Epilogue: Viewer Discretion Advised

"Alright, class, time for vid-e-os!" Mr. Kane announced excitedly. "Sam, Freddie, you guys are up first!"

"Carly and Gibby are coming in a minute to see the finished movie with us," Freddie said as he pulled the disc out from his backpack. At that moment they burst into the room. "We're here!" Carly yelled at the same time Gibby yelled, "Gibby!"

Freddie popped the disc into Mr. Kane's laptop, which was hooked up to the SmartBoard. When it loaded, he paused it and turned. "Our movie is titled All's Fair in Love and War," he said. "There are really only four characters—I play Frederick, Sam is Samantha, Carly is Katerina, and Gibby is Henry." He pressed Play and sat down next to Sam, taking her hand in his and giving her a small smile. She smiled back, laughing a little.

The first scene began. In the next scene, when Sam told Freddie to be careful, it had actually zoomed in close on their faces. "That's cool," she whispered to him. "I still don't know where that came from."

"Haha, Carly and Gibby," she snickered next. "The best part is that I think she really does like him."

"Probably," Freddie whispered back.

She laughed aloud with the rest of the kids when the soldier in the cot yelled at Freddie. "Where was I when you filmed that?" she asked.

"Eating ham," Freddie answered without hesitation. He'd kept track of what she was doing throughout the entire thing, during the scenes she wasn't in.

"I love you, Samantha," said on-screen Freddie.

"Funny to think I'm actually saying that to you, too," he muttered to her out of the corner of his mouth.

The video faded to black, ending with Sam and Freddie's kiss, and the words The End flashed across the screen.

"Wow," Mr. Kane said incredulously. "That was amazing. A plus, you two. Congratulations."

They shared a smile one more time, and when nobody was looking, he gave her a quick kiss.

"I love you," he said again.

She leaned her head on his arm, and got herself comfortable to watch the next project, that of Toby Cavanaugh and Emily Fields. "Love you too, nub," she responded affectionately.

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Thank you guys so much. I couldn't have gotten this far without you. I'll miss this story, I love the Civil War. But I've got a few more I'm thinking of—what do you think of this:

The iCarly characters are living during or just before World War I. Sam dresses up as a boy and joins the crew of some sort of ship, where she meets Carly, who soon becomes her best friend, and Carly's brother Spencer. But she also meets Freddie, who she begins to develop a crush on…something she can't have, knowing they can never be together, especially since he thinks she's a boy.

It's kind of based off of the book Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld, while I guess kind of drawing ideas from the movie She's the Man (with Amanda Bynes), and Shakespeare's Twelfth Night (which I've never actually read). But mostly Leviathan, since that takes place in alternate-history World War I. Amazing book. What do you think?

Also, the names at the end—Toby Cavanaugh and Emily Fields—are from Pretty Little Liars, which I'm totally re-obsessed with since it came back on Monday and I'm reading the books now.

Remember, in the first chapter, I said the teacher Mr. Kane was based off my Social Studies teacher Mr. Kane, but the one in my story was kind of boring? Well, in this one, I tried to make him more like the real Mr. Kane, who's awesome.