Sloth: The constant battles and strain of his armor can wear at a body so. Ryo succumbs to exhaustion and his armor, meaning to protect him, puts him into a magical coma… Can his friends survive the upcoming battles against the dynasty without the power of the Wildfire and Inferno… and better yet, can they protect him? Part of the Seven arc.

The Seven Arc: Some are one-shots or two-shots while others are multi-chaptered stories, all are meant to be posted separately to avoid confusion. They aren't part of a series, just share a common theme. (the seven sins) Thus, they can be read and understood separately.

By: Lost-Remembrance (Red Tail)

"Hey, Ryo." Rowen greeted the bearer of Wildfire as he entered the kitchen, a glass of milk in his hand. "How ya doing?"

Ryo shrugged as he took a sip of some hot chocolate warming his hands. "All right I guess." He turned his tiger blue eyes to look at his friend, examining him closely, "How are you, Rowen? I know the armor takes a lot…"

"Nah, I'm fine Ryo. A sandwich and a glass a' milk and I'm as good as new." Ryo gave a small smile at the news, feeling better that his friend and companion wasn't harmed by him calling the armor of Inferno. To this, Ryo turned his attention back to the steaming mug of hot cocoa. He felt his mind begin to drift and his eyes fall to half-mast.

During this time Rowen examined his friend closely. Ryo looked… worn for lack of a better word. His face was pale and his eyes were half-lidded. From them, Rowen could see that the exhaustion slumping his body extended beyond physical and was affecting him internally. His eyes were missing that ever-present spark of life and liveliness.

'We have to do something about these constant battles. They've been draining, but even more to Ryo.' Rowen thought, nibbling at his lower lip in worry. 'He's crashing.'

Just as Ryo was starting to slump forward into his drink, Sage walked into the room. At Ryo's drifting body, Sage lifted an eyebrow, worry shining in his eyes. Striding up to the half-asleep teen, Sage grabbed his shoulder and steadied him, jerking Ryo awake from his sleep.

"Huh? Oh, Sage." Ryo blearily blinked his eyes, looking at the newest Ronin to arrive. "You done training?"

"Yeah," Sage looked his companion over as he began to drift again. Sage turned his head to Rowen in confusion.

"Ok Ryo, bed time." Rowen interjected with a smile.

"Hm?" Ryo mumbled as the two friends pulled him up to his feet, supporting his slumping body. "Already?"

Rowen nodded his head, "Yup."

Sage remained silent. The blonde looked even more worried as he glanced at the clock reading three in the afternoon.

"Oh… but Blaze isn't back yet." Ryo mumbled again as his friends all but carried him back to his room. Luckily, he was still in loungewear so all they had to do was tuck him into his bed, close the curtains, and turn off the lights.

"He'll be back soon." Sage assured. "He's probably caught up hunting something."

Rowen twisted the handle of the door to Ryo room, toeing it open with his foot as he let himself in first with Ryo and Sage trailing behind him.

Together, the two of them managed to get Ryo settled into his bed. After they tucked their fellow friend and teammate into his bed, they took a moment to look at one another and silently express their concerns to one another.

Something was wrong.