A New Day Awaits


A room full of family and friends. A woman, sick and dying, looking at their faces. She's trying to reassure them that it's okay, she's ready, but they're having none of it. Her cousin, the High Summoner Yuna, holding her hand and telling her she can fix it. The look of gratitude in her eyes as she shakes her head 'no'. This is one thing white magic can't fix. Not a wound, or a headache. A disease, one that is silent and slow, but fatal.

Words being spoken, things that haven't been said in a long time. Or were never said at all. No regrets. No bad memories. Only the good. A few laughs shared here and there. Times when they were together, adventures that were had, people that they met. People that they lost.

Too many gone now, too many. One in particular hurts the woman most. They all know who. They never speak the name. There's no reason to.

She grows weaker, fading with the sun. They kiss her, hold her hand, look at her with sorrow in their eyes. She's smiling, though. She knows it's time. The Gods are ready for her, and she's ready for them. Ready to see those that went on before her. Her mother, her aunt. But most of all... "Him..." she says in a weak voice. Everyone in the room nods, knowing. She's been waiting for this moment, not knowing when it would come, but that it would eventually. It's bittersweet, this passing.

The sun sinks down, plunging the world into darkness. She breathes her last breath, still smiling. More tears, always more. They mourn her death, but rejoice in the life she had. In the eternity that awaits her. An eternity with him.


A/N: The writing style of this one is different, but I liked the way it turned out. I hope you all enjoyed it.

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