He had no idea who he was, but he knew exactly WHAT he was. The woman with the strange accent only addressed him as the Alpha Model, his job was to protect the ones known as the Little Sisters while they stole Adam from the woman known as Sofia Lamb. If this was his only purpose in this world then that was exactly what he would do.

He would protect them with everything that he had, even if he ended up dieing in the process.

He was currently in a place called…the Atlantic Express? It didn't matter, the only thing that he cared about at the moment was the pale skinned, yellow eyed little girl that was sitting atop his shoulders.

"The man on the moon is a girl, Mr. Bubbles!" Repeated grunts emitted from his armor encased form as if he were laughing. He couldn't really understand how these girl's minds worked but he didn't want to upset any of them. They were like his own children, the last thing he wanted to do was make them cry.


The Alpha Model growled in annoyance, sometimes his damn radio connection with the lady with the strange accent would break up. He could take care of himself just fine but the woman with the strange accent provided him with some sort of comfort, she was really smart that much he did know and her help has made his job and surviving in Rapture a lot easier. As the Alpha Model made his way toward the booth that housed the numerous little ones and the lady with the strange accent, a screech of sheer pain and agony echoed through the dark dimly lit corridors.

He didn't know why but the screech triggered his protective instincts, his helmet visor turned from a greenish yellow to a bloody red and he quickly rushed to the location of where the scream sounded from. To an observer his movements where but a blur, many have underestimated the sheer speed that the Alpha Series' Big Daddies possessed. Splicers struggled to get out of his way, those who were to slow were trampled under his weight.

He finally reached the source of the scream, he looked down from the balcony that he stood upon and observed a very strange yet up setting sight. A lithe young woman bound in an assortment of leather and metal was battling a group of Wintry, Electrical, and Fire Houdini Splicers. She screeched in fury and stabbed the fire wielding Splicer that appeared behind her through his skull. She launched his body at the Wintry Houdini Splicer to her left with her telekinesis but he teleported away before it could impact him.

The lithe armored woman screeched in pain and agony as one thousand volts of electricity surged through her armored form. The Alpha Model knew that metal and electricity just doesn't mix at all, while the strange woman was stunned the other Houdini Splicers started to pelt her with their elemental attacks. They threw balls of fire, ice, and electricity at her. The woman dropped to one knee and let out a shrill screech. The Alpha could see the corpse of a recently killed Elite Brute Splicer a ways behind her, she must have been injured in her fight with the juiced up Brute.

The Alpha Model could tell that she wouldn't last much longer under the pressure of their elemental attacks. Without a second thought, he jumped over the balcony and landed right on top of one the Houdini Splicers.

Before the other three Splicers could recover from their shock, the Alpha grabbed the one to his left by his skull with his free hand. He balled his hand into a fist which had the effect of completely crushing the Splicer's skull. The other two Splicer's shook themselves from their shock. The little one atop the Alpha Model's shoulder laughed in amusement.

"Daddy's, giving you stars and birdies!" She chirped playfully.

"Shit, Tin Daddy! I ain't got enough juice to take down that daft bitch AND this fucking tin man! I'm out!" The Wintry Houdini Splicer yelled, just as he was about to teleport himself away from the battle field a syringe was introduced to his forehead. He died instantly.

"Joe! SHIT!" The last Electrical Houdini Splicer yelled. He was about to launch a flurry of electrical blast at his foes but he suddenly felt a great pain in his chest and his vision had become blurred. He looked down and his eyes widened in horror when he realized that the drill of a very angry Alpha Series had pierced completely through his chest. The drill protruding from his chest was suddenly yanked out of his body and he slowly turned around to face his attacker. His whole world went black when the Alpha's drill smashed into his face.

The Alpha Series kicked the corpse of the mutilated Splicer away and walked towards the injured form of the cyclopean metal woman. The woman hissed not in anger but in fear. A wild animal is at it's most dangerous when it is cornered, scared, and injured. The Alpha Model knew that he had to be careful when approaching her.

"Big Sister!" The little one on his shoulder chirped. The girl jumped off of his shoulder and ran towards the injured woman. She hugged her tightly around her left leg and the woman patted her head gently. The Alpha Model allowed the metallic woman to touch his temporary charge since they seemed to know each other but he didn't let his guard down. The Alpha Model began to calmly walk towards the metal woman who upon seeing his advancements hissed as threateningly as she could.

The Alpha Model could see that the woman's leg was bent at an awkward position…like she had broken it and it immediately fused at the angle. The Alpha Model has seen this before, some of his little ones have received such injuries and he knew for a fact that they were very painful to fix. If he tried to fix this woman's leg, odds are she would try to tear him apart for it but if he didn't there was no chance of her surviving this place. Not only did the Adam crazed Splicers roam these dark dimly lit halls but also his insane Alpha Series' brethren as well. The Alphas never gave him much trouble, being one of their own kind in all. For some reason he was a lot stronger than them as well, the lady with the strange accent said it was because that he was an Elite Alpha Series. But that wasn't the point, the point was that if one of his kin came across this broken, lithe woman they would tear her apart without a second thought.

The Alpha Model sighed heavily and steeled himself, he walked up to the still hissing metallic woman and knelt before her. He set a Decoy of himself to the woman's right, she immediately focused her attention on the Decoy. How did the metal man move so fast? That didn't matter, she hissed threateningly as possible. She couldn't show this potential predator her fear, it didn't matter if he was a Big Daddy. She could tell that he had some degree of free will and a Big Daddy with free will was a dangerous Big Daddy. As quick as a flash, the Alpha Model grabbed the woman's lithe leg and set it back into place with one swift movement of his arms.

The woman gave out a metallic whine of pain and her attention was once again set on the Alpha Model. The Alpha placed his hand over the injury and began to dress her wounds with his remaining first aid kits. The metallic woman gave out a hiss of pain but did not attack. Maybe she knew that he was trying to help her?

After he was done the woman stood to her full height. The Alpha was a little surprised by how tall she was, the metal woman was about as tall as him. The woman stared at him with her blood red gaze and cocked her helmeted head to the side. The strange woman then started to emit a soft metallic humming and her one hellish glowing red eye shifted to a clam content yellow. She was just standing there…staring at him. The Alpha Model shrugged mentally and beckoned for his little one to climb atop his shoulder once more. When she got herself situated he once again slowly lumbered his way towards his destination.

As he walked down the dark corridors of the Atlantic Express he thought that he could hear the soft clank of metal against metal under the sound of his heavy booted footsteps. The Alpha quickly turned behind him with his double barreled shotgun in his right hand and electricity dancing in his left only to find the same cage wearing woman. Why the heck was she following him? The Alpha mentally shrugged once more and continued on his way, the woman sped up so that she was now walking beside him to his left. The Alpha Model felt lithe leather encased fingers gently intertwine with his huge gloved ones. He stopped and turned towards the metal woman.

She just gave out a soft metallic hum and her helmet light briefly shined a green. Alpha took a quick whiff of the air around him and went rigid. He began to sweat profusely under his helmet and he gulped in fear. This woman…no, this GIRL was releasing a concoction of pheromones into the air, one of them being estrogen. Just from this recently revealed fact the Alpha Model could immediately tell that the girl had just hit puberty. Puberty is when a child's body grows into sexual maturation, this is the stage when the child, now an adult, begins to look for…a mate.

The extremely tall, metallic girl began to emit soft metallic hums as if she were singing. Alpha gave out a loud Big Daddy yawn and sat on the ground, he put his charge on his lap and leaned back against the wall. What kind of spell did this girl have him under?

This song…it sounded like…a mating call? The Alpha Model didn't have time for mates! He had a job to do, he couldn't concern himself with mates! He tried to get up but he just couldn't, his body was tired and sore. He has not gotten any rest since he was awakened from his hibernation and that was two months ago. Big Daddies had no need for rest, they were made to protect their little ones, not to sleep! But as the post pubescent girl continued to sing her soft metallic song he found that his eye lids were getting heavy, he would not be able to stop the inedible.

He was out cold a couple of minutes later along with his small ward. The metallic young woman was a little jealous of her younger 'counterpart' for she still had the ability to sleep. Exposure to Adam throughout her life has left her an insomniac but that didn't really matter to her at the moment. She was extremely confused as to why she was feeling the emotions she was feeling right now, maybe it was because the sane Alpha Daddy helped her? That was one of the reasons why but it wasn't the main reason.

She was going to have to figure this out.