"I'm gonna make you love me
Oh yes I will, yes I will…" - The Temptations

BRIAR! two mind-voices screamed. Briar started, hands over his ears.

What do you want? he asked grumpily. I was sleeping.

Where's Sandry? they asked simultaneously. We checked her room, and her bed was empty…

Briar quickly showed them Sandry through his eyes, sleeping peacefully. Somehow, as she slept, she had cuddled closer, and her face was now buried deeply in his chest.

Oops, Briar thought, for what seemed like the millionth time. Hadn't meant to show them that.

Briar! Tris hissed. You guys weren't doing… you know what, were you?

No, no! Briar was shocked. Did they really think he would stoop that low, to sleep with a girl in that way after she had just been traumatized? She has clothes on, Coppercurls, he snapped. She was crying, and asked if she could sleep here…

It's all right, Daja soothed. Look how peaceful and happy she is.

All right, Tris grumbled. But don't you dare try anything, thief-boy. Or we'll have to hurt you. Briar could feel her grin through their connection, and knew that Tris, like Rosethorn, had a bark worse than her bite.

Why do I always get blamed? he complained. But I promise you, Coppercurls. I would never hurt her. He sent her a mental wink, and the connection disappeared.

"Mmmm…" Sandry mumbled, snuggling closer. Briar froze.

Her eyes flew open, and she looked about wildly. "What in the world- oh, Briar, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to-" she babbled as she tried to disentangle herself from his arms. They both found that they missed the warmth, but neither of them would admit it just yet.

I'm going to make you love me, Sandry, Briar thought determinedly.

He didn't know that she already did.


A/N: I might continue this in another story... when I have the time. Tell me what you think!