.


" Do you think they are good memories?" Usagi asked finally breaking the silence. The sun had set, and they where waiting in a lowly lit room.

" No." Luna said finally.

Usagi looked at her in pain, questions in her eyes.

" Do you have any idea of what it takes to become as good as the Senshi where, are? They are not even one-tenth of what they once where, but they are 100 times better. The hardships they went through to become the best…where gruesome. They kept most of it from you but you knew anyway. You five have always had the tightest bond between you, even Selene's Senshi where not so closely linked."

" Mom had Senshi?" Usagi demanded, shock on her features.

" Yes. You never knew them. They where many years older than your mother. They gave birth to their daughters at the same time of Selene. I think it was on purpose. They did not want the bridge that was between them and their Queen to be between you five." Artemis said simply.

" We were not so close to our Prince till he grew older." Jason admitted.

" We had a good three maybe four years on him in the Silver Millenium." Nate commented.

" Which is why we where so surprised to fall in love with little girls. Children even. They where woman trapped in a girls body." Keaton said softly.

" Every so many months the Senshi where judged. They had to run, at full speed, twenty miles." Usagi said slowly, her face clouded with thoughts, remembering the agony of not knowing whether they would pass.

" And then they spent the afternoon fighting, then swimming. Minako then had to go and defend their actions from the course of the day, dead tired, and win in her arguments. Only then where they allowed to sleep." Zach whispered, remembering the stories Ami had told him.

" Our training was not much different." Endymion told them. They smiled.

" Except you missed the hard part. By the time you joined us, we where past the brute of it." Nate remarked, shifting Makoto closer.

" When do you think they are going to wake up?" Mamoru questioned, watching Ami sleep.

Rei took that moment to shift in Jason's arms and groan. Her violet eyes blinked wearily and she starred into his blue ones.

" We need to talk." Rei said softly, her tone as guarded as he features. If he thought she was going to curl into his arms, he had another thing coming.

Jason smiled not his lady-killer smile, but a real one, a soft one, one that said it all. Shifting her off his lap he stood up and pulled her up.

" We will be outside if anyone needs us."

Jason pulled her onto the balcony and shut the doors.

" I was thinking he would have said bedroom." Usagi said with a smile. Everyone laughed at that.

There was silence in the room until Ami whimpered against Zach. Zach pulled her close and rocked, knowing there was nothing he could do against the on pour of memories that had to be haunting his nymph.

" Zach," Usagi said softly. " You can take her to my room. I won't sleep tonight anyway, and this way if she wakes up you to can talk."

Zach nodded and picked up Ami easily as if he was moving Luna or Artemis. Moving silently he left the room.

Usagi snuggled up against Mamoru and sighed. Closing her eyes she allowed herself to fall asleep against him. Right where she belonged.

Nate brushed a strand of hair out of Makoto's face, and watched the series of emotions play across her features. He hoped that he was going to be able to make all this up to her one day.

Keaton watched the night become even darker as dawn hid itself. Looking into the tree he blinked and peered closer. He had thought he had seen someone. Standing he headed into Minako's room to give Nate and Makoto more room.


Jason watched the moonlight play across Rei's features and wondered what she was thinking. He could find out, the soulbond gave him easier access to her mind than a normal person's did, but he would not do that.

Hopefully she would talk to him.

But until then he was content to look at her. Her entire face seemed to be made just to cause you to stare at her. She was not all sunshine and smiles like Minako, but rather a dark beauty that caught and held you attention, whether you wanted it to be or not.

Full lips and eyes that could read your soul where the first thing you noticed. The dark violet was a color that was so rare, that at first you where not sure it was real. And her mouth was soft and full, so unlike the rest of her. It was the only hint of the woman, the soft gentle one, and the one that she hid so well.

Rei turned to look at Jason and met his ocean blue eyes head on. They were so dark, and held a fire only the fire she saw in her own could match.

Everything about him fascinated her, and she hated it. Hated to way looking at him made her heart pound to a rhythm she had never wanted. Hated him for the way he made her memories stir bringing forth a past she had wanted to forget. Hated him for making her love him against her will.

And at the same time she hated him, there was that part of her that wanted to beg him to forgive her for doubting him. That wanted her to reach up -he was so close- and kiss him fully.

But the simple memory of a dagger being dragged across her throat killed any of those images.

"Why?" Rei demanded. It was simple and hard, not meant to allow any weakness to show through. It was; perhaps, the only thing that held her already shattered heart to hold itself together.

"Because I was wrong." Jason said simply. His eyes darkened with emotions and feelings that had plagued him for years unnumbered.

" Because I allowed my head to do the thinking my heart should have done. Because a woman played off my fears of loosing my prince, my pride, and the thought of loosing you."

Rei just looked at him, forcing the emotions and memories into a tiny ball and shoving them as far away from her as possible.

" Because I allowed myself to fall into a trap, and then took what I thought was the right way out, and instead fell right into her hands."

Rei turned her head, face as emotionless as Kunzite's ever was. " Did you love her?"

" Who?" Jason said gently.

" Her. My past, the woman who I was once." Rei said turning back, a little of the pain entering her tightly controlled voice. Her eyes were burning back into his brain and searing there way back into his soul.

" Yes. I loved her more than I ever thought I could love. I was foolish and very prideful Rei. I allowed the whispering doubts to take root, and they where used against me. I would not have killed her, and too this day wish I had no memory of this, but Beryl was cruel. She took the emotions and pain that I had for you, and used them as a weapon. She took my loved and turned it to hate. I can never forgive myself for that Rei, and I don't ask you to forgive me as well. This is my burden, one I must carry with me for all of eternity."

Rei looked at him, and Jason felt a hint of despair claw at him, and forced it down. He would never allow something as small as rejections destroy what he could have.

Her eyes showed nothing but a hollow since of pain. As if she knew what was coming, and refused to allow any chance of hope to build. Refused to allow anything worth hoping for to take hold.

" And now?" Rei demanded, once again ordering him to put his heart on the line, with no guarantee of return.

" I never stopped loving the Princess in you. But I also fell in love with the woman you have become. You are the same as you have always been, but you are different. You are stronger this time, more in control, less naïve in some ways. A child in ways where you once where an adult. You have grown from the woman of my dreams to the woman who I never thought to dream about. I love you, and I would swear my soul to you if that what it takes." Jason said, his voice dying to a whisper, starring at the stone goddess in front of him.

" And what about you Rei? How do you feel?" Jason asked, his tone ragged with more than he cared to admit.

" Like I am falling into a pool of something and I have no chance to get out. I hate this feeling, Jason. Of not being in control of my every thought and feeling. You where a threat before my past was given to me, you threaten to break every wall I ever built into a million shreds. And I hate it. Usagi does not pose this problem, she breached walls, but never this close to the part of me that she could touch my soul." Rei placed her hands flat against Jason's chest and shoved. He hit the wall and looked down into her burning eyes.

" Is that what you want Jason? To touch my very core? Because you are damn close to doing just that, and I hate it. Are you willing to go to end of flame and jump in without looking? You are a part of my past, a part of the pain that makes me what I am. I wish that I could rip that from me and cast it into the flames as easily as I do the yoma that torment my princess. But I find that my heart won't let me, and it insists that you be a part of my future. So, Jason -Jadeite- are you prepared to burned? Because once you cross that line, only dying is going to get you off the hook, and even then you are cutting it close." Rei hissed.

" And I refuse to be hurt again. I refuse to allow you to hurt my Princess and me because whether I like it or not everything I say and do affects her. You will NOT hurt me again, Jason. Because if you do, this time I will kill you." Rei heaved, panting with the emotions that plagued her voice.

Her eyes where the flames themselves, twin beacons daring him to take that step, to fall into the flames, she was giving him the chance to tame the flames. But Jason was not willing to tame them; he refused to put them out, instead he allowed them to wrap around him the same way his love wrapped her to him.

Leaning close Jason kissed her with a single-minded passion that matched hers. The kissed dared her to take that step as well, and both found themselves committed to the flames they barely understood, but consumed them none the less.


Ian stepped into one of the vast caverns that lined the frozen waist land. This place was deserted, and dangerous.

The best place to plot the downfall of the major powers in the world. Walking down the tunnel he froze when something glittering in the sand caught his attention.

Three colored stones caught his attention. One seemed to have shattered in itself; it seemed to be almost burning, in the snow. Which was next to impossible.

Picking up the remanding three he walked down the path of his new fortress. His brothers would be well pleased.

Whatever this stones where, they could be possibly made into weapons.

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