Chapter IV: When You're Not Here

The constant scribbling of pen against paper echoed through the corroded hallways of the Atlantic Express. The Big Sister sat on the ground with her back leaned up against a wall, writing furiously on the medium sized hard cover note pad that she had acquired. The metal encased woman was so happy when she had found the note pad resting in the tightened, white knuckled fist of a deceased rail worker. Judging by the way the man was slouched over in a puddle of his own dried blood on the desk she had found him, the man was writing in the note pad when a Splicer had bashed him over the head with some kind of blunt object from behind. The poor guy never saw it coming.

The metallic teenager decided to push away those thoughts, and decided to focus on the here and now. Her little 'family' was currently resting in an abandoned Atlantic Express workshop, seeking to regain the energy they had lost from battling the pack of Spider Splicers. The Big Sister suddenly stopped her furious pen strokes and tilted her bulbous head to the side slightly and smiled behind her helmet visor. She turned her attention to the huge Alpha Series Protector resting by her side. The metallic woman watched as the huge metal encased man caressed the cheek of his temporary charge as the little yellow eyed girl drifted off into dreamland…

A land that she so wished to drift off into as well.

The Big Sister emitted a low pitched screech to get the Alpha Series attention and handed him the note pad. The man bound in metal armor took the note pad in his huge gauntlet encompassed left hand and took the pen in his right. The Alpha Series shifted on the ground, seeking to get as comfortable as possible, and read the Big Sister's message. The Alpha's eyes widened behind the cover of his visor as he read on, it seems like his mate has written the lyrics to a poem…or a song. As the Alpha Model read every soul filled word of the song his heart clenched. He was overwhelmed with a sense of happiness, but also worry and fear for the shattered mind of his mate.

Black abyss to infinite

The sea weed ripples in the tide, dancing

It would be a much better view…with you…holding me

If you hadn't met me, I'd be dead and gone from this world, baby

I was all alone, then you came along

So now what, what should I do?

I'm strung out, plain addicted to you

My body aches, when we're apart

My supply fell through

I'd gladly give you everything I have and more

I crave your happiness

When I make you feel joy it makes me smile

But I wonder if you feel my stress

Love has always been such a crazy affair, you know

It pays with blood and tears

Now I'm on the ground, crying out for your love

Do you see me?

Can you feel my stress?

Love…it pays with blood and tears

Oh, my baby

Yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Can you feel my stress? - By Elena Rodriguez

P.S: Do you know what I am trying to say? Oh and what is your name, Big Papa? I need to know your name!

The Alpha Model just sat there for awhile, just staring at the words. He must have read over the words a million times…including her name…

Elena Rodriguez.

The name was irresistible to the tongue, especially her last name. It just flowed fluidly from the mouth. But the Alpha Model couldn't help but think: Is this what Elena really wanted? She craved his happiness? She wanted him this badly? But wait, the song also talked of her stress…. What stress? Was it HIM that was stressing her? He would never be able to forgive himself if he ever did anything to hurt Elena, even if it was unintentionally!

The Alpha Daddy turned to a blank page and started to scribble a response, he was nowhere near as artistic as Elena but he would like to think that he was good at expressing his feelings. After he was done he handed the note pad over to Elena who gingerly took the pad and pen and started to read his message.

Elena Rodriguez…you are without a doubt the best thing that has ever happened to me since my 'awakening.' I don't even know if I even deserve to be with a person as beautiful and artistic as you are. You say that you were alone and then I came along…

I like to think of it as the other way around.

I was always working, always killing, I never had anyone to talk to or spend time with who actually understands ME. I never had anyone except me for who I am…you saved me, Elena. You saved me from my pit of loneliness, my solitude. I think…I know what you are stressed over Elena. Elena…

I Love You.

I never want to be separated from your side. You crave my happiness…well, seeing you dance and play and live makes me happy. You're so graceful in the way you move, even when you're pounding the snot out of Splicers you do it with grace! Your body is so sleek, so thin…yet full of an undeniable power, I love the way you move. And your face…I wish you would take your helmet off more often, it's like staring into the face of a Goddess…no, it's even better than that. Elena, I love you with all my heart and nothing will tear me away from you. I would, and will, go to hell and back for you, you don't have to be stressed over wondering if I love you or not.

I do, I love you so much.

P.S: I forgot my name long ago, but you can call me by the faded Greek symbol on my hand: Theta.

Elena read over the message one more time, her hands trembling the entire time. Theta frowned behind his visor, was she angry with him? Maybe he interpreted the lyrics of the song wrong-


Theta was thoroughly surprised when he was brought into Elena's loving embrace. She had her arms wrapped around him and she had somehow taken her helmet off within the time span of three seconds. She snuggled up to him and started to remove his helmet. When she got it off she gently placed it on the ground, as to not wake up their sleeping charge, and started to furiously kiss Theta. She kissed him all over his face, his eyes, that huge painful looking scar of his, she wanted to make him feel good…

Which also made her feel good to.

Theta leaned into her kiss's, it irked him that he was not able to kiss her back. His lips were nearly none existent, there had to be some other way he could make her feel the way he was feeling right now…. A light bulb sparked to life above Theta's head, the Alpha Daddy took Elena's face in his left hand gently and stared to nuzzle her ear slightly, making sure not to pierce her skin with his sharp jagged fangs. Elena's golden yellow eyes widened in shock and pleasure, Theta's touch gave her such a weird tingly sensation that made her moan.

She wanted more, much more.

But she wouldn't feel exactly right fornicating in front of her younger counterpart…even if she was asleep. What if she woke up? She would be scared for life! So before their actions could escalate to a whole different level, Elena let out a curt screech which Theta immediately recognized as 'stop.' He did so, albeit reluctantly. Elena sighed and leaned her head onto Theta's shoulder, her entire life would be complete if she could just get some sleep.

Hey, that rhymed! She was definitely writing that down.


AN: The song 'written' by Elena is my own version of Silent Hill III's 'You're Not Here'.