Dear Billy For Your First Birthday

Dear Billy,

I know you don't really know me yet. You won't be able to remember who I am. But I am your mother. I must be only a foggy memory to you, but try to keep me in your mind always- for I will always be walking beside you. All you need to do is look!

I am so proud of you… you are my dear dear son. I am sure that your father and Tony will take care of you, and make me proud. Even when you play with me, I can tell you know I am not to be here forever. I will soon be gone, and leave you behind. I do not want to leave you- I never will. But whatever you remember about me, remember that I am so, so proud of you…

Your laughter always rings in my ears as I go to sleep.

And always remember, Billy, you are beautiful.

Love you forever,