Little Red Riding Hood

A Fandom Gives Back Novella for Javamomma 0921 and Shamatt

One of three Grimm Chicks Tales

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Rated M for dark themes, violence and sex.


She was used to the rough and tumble nature of the inn. She sat at a table by the fire, swirling the deep red liquid slowly before she took a deep pull of wine from the mug. She savored the burn as it ran down her throat, keeping the cup against her lips, scanning the rest of the bar over the edge. When she saw him walk in, her eyes rounded. He was exactly perfect, his wealth showed in his clothing and he was handsome at that.

He was tall, amazingly so, thick arms that belied strong muscles under his fitted shirt and coat. He walked purposefully to a spot at the opposite side of the dining hall. He sat at the table, forearms resting on wooden surface. As the barmaid took his order, he stood to pay her. She let her eyes run down his body, then up again, where her eyes met his. She smiled, squeezing her arms under her breast to plump them up and looking at him through batting eyelashes. As he took in the package she was presenting to him, a smirk spread across his face.

"Cocksure," she thought, but she could handle that. She felt her face flush as she thought that hopefully, his confidence was well founded. She had another cup of wine and watched, as he drained his mug, joking with the other travelers around his table.

When he was halfway through his second beer, she made her move. She stood, and after smoothing her skirts down, walked over to his table. As she moved, she met his gaze, holding it til she stood in front of him on the other side of his table.

He stood when she arrived, bowing slightly to her. "Thank you for gracing me with your beautiful presence, Miss. To what do I owe the honor?"

She gave a small curtsy and bowed her head, then looked up through her eyelashes. "My curiosity got the better of me; I wanted to meet the dashing new traveler."

He motioned to the bench in front of her. "Please then, have a seat. Join us!"

She sat, earning leery glances from the other women at the table. There was stiff competition among the ladies here. Following a drunk man to his chambers and leaving with his wallet wasn't a unique idea, and she wasn't alone in her plans. She leaned forward, elbows on the table, fingers laced together and her chin placed atop them. "So, what brings you to town stranger?"

"Just passing through Miss, one night only." He gave her a grin, his white teeth glinting in the low light of the Inn. He was staring at her lips now, his tongue darting out to swipe his own bottom lip. The gleam in his eye completed what had become the look of a hungry animal, something that would work in her favor.

"Just a little more to drink," she thought, "he is almost ready." She was running her finger across her neckline, back and forth, his eyes glazing over with drunkeness and lust.

He patted the spot next to him on his bench, "Come here pretty lass, comfort a lonely traveler."

She slipped around the table quickly. She got to the bench, sitting next to him, her back to the table since there people at either ends of the long bench. She leaned into him, being sure to give him ample view of her bosom. He looked down at her, his eyes flitting from her face to her breasts a number of times.

"Turn around." He growled. It sent a cold chill down her spine and she moved to comply instantly.

She started to pivot on the bench, so that she could face the other way. As she swung her legs over the bench, he grabbed one ankle and brought it to rest on his leg, letting her other foot make it's destination successfully. Her face burned, as he ran a finger around her ankle. He traced a line up to the start of her calf and back down, then released her. He gently led her foot to it's rightful spot on the other side of the bench. She sat, and immediately snaked her hand to his thigh. She ran her thumb in a small circle on the top of his thigh, holding her fingers steady on the inside.

She felt his sharp intake of breath, followed by a tensing of his muscles.

She turned her head to face him, her parted lips spreading into a victorious smile as she took him in. His eyes were burning, his neck tense. She moved her hand further up his thigh, now kneading the muscles under her hand rhythmically. His hips moved towards her hand, just slightly, his control impressive. She shivered as she thought through what that could mean for her.

Perfect. She stilled her hand, then patted him on the leg. "I have a chill; I'm going to move close to the fire." She walked over to the fireplace, her side leaned up against the wall, conveniently close to the stairway that led to the guest quarters. Waiting.

It had been about a minute when she felt the heat behind her, a hand on her hip, a breath in her ear.

"Do you have any idea what you're doing?" A low whisper, the heat caressing her ear.

She smiled, leaning her head back, pushing her body back into him. "I might."

She turned. His arms, braced against the stone wall had formed a cage around her. He took a step forward, pushing her up against the wall. She took him in, his brown skin, his musky scent, wild, beautiful hair. She looked up into his eyes, shining and brown. He cocked his head towards the door and commanded, "Let's go."

She pressed into him. "I thought you'd never ask."

Later, in her bed, after a very satisfying round of fucking, she lay sleeping, snuggled into his side. She woke when she felt him move. The last words to ever leave her mouth were just a whisper as she felt the hands around her throat. "Please no!"

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