February 14th at 4:00 pm in west City, in the capusel corp home, a young boy at the age of 8 came into the kitchen. he placed his backpack on the table. His mother came in, she had a plate filled with heart shape cookies, she place the plate on the table. the boy reached for a cookie and begun to eat it. his mother pulled up a chair and sat down with him

" So Trunks how was school today" she asked. Trunks looked up at his mom, then he reached for his backpack, unhooking the clips he turned it upside down.

soon over 500 tiny boxes rapped like a present came out crashing onto the table some of the boxes fell off the table. after the presents were out, He recliped the bag together

" I'm gonna go out and build a snow man" he said leaving the kitchen, he went over to the house door and begun to put his snow gear then went out. His mother stared at the presents

whoa and I only got 350 when I was his age she though to her self

A blond hair woman came into the kitchen humming a tune " Bulma darling was that Trunks" she noticed the big pile of Valentine presents

" OH MY! " she squeeled " are they yours?". Bulma looked up at her mother

" no.. they.. are ... Trunks's" she said


Yeah Trunks is probaly the Prince charming in his school. Some how with DBZ we can get away with american customes.

Rveiw please

DBZ and there character belong to Akira Toriyama