This chapter was written back in 2009 for my first NaNoWriMo so I was going on little or no sleep and massive amounts of caffeine and sugar, so it get's a little crazy, but it's just too much fun not to leave the craziness in.

Ann woke up a couple of hours later and gently started trailing her fingers over Zoc's antennas, "You just don't know how to sleep in do you?" he finally asked without bothering to open his eyes.

"Sure I do, I'm just not tired. Do you have any more of that potion made back at the house?" she asked.

"Yes, but don't you think we should get some packing done and maybe get some more sleep before we worry about using it again?" Zoc asked.

"You mean before we spend another couple of hours having incredible sex?" Ann asked.

"Exactly." Zoc replied.

"Probably, but that's not really what I wanted it for, I thought it would be fun to go show Mary what an incredibly hot and sexy human you turn into." Ann replied then grinned mischievously, "Of course if we get home before the potion wears off there might be time for some more fun before we start packing."

"I'm really that good looking as a human?" Zoc asked.

"Even better than the guys I use to drool over at powwows." Ann told him as a grin spread across her face.

"What are you plotting?" he asked.

"I was just thinking how absolutely amazing you would look in full Native American regalia or maybe just in a loincloth, dancing at a powwow." Ann replied.

"You actually expect me to go out around other humans?" Zoc asked sounding nervous about the idea.

"I'm sure you'll do fine and it doesn't have to be right away, we can start out just hanging out with Mary and John, maybe go to a movie or something to get you use to being around humans more and then go from there. I did alright getting use to being around the rest of the colony." Ann said.

"You didn't have to worry about trying to pretend to be something you weren't." Zoc pointed out.

"True, we'll take it one step at a time. First thing is going to be shopping, as much fun as you are to stare at, you really need some cloths if anyone else is going to be seeing you." Ann told him.

Once they had gotten back to the other house Ann dug out a box of her father's old clothes while Zoc got another one of the potions to make himself human.

"It's such a shame to cover up such a wonderful body." Ann said as she watched Zoc get dressed, "All those times undressing me must have gotten you used to human clothing, you're doing quite well." she told him.

"I'm not so sure about that, how do you get these things to stay up?" he asked holding up the pants he had put on but kept starting to slip down.

Ann grabbed a belt, walked over to him and started putting it through the belt loops, "They're just too big for you, we'll get you some that fit right after we go see Mary." Ann told him as she stepped back to look at him, "You can't be carrying that around with you when we go out." she told him when he reached for his staff that had been leaning against the wall.

"What, why not?" Zoc asked.

"People just don't walk around with stuff like that, not to mention if the government has anyone watching me they'll recognize it from the pictures they got of us. The last thing we need them knowing is that you can make yourself look human." Ann told him, "Just a minute I have an idea so you'll be able to take it with you, but keep it out of sight." she said as she started looking through a large jewelry box until she pulled out a small deer skin medicine bag, "You can shrink it and put it in here." she told him as she put it around his neck.

"Alright." Zoc agreed.

"Now off to see Mary." Ann said as they headed downstairs.

Ann knocked at Mary's door and waited impatiently for her to answer.

When Mary finally opened the door she smiled, "Ann what ar-" she stopped when she noticed Zoc, "Who is this?" she asked.

"This, is the perfectly timed solution to that whole thing about me not being able to shape shift for eight months." Ann replied.

"What on earth are you talking about, how could this guy have anything to do with tha-" she stopped when her eyes met Zoc's crystal blue eyes, "Z- Zoc?" she asked in amassment.

"Yes." Zoc replied.

"You finally got that second potion to work, I take it?" she said.

"Yep, he did and I personally think it worked quite well." Ann said grinning.

"It certainly did," Mary replied as she looked him over, "Wow, you'd better keep an eye on him if you take him out in public, you'll have every single woman in town drooling over him."

"Speaking of taking him out in public, do you want to come help me keep all the single women away from him while we get him some clothes that fit?" Ann asked.

Mary grinned, "Oh this sounds like fun, I wouldn't miss it, let me grab my purse and then we can go play dress up with him." she replied.

Half an hour later they arrived at a large mall.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Zoc asked nervously as he looked around at all the humans entering and leaving the building.

"You'll be fine." Ann assured him wrapping an arm around his.

"Just stay close to us and do exactly what we tell you to." Mary added sharing a conspiratorial grin with Ann as she took his other arm then she and Ann half lead and half dragged him into the building.

Zoc did as they told him, not letting go of Ann's arm as they made their way through the crowded mall and into a men's clothing store.

"Let's see what would you look good in?" Mary said as she glanced around the store.

"A loincloth and nothing else, but that wouldn't work well for going out in public." Ann replied grinning.

"What about these?" Ann asked a few minutes later, holding up a pair of blue jeans and a red plaid, button front shirt.

"Those look good." Mary replied.

"Here, go in that little room over there and try these on, then come out and let us see how they fit." Ann told Zoc as she handed him the clothes and pointed him towards the dressing rooms.

Several minutes later Zoc stepped out of the dressing room, "Turn around so we can see how it fits." Ann told him and he complied.

"I think the pants are a little tight, but that could work for him, he does have a nice backside." Mary commented.

"Oh yes, it is very nice." Ann agreed then grabbed a different pair of blue jeans and handed them to him, "See if these fit a little better." she told him.

Once they figured out what size he wore they had him try on a couple more outfits before settling on the first one and a pair of nice black jeans with a forest green button front shirt.

"Are you sure that's all the clothes he'll need?" Mary asked.

"Considering the main reason he'd look like this in the first place? I don't think he'll need a lot of clothes." Ann pointed out.

"Oh yeah, good point." Mary replied.

"There are a couple of other things I thought we could check out before we leave though." Ann said.

"We're not done yet?" Zoc asked sounding quite ready to get out of the busy mall.

"Not quite, but why don't we head over to the food court and grab some lunch first" Ann suggested.

"Good idea, I could use some sugar." Mary agreed.

A few cheese burgers, extra large Pepsis, ice creams and a short walk later they walked into a costume shop.

"What are we looking for here?" Mary asked.

"We're just going to see how a few things look on him." Ann said as she began looking through the costumes and pulled out a couple for Zoc to try on.

An hour and an American Revolution soldier, Civil War officer, Tarzan and clown costume later, the last two having been chosen by Mary, Zoc asked, "Are you done torturing me yet?"

"One more." Ann said handing him another costume to try on.

"Why are we doing this if we're not going to actually buy anything?" Zoc asked as he reluctantly took the costume from her.

"Because I need to figure out what looks good on you so I can go home and make you some more clothes. Although I think we'll stick with just a loin cloth for around the house. " Ann said as she pushed him into the dressing room.

"Not to mention it's insanely fun." Mary said looking through the pictures she'd been taking on her digital camera.

"You will send me copies of all of those right?" Ann asked.

"Of course, I think we should have a nice eight by ten made of this one for you to hang on your wall at home." Mary said showing her the one of Zoc in the clown costume.

"Oh if I'm going to get a picture of him to hang on the wall I have something much better in mind for him to wear." Ann told her.

"And what would that be?" Mary asked.

"You'll see." Ann replied as Zoc stepped out of the dressing room.

Ann walked around him inspecting the costume then stopped and lifted the back of it enough to see under it.

"So what's under it?" Mary asked.

"Do you want the long version or the longer version?" Ann asked before they both broke down into a fit of giggles.

"What has gotten into you today? You're acting crazier than usual." Zoc asked as he watched the two women trying to stop giggling.

"Being around each other." Ann replied.

"And lot's of sugary ice cream and pop." Mary added.

"Okay, another question, don't only women wear skirts?" he asked indicating his current outfit.

"It's a kilt." Ann and Mary both replied in unison with Scottish accents.

Mary grinned, "Leave that on a minute, I think I saw something in the back of the store that will go perfectly with it." she said before taking off for the back of the store where the older costumes were.

A few minutes later Mary came back and handed Zoc a blue coat with red collar and cuffs, "Put that on." she told him.

Once he had, she had him put on a pair of duck feet with red spats on them, then put a black top hat on him, handed him a cane and stuck a duck's beak with spectacles on it on him.

"It's perfect." Ann said.

"What on earth is it supposed to be?" Zoc asked looking confusedly into a mirror.

"Should we introduce him to our old cartoons we grew up watching?" Mary asked.

"Oh absolutely." Ann agreed.

"How about a double date, cartoonathon party, at your new house?" Mary asked, "John and I can come over and help you get stuff moved in for a couple hours and then we can make the guys sit and watch cartoons with us."

"That sounds wonderfully fun." Ann said.

"Perfect, I'll bring the popcorn and candy." Mary said.

"And I'll get the pop and ice cream." Ann said.

"Sounds great to me, but not too much for you, you shouldn't be over doing the junk food in your condition." Mary told her.

"Alright." Ann reluctantly agreed.

"Can I change out of this yet?" Zoc asked.

"Wait a minute." Mary said taking a picture of him, "Okay now you can go change." she said before going back to discussing party plans with Ann.

As they left the store with Mary on one side of Zoc and Ann holding his arm on the other side, Mary began to sing, "Life is like a hurricane,"

"Here in Duckburg." Ann joined in.

"Race cars, lasers, airplanes,
It's a duck-blur,
Might solve a mystery,
Or rewrite history
DuckTales oooh ooooh." they sang as they walked through the mall, not seeming to notice or care about the occasional odd looks they got from the other shoppers.

By the time they reached the large department store they had to pass through to get to where they had parked Zoc had heard the theme songs to Ducktales, Gummi Bears, Tailspin, Rescue Rangers and they had just finished off Darkwing Duck and were gearing up for another round.

As they passed through the women's department Zoc suddenly stopped, "What is it, why did you stop?" Ann asked turning to look at him and catching just a glimpse of what looked like an absolutely devious grin before it was replaced by a perfectly innocent look.

"Well we've gotten all those clothes for me, maybe we should get you something." Zoc suggested.

"I make most of my own clothes, anyways I don't need any clothes." Ann replied.

"Are you sure? I think you would look great in this." he said grabbing what could have been a night gown off of a nearby rack and holding it up, then again it could have also been a piece of pretty much see through black lace with a very low V neckline and a couple straps added to hold it up.

"Zoc!" Ann exclaimed blushing as she walked over to him and pulled his hand down, while Mary stood back to watch while snickering and trying not to break out into a full blown laughing fit.

"Okay, you're right, great isn't the right word, you'd look like the sexiest woman on earth in it." Zoc said making her blush even more before he wrapped an arm around her, pulling her body against his and kissing her,

"You're doing this as revenge for us making you dress up in all those costumes aren't you?" she asked when they stopped a few seconds later.

"Partially, if you two hadn't insisted on making me try on some of those ridiculous costumes I probably wouldn't have had the nerve to ask you, and certainly not so openly, but everything I said was true." Zoc replied.

"You really think I'd look good in it?" Ann asked.

"Absolutely." Zoc replied.

"Fine." Ann replied taking the gown from him, checking the size then trading it for one of the right size and heading to the check out as quickly as she could without running.

When Ann got back to where Zoc was waiting she handed him the bag, "There, now can we go?" she asked as she glanced around and could have sworn the dozen or so other people in the store were all grinning and glancing in their direction.

"Of course." Zoc replied grinning at her.

"I guess next time we go on an embarrass Zoc by making him dress up in crazy outfits trip, we should avoid leaving through the lingerie department." Mary said laughing.

"Yeah, very funny, you're not the one who got embarrassed." Ann replied which only resulted in Mary laughing harder as they left the building.

"Don't worry, she picked the worst of those costumes, she'll get what's coming to her, I just can't turn her into a toad out here in public." Zoc said.

Mary stopped laughing instantly, "You wouldn't really do that would you?" she asked, when his only response was an evil smile, she looked to Ann, "He wouldn't do that right?" she asked.

Ann hesitated for a long moment then replied, "That depends, are you going to keep laughing at me?" she asked.

"No, no I promise I won't, now would he really do that to me?" she asked again.

"As far as I know he can't turn people into toads." Ann replied.

"You're no fun, you could have at least let her worry for a few hours or days before you told her I couldn't do it." Zoc said.

"I know, but she is my best friend and she is going to be making sure the baby and I stay as healthy and strong as possible." she told him.

"Oh alright, I suppose I can be nice to her then." Zoc replied as they got into the car and left.

Twenty minutes later they pulled into a small store that sold Native American items and went inside.

Ann stepped inside and took a deep breath of the sage and naturally tanned leather scented air.

"Ann, what can I get for you today, the usual?" an elderly Native American man asked as he walked over to give her a welcoming hug.

"Of course, and a few other things." Ann told him, "Guys this is Little Eagle, he's been a good friend to my family since we went to our first powwow when I was fifteen. And this is Mary, my best friend, it's been a few years since I've brought her with me."

"Ah yes, she was just getting ready to head off to college last time she was in here, right?" Little Eagle asked.

"Yes, I just graduated and moved back to the area." Mary told him.

"Well congratulations." Little Eagle told her then looked at Zoc, "Now who is this fine young man? Did you finally find yourself a boyfriend?" he asked.

"This is Zoc, and he's not my boyfriend, he's my husband." Ann told him.

"You'd better take good care of her." Little Eagle told Zoc staring him right in the eye for a moment.

"I fully intend to, she means more to me than anything else." Zoc replied.

"Good." Little Eagle replied before turning back to Ann, "I can't believe you got married and didn't let me know" he said a hint of disappointment in his voice.

"It," Ann hesitated a moment not sure what to say to avoid hurting his feelings, had it been a normal wedding he would have been one of the first people invited, probably the one she would have asked to walk her down the aisle before she met Elnora, "It was- complicated." she finally said, part of her just wanting to tell him the truth and believed with all her heart that he could be trusted.

"I take it that means you know he isn't human then?" Little Eagle asked earning wide eyes and shocked gasps from all three of them.

"Why on earth would you think that he wasn't human?" Ann asked.

"I can sense it, he isn't human and he isn't an animal, he's something in between." Little Eagle replied, "Now what is it you needed?" he asked.

Ann smiled, grateful that he had dropped the subject of Zoc not being human, "I want to get Zoc proper clothes to go with his good looks." Ann replied. "Oh and do you still have those DVD's to teach yourself powwow dances? I want to have him dancing like a pro before the local powwow."

"Yes, I still have the DVD's. Now do you want clothes for out in public or just for sitting around at home for you to look at." Little Eagle asked.

"Both." Ann replied.

Half an hour later Zoc was wearing a soft, fringed, leather jacket, moccasins and had a loincloth to wear around the house.

"You sure that's all you'll be needing then?" Little Eagle asked as he handed Ann a bag of sage leaves and she paid for everything.

"Yes, thank you for the help." Ann replied.

"You're welcome. One more thing though." he said turning and pulling two cradleboards from where they had been on display on the wall, "Consider them a late wedding present." he told her.

"But, how-" Ann started.

"You think I'd be able to tell your husband's not human and not be able to tell when a woman is carrying another life inside of her?" he asked.

"I guess not, but why two?" Ann asked.

"One for each of you, you'll need them, not to mention if you each have your own, Zoc won't have to worry about you coming home and complaining because he misplaced your's. My wife made fun of me right up until the day before she died that I had managed to lose something as big as a cradleboard and it took me two days to find it." Little Eagle explained.

"Thank you, thank you so much." Ann said giving him a hug before they left.

"Okay was anyone else just a bit creeped out about him knowing that Zoc wasn't human?" Mary asked once they were in the car.

"It was odd." Zoc said.

"I think it's just a Native American thing, he's old and his parents spent a lot of his childhood with a small band of Native Americans that followed the old ways, living off the land, refusing to go onto reservations and hiding in the forests for a long time. As long as I've known him he's always been able to sense things. I think it's because he's more in tune with nature and stuff and can sense subtle differences that most people can't." Ann explained as they headed home.

After Ann dropped Mary off at home she and Zoc headed home.

"So how much longer do you think we have until the potion wears off?" Ann asked.

"Probably another hour and a half." Zoc told her.

"Good, plenty of time for you to try this on." she said handing him the loin cloth.

"Do I have to? Couldn't we just get all these cloth off of me and leave me like that until the potion wears off?" Zoc asked.

"Nope, I want to see how it looks on you." Ann replied.

"Alright." Zoc relented.

"Good, now why don't I help you with getting those clothes off." Ann said as she walked up to him and kissed him while she ran her hands up his chest then started to unbutton his shirt.

A few minutes later he stood before her, wearing nothing but the loin cloth, "You look very nice and so very sexy." Ann told him before stepping up to him and running her hands over his bare arms to his shoulders, "This is perfect for you to wear around the house." she said.

"I thought you said I wouldn't have much need for clothes around the house." Zoc said.

"Well true, but if we don't spend the entire time the potion lasts making love it would be safer for you to keep some important things covered up and more well protected." Ann replied running her hands down his chest, "And there are certain advantages to a loincloth."

"Like what?" Zoc asked his one hand subtly making its way to the hook on the waist band of Ann's skirt to unhook it.

Ann slid her hands to Zoc's hips and then along the waist band of the loincloth until she found the tie, "Well, it's leather so it'll protect you better than most cloth clothing and its faster to get off than regular pants." she told him as she pulled the tie loose and the loincloth dropped to the ground.

"Hmm, you're right, it would definitely be better than regular clothes." Zoc agreed before kissing her, a long, passionate kiss.