**Six months later**

"Can I have my baby back?" asked Sara.

"I wanna hold my grandbaby," smiled Gemma walking around the house.

Sara's daughter was only a month old and she had barely been able to hold her. Gemma was elated when they found that Sara and her family were staying in Charming. Sara had bought a house not far from Jax's house. Brianne was getting practice by baby-sitting Abel and Christiana. Gemma laid the sleeping girl in her bassinet and sat down next to Sara.

"How are things?" asked Gemma.

"Good," said Sara.

"Not with your family. I meant with…" said Gemma.

"You are nosey, you know that," smiled Sara. "Things are good there too."

"Good. I would hate to have to give him the third degree," smiled Gemma.

Sara shook her head. There was a knock at the door and Clay, Jax, and Opie walked through the door. Jax kissed his mom and hugged Sara before he sat down. Clay sat down next to Gemma and Opie pulled Sara up into a hug.

"I guess things are going good," said Clay.

"Yeah. He is safe from the third degree from Gemma," smiled Sara.

"You know. If Jax didn't have the doctor, I could've sworn ya'll would've hooked up again," said Gemma.

"Not a chance in hell," said Sara sitting down on Opie's lap.

"Why not. I'm hurt," smiled Jax.

"One night with you was enough to last me a life time," joked Sara.

"Well I think it was enough to last me two life times," said Jax. "How's Brianne?"

"She's doing good. She has a doctor's appointment today," said Sara.

Gemma was going to say something when the phone rang. Sara stood up and answered it. She was quiet and walked into the other room. Suddenly they heard the phone hit the floor. Opie and Jax were the first one's into the kitchen. Sara was standing there frozen like she was still holding the phone. Opie leaned over and picked the phone up and started talking to the person on the other end. Opie hung up the phone and grabbed Sara.

"Sara! Babe! Say something!" he said.

"I've got to get to the hospital!" said Sara.

"Clay, Gemma, could you watch Christi?" asked Sara as she ran out of the house.

"You watch the girl, I will be back later," said Gemma following Jax and Opie out the door.

Clay leaned over and looked into the bassinet, "You family is full of crazies."

Sara burst through the doors at the hospital to be met with Tara, "Where is she?"

"I need to talk to you, privately," said Tara taking Sara into a private room.

"What's going on? Are they okay?" asked Sara.

"Brianne is fine," said Tara.

"What about Brady?" asked Sara.

"Brady was born six weeks early and had a hole in his heart," said Tara. "He is in surgery now. Do you know what could've cause her to go into labor early?"

"She has exams next week. Could be stress over them," said Sara sinking into a chair. "Wait, did you say that he had a hole in his heart?"

"Yeah," said Tara. "Was Bri on any kind of medication?"

"No," said Sara.

"There isn't a history of this in our family. Do you know about David?" asked Tara.

"No…there wasn't…oh god!" said Sara dropping her head in her hands.

"Oh god, what?" asked Gemma bursting through the door. "What's going on?"

Jax and Opie forced themselves into the small room as well. Tara kept looking at Sara in shock. Gemma had to snap her fingers in front of Tara to get her attention.

"Well!" asked Gemma.

"Um, Bri is fine. There is just one more test that has to be run. And um…since Brady is six weeks early there was concerns about his health," said Tara.

"But he's okay, right?" asked Opie.

"He was born with a hole in his heart. If you will excuse me I have a test I need to run," said Tara walking out quickly.

Tara made her way to the records room. She grabbed David's and walked out. She walked into Brianne's room and drew a sample of blood and walked out. She sat back in the lab and ran Bri's blood against a sample that David had given almost a year ago. She sat on pins and needles waiting for the results.

The machine beeped and the printer whirred to life. She waited as the page printed out. As soon as it was done she grabbed it and looked at it. She ran out of the room and over to the elevator and up to the maternity ward. Gemma was standing at the foot of the bed while Sara was sitting on the bed with Brianne. Jax was leaning up against the window and Opie against the wall behind Gemma. Tara knocked on the door and walked in.

"Can I talk to Sara and Brianne for a moment?" asked Tara.

"Whatever you have to say you might as well say it to all of us now. We are going to find out one way or another," said Gemma.

"Um…I really think Sara needs to know this first," said Tara.

Sara nodded and walked out of the room with Tara. Sara closed the door and walked down the hall and sat down in one of the chairs.

"Is it what I think it is?" asked Sara.

"What do you think it is?" asked Tara.

"A paternity test," said Sara.

"Then it is what you think it is," said Tara. Tara sat down next to Sara, "She isn't David's like you thought."

"I figured that much out when you said Brady was born with a hole in his heart," said Sara. "When Brianne was born the doctors were concerned about her heart but there was no hole, so I didn't think anything of it."

"Could it be anyone else?" asked Tara.

"No. Bri came on time. There were two guys. I was so sure she was David's. She looked so much like him growing up. Since she put on weight she started to look like me," said Sara.

"When are you going to tell him?" asked Tara.

"No time like the present," said Sara standing up.

Tara nodded and waited outside the room. Sara walked into the room and closed the door. She closed the blinds and sat down in the empty chair.

"Well?" asked Gemma. "What did the test say?"

"It wasn't anything to do with Brady," said Sara.

"Then why the hell did she have it done," asked Gemma.

"She did it for me," said Sara. "Neither David or I have a family history of congenital heart defects, mainly septal defects. When Bri was born the doctor was concerned about her heart since it had an irregular beat, but it corrected itself."

"What are you saying?" asked Gemma and Brianne.

"That…David wasn't your father like I presumed he was," said Sara.

"WHAT!" shouted Brianne.

"Then who is?" asked Gemma.

"From what I just told you, you know who the father is," said Sara.

Everyone turned to Jax. He was staring at Sara in shock. He blinked a couple time and shook his head before he looked back up.

"Are you sure it's not David's. I mean, you can do another test right," said Jax.

"You make me feel horrible when you put it like that," said Sara.

"Sorry…this is kind of a shock for me," said Jax.

"Talk to Tara," said Sara.

Tara walked into the room with a vial and walked over to Jax. Jax rolled up his sleeve and Tara took a sample and disappeared out of the room. Bri was lying back in her bed staring up at the ceiling when a nurse came into the room.

"Brady is out of surgery is you want to go see him in the NICU," she said.

"Yeah," said Brianne.

Brianne moved into a wheelchair and was rolled down the hall to the NICU. Sara and Brianne scrubbed up before they walked in. Sara stood behind Bri while they looked into the incubator that little Brady was in.

Tara walked over to the window and handed Jax a piece of paper. Jax looked at it and then handed it off to Gemma and walked towards the NICU entrance.

"I'm sorry sir, but only family is allowed in here," said the nurse.

"I'm grandpa," he said shaking his head.

The nurse looked from him to the two women and shook her head, "Too young to be having babies."

"Don't I know it," he said scrubbing.

"And what relation to Brady are you, miss?" asked the nurse.

"I'm his mother, you figure it out," said Gemma.

They both walked over to where Sara and Brianne were. Gemma wrapped her arm around Sara's while Jax stood there looking into the incubator.

"Looks like I'm grandma and great-grandma," said Gemma.

"Yeah, well I'm thirty and grandma, imagine how I feel," said Sara.

"You're one to talk," said Gemma.

"I know," said Sara. "If I had know I would've told you. I swear. I though she was David's!"

"It's okay, Connor," smiled Jax.

"Shut up Teller," smiled Sara.

**One Month Later**

"And how is Brady doing?" asked Gemma.

"He gets to go home today," said Sara.

"When?" asked Gemma.

"In about an hour," said Brianne walking up to the window. "Tara said that he was healing quickly. Well ahead what most babies do."

"That's because he is part of the Teller family," said Jax walking up. "We are some stubborn SOBs."

"Aint that the truth," laughed Sara.

"Your friends with them," chuckled Opie wrapping his arms around Sara's shoulders.

"Yeah, but I'm dating you," said Sara.

Gemma smiled as Brianne walked out of the nursery with Brady. Everyone piled into their cars or onto their bikes and made their ways back to Sara's house. Sara unlocked the door to find Clay lying on the couch asleep with Christiana in her bassinet asleep as well. Sara walked over and picked her up and sat down in her chair with her sleeping daughter. Opie walked over and leaned over the back of the chair and ran his finger down Christi's face.

"We should get married," he said.

"What?" said Sara looking up at him.

"We should get married," said Opie again.

"You asking or telling me?" chuckled Sara.

"A little of both," said Opie.

"How 'bout you get me a ring and then I will let you know what I think," smiled Sara.

"Oh just say yes already. We all know you two are gonna marry eventually," said Gemma sitting down on Clay's lap. Brianne shook her head as she placed Brady in his own bassinet. Christopher and Jason were down the hall in their room playing video games, ignoring everyone. They would eventually come out to have food and see Brady then.

"Knock, Knock," said Piney walking in.

"Good, you're here," said Gemma handing him the camera. "Come on. I want one picture of the whole family. JASON! CHRISTOPHER!"

Both boys came running down the hall when Gemma called them. Gemma got everyone situated on the couch or the floor for the picture. Opie was sitting on the couch with Sara next to him Christiana in her arms. Brianne was next to her mom with Brady in her arms. Jax was sitting next to Bri with Tara on his other side. Clay and Gemma were standing behind the couch with Jason and Christopher on the floor in front of the couch. Piney counted to three and took a few pictures.

"We will see you all tomorrow," said Gemma kissing Sara's cheek.

Jax hugged Bri after she put Brady down for the night. Sara put Christi in her bed and closed the door. She walked over to the bed and collapsed on it next to Opie.

"So when do we tell Gemma we already got married?" asked Sara.

"I say we have another one and make her happy. I don't want her mad at me," chuckled Opie.

"Deal," smiled Sara as she kissed Opie. "Night babe."

"Night," said Opie turning off the light.

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