AUTHORS NOTE: This story is based of off a bunch of Creepypastas and I thought it would be cool if some one did a story with them and combine it with the Sonic universe.

All Creepypastas (if they are real) belong to there rightful owners and the Sonic franchise and all respected characters belong to SEGA.

-Sonic Creepypasta-

Chapter 1: Suicidal Sonic

It was a normal day for worldwide hero Sonic the Hedgehog as he was sitting in his living room watching TV. The nineteen year old hedgehog was about to head to his best friend Tails' house to hangout and fix up the Tornado 2.

All of the sudden, Sonics cell phone started ringing; Sonic went to go pick it up. One he got it, he saw the caller ID, and it was Tails who was calling him. Not wanting to have him answer his voice mail, Sonic went to pick it up and then answered it.

"Hello" said Sonic

"Sonic," said Tails over the phone "I think am in trouble."

"Trouble?" said Sonic jokingly "What do you mean you're in trouble. Did you buy drugs?"

This time Tails was crying. "No, I saw a video and now something is fallowing me."

Sonic then knew what was going on. "Hold on buddy, I'm coming to help you!"

As Sonic hung up, Tails shouted "Hurry Sonic!"

Later at Tails' Workshop/House

As Sonic reached his house, he rang the door bell, but Tails didn't answer. Not wanting to wait. Sonic broke open the door and went inside. What he saw was horrific; he saw blood everywhere, scratches on the walls, and messages that he felt were disturbing and cryptic. He then heard a murmured cry coming form Tails' room. Sonic rushed to his friend's room to see if he was ok.

(Note: The rest of this scene will contain descriptions of blood and gore to disturbing for young readers. I advice you skip this part if your are 12 or younger)

Tails' Room

Sonic open the door and saw a horrific scene.

He found Tails dead on the floor with his stomach cut open, guts thrown out, and his blood everywhere and on the walls, floor, and ceiling. Sonic got down on his nieces and started crying at the loss of his friend. He looked up and saw a final message on the ceiling. Sonic couldn't make it out because it was in Russian. He knew little of the language, but all he could make out were the words "sights" and "more".

Six Months Later….

At Tails' funeral, everyone he knew was grieving over his death, but the worst was from Sonic. He heart was destroyed by Tails' death. It would follow him through out his life.

A Week Later….

A week after the funeral, Sonic and his friends were discussing theories about how Tails died, many were passed around but the number one theory was that Dr. Eggman killed Tails. Everyone agreed with this theory, but there were two things that destroyed it.

One was that Eggman didn't know how to speak Russian and two was that Sonic later found a video tape the day Tails died.

It was labeled "Suicide Mouse.a v i"

This video made the tips of Sonics quills go up. Sonic decided to watch it that night to see what was on it. But what he would see would be the last thing he would ever see in his life.

At 8:00 PM

Sonic was alone in his house and he turned his cell phone off until he was finished with the video. He turned on the TV and VCR and placed the tape in it and pressed play. An image then appeared showing famous cartoon character Mickey Mouse walking down a street sadly with a piano playing badly in the background. Sonic thought that this was depressing for a Disney cartoon.

A few minutes pass and the video cuts to black. Sonic's first thought was that this was the entire video.

But then another few minutes pass and the video comes back on, but this time, Sonic could he murmuring in the background. He turned up the volume so he could hear the murmuring better. Then a high pitched scream happened that maid Sonic's house shake. Sonic then turned down the volume and looked very pale.

As the video progressed, Sonic was starting to look sick-looking and his heart was pounding as he saw that Mickey's walking was slowly being distorted and colors were flashing on the screen and Mickey's eyes fell of his face.

The video ended with a picture that is to disturbing for Sonic to describe. Its final image was the same Russian text that he saw on Tails' ceiling the day he died. Sonic turned off the VCR and took the tape out. Sonic was breathing heavily. He later found out off the internet was that this cartoon was maid back in the 30's and the first guy who saw the whole thing shot himself.

Later that night….

Sonic was in bed trying to sleep when he was awoken by a noise in his kitchen.

Sonic got out of bed and when downstairs. What he saw what just as horrific as what he saw the day Tails died. He saw even more blood everywhere and more messages on the walls. Sonic then herd a murmur of sort in his kitchen. He walked into it and saw nothing except an English version of the ending message on the video, it said….

"The sights of Hell brings its viewers back for more."

Sonic's heart pounded like crazy as something tapped his shoulder. He turned around and saw a horrific sight. The last thing Sonic ever says is this. "AGGGGGGGHHHHH!"

THE END….for now…..

Well that was chapter one of what I call "Sonic: Creepypasta" I accept positive reviews and constructive criticism. Thanks for reading and see you later…