Domino City 2020

Summary: AU – Domino City 2020 eight years after the world plunged into chaos. Yugi Mouto, a Queen of the dark world, solves an ancient Egyptian puzzle given to her by her grandfather, freeing a cruel pharaoh. Warnings: Genderswitch! OOC moments of course.

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Prologue: Chaos World

It was the year 2020 where everything was chaos. Fires erupted, people were killed, mugged, and any other kind of crime. Crime rate has boosted in the past eight years. Anarchy ruled the streets with no form of government. Everyone was ruled by an organization as the strong preyed on the weak and the teachings of Darwinism soon took over and anarchy was no more. The courts no longer judged you it was now whoever you have wronged. If they wanted you dead for stealing their necklace, then you were going to be dead unless someone decides to stand up for you and lower your sentence.

Since then the days were safe while the nights… no one dared to venture out at night. They feared what was hidden in the darkness where crime was at its best.

Night was when the underworld rose to the surface and ruled with an iron fist.


Yugi Mouto was not one to spend time trying to fit in this high school life. She hated trying to fit in. She did not wear the trashy clothes girls now get to wear. In eight years since the world went into complete chaos, school uniforms were thrown out the window and anyone could wear what they want. Including businesses they wore whatever got you the job, who cares if you were good at it or not. Yugi opted for her work uniform. It was not a uniform per say just a black ensemble: black shirt, black fit pants, and a black long coat that reached to her knees. Everyone says she looks like a boss or something, but with her short stature, no one really bothered with her. She just kind of picked up what her cousin always wore. He did kind of rub off on her during the years they knew they were cousins.

Giggling interrupted her musings and she spotted the group of cheerleaders hovering around someone, the familiar mop of brown hair and the cold blue eyes glanced at her briefly. They sprouted a cry for help, but she just smirked at his misfortune. He gave her a glare and turned away with a small smirk on his face. He knew she would eventually get annoyed and come help him to get rid of the giggling girls.

Sure enough a few seconds later, Yugi stood up from her desk and made her way over to the crowd of girls. "Excuse me," Yugi said gently moving one girl to the side and straddled the brunette in his seat. "What do you think you are doing?" she demanded from him.

"Nothing, dear, I was just having a polite conversation with these ladies," he responded.

"Oh? It did not seem like to me. Did it not occur to you that I was sitting in my seat and you did not come over to greet me-" she was cut off as a pair of lips descended on hers. She quickly responded, wrapping her arms around his neck. She briefly heard the girls shriek before shuffling away. Of course it did not stop him from continuing with the charade. Yugi found herself being lifted and her back on a desk as he continued his assault. She pushed him away and growled. "Seto Kaiba, I'm going to kill you," she let out quietly. He just smirked.

"Well it really has been awhile cousin." Seto stated and proceeded to continue but was stopped as the teacher entered the class room.

Yes it was morally wrong, but they were not blood related cousins. Seto was adopted by Gozeburo Kaiba as was his little brother. So it was not like they were really related or anything that was just disturbing. It was not uncommon anymore to keep anything in the family now. They just use it to keep the girls off of him, especially since he is the CEO of Kaiba Corp.

Yugi could not wait until the bell rung to get out. She was tired of being here and felt like beating someone up.


Yugi Mouto stared out the window of her office. She fiddled with her Sais as she sat in silence. It was dark and there were no disturbances yet. Usually there was a small group of punks trying to take over her turf. Her eyes glanced over to her desk with a golden box with ancient Egyptian writing. It was given to her by her grandfather before he passed away. She had been trying to solve it, but it has been about eight years. It was as if no one wanted it to be solved. At least she was able to get a bit over half of it finished. She had about 4 pieces left.

Ring! Ring! Her cell phone went off.

"Hello?" Yugi answered. She stayed silent listening to the other person ramble whatever it was about. Letting out a sigh, she hung up and stood up walking out of her office.

Yugi arrived at the outskirts of Domino City. This was where the upstart Ushio was. She heard he was causing trouble, trying to start something. Unluckily for him he was on the border between her turf and someone else's turf. On the other side of the street she spotted her best friend. She gave her a quick wave before walking over to her. Yugi gave the white-haired female a hug.

"Ryou, I see you've heard," Yugi stated.

"Yes I did. It seems this Ushio needs a quick lesson. I've noticed he's only gotten to the less strong groups around here," Ryou responded as they began walking to their destination. Yes Ushio was in for it, especially with Ryou. Ryou may seem shy and useless, but Ryou was not a queen of the underworld for nothing. She was ruthless and had no patients for certain things. Of course this was one of it. They finally reached their destination to find Ushio, an ugly brute, trying to recruit some members from Ryou's group. He was using force; Ryou did not like this one bit.

"What is going on here?" Ryou demanded. The ones huddled in the corner immediately bowed as their eyes fell on the two of them.

"It is none of your business girly, but I wouldn't mind taking you and your friend," the one she assumes Ushio said with a leer. Yugi and Ryou looked in disgust.

"It seems he doesn't know us at all Ryou," Yugi stated as a small smirk flitted across her lips.

"It seems so, Yugi," Ryou let out an even cruel smirk.

"It has been awhile since we've had some fun ne Ryou?" Yugi stated pulling out one of sais from out one of her hidden slots.

"We'll make a deal with you newbie, if you can take us down then we will give up; what do you say?" Ryou stated pulling out a dagger of her own.

Ushio just agreed thinking he could take them both down. Before he could even take out the gun from his pocket, he was pinned to the wall, two objects holding him up. All of a sudden Yugi was right in front of him. He had never seen someone move that fast. He did not take notice of his little group either running or huddling in freight. He was too busy fearing for his life. The amethyst eyes looking at him were staring at him as if looking right through him.

"Well, well Ushio, you sure did not put up much of a fight. Well considering that you don't know who we are… I'll introduce myself. My name is Yugi Mouto and I am known as the Queen of the East. I'm sure you've heard that title before. And my friend over there is known as Ryou Bakura, Queen of the South. You, my friend, just hit our borders. I'm sure you've heard of us yes? Just this once we'll let you go after a lesson. Luckily for you I do not want to deal with you right now… Probably should've said unluckily… Hey Ryou! You can have him now. He's all yours!" Yugi stated before walking off, not after grabbing her sai. Ryou took her place and smiled evilly. Ushio did not like the look.

"Today is a lucky day. I was getting bored sitting…" Ryou said.

Yugi heard screams echo throughout the quiet street. She noted Ryou was in a sadistic mood. Good thing too. Ushio won't be bothering them for quite some time. Reaching her office, she placed her coat on the coat hanger and sat down in her chair. Now she had nothing to do. She probably should have joined Ryou, but decided not to. Looking around her eyes landed on the puzzle again. She was itching to solve the damn thing. Opening the box, she quickly went to work on trying to fit the last few pieces in. After about an hour she finally had one piece left: The Eye of Horus. She smiled as she placed the last piece in place. She held it up in triumph. Here grandpa, I finished it! She thought to the heavens hoping her grandfather heard her wherever he was.

A few seconds later, Yugi dropped the puzzle as it glowed. She felt something surround her, it felt dark and sinister. Her hands automatically rested on the hilts of her sais and waited for the inevitable. Something or someone was here, whoever it was she was going to kick their ass. There! She felt it, right in front of her! She quickly pointed the sai where she believed the person's neck was. The room was still dark, the puzzle growing dim with only the light of the moon shining on her, hiding whoever was in the shadows. She could see it coming closer. A dark chuckle reached her ears sending shivers down her spine, but she did not show it.

"I'd put that away little one. Little girls shouldn't be playing with such dangerous weapons."

She froze as she looked right into crimson eyes.


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