There were many wars. After these wars, the world had divided in to three countries: One encompassing North and South America, and two dividing Asia, Europe, and Africa. This story takes place in Neelse, the southern country in Asia. Hanhini is the country north of Neelse; it is very poor and is currently in the middle of a civil war.

There is a legend that Tsubasa rose from below the ground and granted the wishes of every person in the town it appeared in, and then disappeared. Most people don't believe the legend, even though it is really true. A Tsubasa, meaning 'wing', is actually an artificially made human brain (and only a brain) with the power to take on human form, teleport, and, due to their unique brainwaves, create illusions. They can't actually grant wishes, they just make an illusion of the wish. There are only two normal Tsubasa; one is named Rikuro, in existence. The other, Kayo, has been missing for decades.

The Ageha, as mentioned in this novel, are not original creations of Natsuki Takaya, the author and illustrator of Tsubasa: Those with Wings and Fruits Basket. The Ageha are a different kind of Tsubasa thought up by the author of this novel. This is a fan fiction of Tsubasa: Those with Wings.

The time setting is the 22nd century.

Disclaimer: I don't own Tsubasa: Those with Wings.


There must have been light at one time. There had to be, or else why would they call it darkness if there was never any light? Why would they call this nothingness if there never was anything?

So let's call back the light.

One: A Third Tsubasa

I looked up at the stars. I'd always wanted to touch one, to hold one. I'd dreamed about what they would feel like. Would it burn? Would it tickle? Did stars make a sound? How high would I have to fly to reach one, and would my wings even be able to get me there?

I sighed. Sometimes I wished the stars would just come down to earth. That would eliminate any complications.

As I lay in the soft green grass of Meadow Flower Hill, a gentle breeze blew and I felt as relaxed as I'd ever been. The hill was covered with various wildflowers, ranging from buttercups to sunflowers. The combined smell of the flowers created a heavenly scent.

Sitting up, I realized it was time to check on Nozomi

I sprang up. I hoped she was satisfied with her wish. I met Mukido Nozomi a week ago crying in her bedroom. She said she was sick. She had a deadly disease (whose name escapes me) and it was going to kill her. Doctors had no cure. I knew she needed my help. I told her who and what I was and her face lit up with a huge smile.

"Wow, a Tsubasa! I can't believe it!" she had tears in her eyes at that point.

"I assure you, I am a Tsubasa. What is your wish?" I had already known what she was going to ask for; I had just wanted to hear her say it.

"I-I wish I was healthy!"

I nodded. "That is a good wish. Continue to live, little Nozomi." I created the illusion that she was healthy, and she fell asleep. Just thinking that she was healthy would help her. Then I disappeared.

So today, I was going to check on her.

I teleported to her bedroom and realized that she wasn't there. I heard laughter from outside and leaned out the window to investigate. Nozomi was playing soccer outside with her friends. She smiled when one friend kicked the ball to her. She ran with it and shot it at the makeshift goal. The goalie caught it but she didn't seem to care. She was having too much fun to care.

I smiled to myself. It felt good to help others. It wasn't just that it felt good either. It also was just the right thing to do. If someone needed help, you gave it to them. Nozomi certainly benefited from my assistance. Even if she just though she only thought she better, it extremely increased her chance of survival.

I looked around the room and saw a well-drawn painting pinned to the wall. I examined it out of curiosity, only to discover that it was me. It was a beautifully painted, though slightly exaggerated, drawing of me as I teleported away. I smiled at the sight of my Swallowtail butterfly wings and the little illusions of butterflies that swirled around me. I couldn't believe anyone would draw me this well, as this butterfly angel. I definitely wasn't that pretty.

I turned around and the person in the mirror caught my eye. She had marvelously delicate swallowtail butterfly wings, and a couple little butterfly illusions still swirled around her. She was a unique mixture of really cute and breath-taking gorgeousness. Her long, wind-blown, sunlight-colored hair flowed down her back in cascades. The loose, aqua green outfit she wore made her look both otherworldly and relaxed. Her pixie eyes had a look of purity and innocence.

Did I really look like that? If so then Nozomi's painting has become totally accurate.

That's what the Ageha Muteki looks like. The Invincible Swallowtail looks exactly like that. That's what I look like.