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"Sara, there are men on motorcycles in the driveway," said Krystal walking into the house.

"Okay," said Sara walking into the bathroom.

Sara stood around five foot five. She has dark blonde hair that she keeps cut at her shoulders. She had an average but muscular build. She owned a chop shop for bike and sports car. People would bring her their car and she would trade parts on it to make it faster or more stylish. She had three kids at this particular point in her life. There was her eldest Brianne, and her twins Jason and Christopher. Brianne was fifteen while her sons were seven.

Sara came out of the bathroom and looked out of the window at the men in the driveway. She sighed before she opened the door and walked outside to talk to them.

Clay heard the front door open and looked over to who had walked out of the house. He watched as a blonde woman walked across the yard over to where they were sitting.

"Can I help you?" asked Sara when she reached them.

"Depends," said Clay.

"You are on my property, so I can either help you or you get off of it," said Sara.

"Feisty," said Tig from his bike.

"Shut up," said Sara.

"Damn," said Tig.

"What are you doing here?" asked Sara turning back to Clay.

Before Clay could answer a pickup truck pulled in the driveway and Brianne jumped out. She looked over at her mother, then to the bikers, before she walked into the house.

"Answer my question," said Sara.

"I am looking for someone. Last name of Connor," said Clay.

"No Connor's around here," said Sara. "Not anymore."

"Damn, I was positive that she lived in this town."

"Look, Clay, I said there wasn't any more. I got married. Last name isn't Connor anymore, it's Brook," said Sara. "Get in the house. You're drawing attention to my otherwise peaceful yard."

Clay nodded and got off his bike and followed Sara into the house. Everyone else followed Clay's lead and walked into the house.

"Stay," said Clay as he walked into Sara's office.

Jax followed them into the office and sat down in one of the chairs. Clay sat in the other one and Sara sat in her comfy chair opposite them. She reached down to the floor and opened a mini fridge she had there and pulled out a water bottle and opened it.

"Okay, what do you want that you came all the way to New Mexico to talk to me face to face?" asked Sara putting her water down.

Clay looked over at Jax who looked up to Sara.

"Are you James Conner's daughter?" asked Jax.

"Yes, Teller, I am," said Sara. "What do you want?"

"My son was kidnapped, and we wanted your help in finding him," said Jax.

"How old?" asked Sara.

"8 Months," said Jax.

Sara nodded her head. She took another sip of her water before she spoke.

"Where is he at?" asked Sara.

"Ireland is the ultimate destination, but at this point it's unknown," said Clay.

Sara nodded her head again.

"I am willing to help, but when I leave the country I am going to need someone to look after my children," said Sara.

"Children?" asked Clay.

"My daughter and my sons. Brianne is fifteen, and Jason and Christopher are seven," said Sara.

Clay nodded and looked at Jax who nodded as well.

"Gemma will look after them for you," said Clay.

"Fine," said Sara. "But you have to pay for my plane tickets I can get everything else."

"Deal," said Clay shaking Sara's hand.

All three of them stood up and walked out of the small office. Sara turned back to grab her water before she left.

In the living room Brianne came bouncing down the stairs. She stopped when she reached the bottom stair and looked around the room. She turned and started heading towards the kitchen when Krystal came out of it.

"My mom still home?" asked Brianne.

"Yes, she is," said Sara walking out of her office. "Why?"

"Just curious," smiled Brianne walking into the kitchen.

"She's up to something," said Sara. "Clay, can I talk to you?"

"Sure," said Clay.

Sara walked outside and stood on the porch.

"What is it?" asked Clay.

"I was wondering if Brianne could go talk to David," said Sara.

"Hale?" asked Clay.

"Yeah," said Sara.

"I don't think that would be a good idea," said Clay. "Why?"

Before Sara could answer Jax came out on the porch to smoke.

"I will ask you, since you know. Is it possible for Brianne to talk to David?" asked Sara.

Jax shook his head, "No."

"Why not?" asked Sara.

Jax sighed and put out his cigarette. Be fore he could answer Brianne came out on the porch.

"I want to go live with me dad," said Brianne.

"What? Where did that come from?" asked Sara looking at her daughter.

"I've been thinking about it, and I want to," said Brianne.

"I will think about, but you need to tell me the truth on why you want to go," said Sara.

"Fine," said Brianne walking back in the house.

"Well?" asked Sara.

"David was hit by a van," said Jax. "He didn't make it. He's dead Sara."

Sara looked at Jax stunned. "What…why…who…"

"Our prospect was killed when my son was kidnapped. We were coming out of the funeral home when some van came by and opened fire on us," said Jax. "He tried to stop them and they ran over him."

Sara didn't answer but dropped to her knees crying. Jax bent down and picked her up. Clay opened the door and Jax walked in.

"Room?" asked Jax.

"Third on the left at the top of the stairs," said Krystal.

Jax nodded and walked up the stairs. He kicked open her door and laid her down on the bed. Sara rolled away from Jax and continued crying. Jax walked out of her room and back downstairs.

Brianne walked out of her room and into her mother's room. She saw that her mom was crying and put the piece of paper in her back pocket and climbed up in the bed with her.

"What's wrong mamí?" asked Brianne.

"You can't live with you father," said Sara restraining herself.

"Why not?" asked Brianne.

"He is dead," said Sara. "I just found out."

Brianne nodded her head, "Can I go live with grandma then?"

"Why the sudden interest in leaving?" asked Sara.

Brianne looked down and pulled out the piece of paper. She wiped a tear off her face as she handed it to her mother. Sara eyes her daughter, but didn't take the paper from her. She pulled Brianne into a hug and laid there with her.

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