This is based off a part of iDon't Understand This Feeling, one of my other iCarly stories. In the last two or three chapters it's mentioned that Sam and Freddie are paired up for an assignment on the Civil War, so I had to write this. Thanks to abracadabra94 for the title!

Sam Sure Hides a Lot of Things

Sam Puckett sat in her third-period history class, having actually gotten there on time for once. She'd had nothing better to do, and she was currently trying to think of ways to prank the teacher and absentmindedly chewing on a piece of bacon.

More kids piled in, and Freddie Benson slid into the seat next to her. She glanced at him and they gave each other quick smiles. This was the only class they had together, and she secretly liked that he sat next to her every day.

Then the teacher, Mr. Kane, walked in carrying a stack of papers and a large bag. Most people settled down immediately when he put everything on his desk. He turned to face the class. "Since you've all been doing so well on the Civil War unit, I've decided to let you do a project." He began to walk around the room, handing out a paper to everybody. "You will be paired up, and together you must create characters that would have lived during Civil War times. You must make a short movie, between ten to thirty minutes long. For anybody who doesn't have their own video camera, I have ones up here you can borrow—and you get to keep it for as long as the assignment lasts, but you can't do anything with it other than the movie."

He began to read names off a list. "Sarah Hart and John Smith, you will be partners…Jeremy Gilbert and Anna Belle…Katniss Everdeen and Gale Hawthorne…Charlie Landers and Emma Lau…Raven Madison and Alexander Sterling…Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson." Sam's heart stopped when she heard that. Freddie? How on earth was she going to work with him and not let her feelings show? She had enough to worry about doing iCarly with him!

To distract herself, she stared at the paper she'd been given.


You Must:
A. Create and dress up authentically
like characters from Civil War times.
B. Both partners have to be in it, and
if you'd like friends can join in.
C. Write an original script and one partner
must direct a video of the performance,
while also acting in it.

1. Authenticity of Costumes and Speech
2. Creation of Original Characters
3. Typed-Up Copy of Script

Sam grimaced. Oh, well, she acted all the time, once a week. This should be easy—she might even get an A for the second time in her life. And as much as she hated to say it, Freddie was actually really good with all the techie stuff he did for iCarly. The three of them could write the script together, and…this would be a breeze! She was actually almost looking forward to this video.

Something else she'd never admit: as much as she hated history and every other school subject, she'd always liked the Civil War. She loved the clothes from back then—and clothes weren't something she cared much about.

Sam kept a lot of secrets, didn't she?

And it wasn't like she wanted to, but she didn't have much of a choice. What would people do if they knew she liked Freddie, or the Civil War? It would tear her to pieces—she hated being made fun of.

Freddie's voice jolted her back to reality. "Sam, you should be the main character, and maybe Carly and Spencer could be supporting cast," he suggested. "And Gibby."

"Can my name still be Sam? I don't want to learn a different name."

He thought about it for a second. "No, but you can be Samantha."

She clenched her teeth and rolled her eyes, but agreed. As long as she didn't have to be "Primrose" or something. As much as she hated her full name, it was better than that any day.

Yes, it seemed like this assignment just might be fun.

Well, here it is. This assignment for some reason seems like something my Social Studies teacher from last year, Mrs. Perry, would give out. Mr. Kane's the name of my teacher this year, but he's not all boring like this one. He's hilarious and actually pretty cool.

The names read off, if you didn't guess, are from other TV shows and books. What they're from, in order: the book I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore, The Vampire Diaries (I just made up Anna's last name), The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Aaron Stone, and the Vampire Kisses series by Ellen Schreiber.