Little Red Riding Hood


Chapter 4


Eyes, Ears, Teeth



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Bella woke to the wonderful aroma of a hearty breakfast, and quiet conversation between her parents. Unwilling to interrupt them for fear of the conversation ending, she pretended to continue in slumber.

Charlie was describing a series of events as put together by the leaders of several villages. "There is no rhyme or reason, completely random."

Her mothers quiet murmur was met with a gruff response. "Only one that you would know. The Mallory girl. Awful. The rest were found in similar condition, but in different towns. Taverns, fields, even by the roadside! At first all were labeled as animal attacks, until the girl in the tavern."

Renee's voice had risen, obviously due to panic, and Bella heard her clearly when she spoke this time. "Only girls? What will you do? Charlie you cannot risk yourself!"

Charlie responded, his voice stern. "What would you have me do? Hide Isabella away? Ignore what is right in front of our eyes, and let her and all of the town's daughter's risk their lives? No, Renee!" He took a deep breath, exhaling slowly. "Besides, I am not alone. The Constable, many men from around the area, Edward Cullen in fact...we have a team. Working together, we shall find this murderer, and ensure that his evil activities are brought to a stop."

Renee questioned him again, her voice trembling. "How do you plan on capturing him? Surely he has evaded notice until now..."

Charlie grunted, sounding annoyed at the query. "We have some clues put together Renee. Isabella and Lauren were the final pieces to the puzzle. In every place where a girl has been taken, a man with long black hair has been seen. He was at the tavern. Spotted on the roadside, walking, close to where that victim was found. Of course, Bella saw him, and he followed her at market. Isabella stayed on the path on her way home, Lauren did not."

Bella shivered in her bed, the reality of what her father was saying hitting her. The man had been so present, so menacing. Had she escaped his murderous grasp so easily?

She finally saw fit to rise and alert her parents to her presence, ready to ask some questions of her own. She put on a show, stretching and yawning as if she had just awakened. She padded over to the table to partake of the breakfast, feeling the burden of her parent's concerned glances.

"Good morning Father, Mother. Father, was your evening productive?"

She looked down at her fingers, then raised her nervous eyes to her father's. "Did you see Edward? I mean, Cullen, oh..."

Renee interrupted her with laughter, and her father's eyes burned with suspicion as she stammered.

"The night was informative, and yes, Edward Cullen was there. You do not need to know the details my child, but know this, you will stay inside until this menace is under control."

"Father! You cannot lock me away on the off chance a wolf might get me!"

Charlie stood abruptly, his chair falling to the ground. "You will do exactly as I say Isabella, lest you never see your Edward again!"

"Father! How could you say such a thing?"

Renee placed a calm hand on Charlie's shoulder. "Charlie, surely you would not..."

He stared both woman and child down, challenging them to go further. "I can and I will! I will not have you die in the woods, Isabella."




After a full day of boredom and resentment, Bella was happy to set about the task of preparing supper. She methodically chopped the salted pork, greens and added them to the stew they would have, then began the preparation for the bread.

She was kneading the bread when her father arrived home, stopping into the kitchen to kiss her head. "Bella I hope you have made extra, Edward Cullen looked eager to join our meal, so I did invite him. Perhaps, if you will not heed my warnings, his will give you pause."

He turned her to face him then, his hands on her shoulders. "Bella, I do not mean to be an ogre, I only want you to stay with us. I could not live with myself if I let you into the woods without telling you what I know!"

She wrapped her arms around him then, "I know father, really I do. I just... I wish I could help. It is hard to be held in the house all day, making no contribution."

He released her then, after another kiss to her head. "Soon Bella, the threat should be gone soon."

She returned to her preparations, now with Renee at her side. "You know your father loves you, and just wants to keep you safe. Do you really think Edward will have a different reaction? If I read the two if you correctly, his reaction will be stronger."

Bella shrugged. "Mother, I am just tired of being a fragile, protected little girl."

Renee smiled. "I understand."




Bella's belly was in knots waiting for Edward to arrive, when she heard the knock on the door. She ran to the door, then paused, realizing she looked like a child with a silly infatuation. She took a deep breath, then opened the door.

Before she could take in the entire vision before her, she heard him speak her name. It was barely a whisper, "Isabella." She shook her head and met his gaze. His tawny eyes met hers with a glint of amusement as she continued to stand in the doorway and gape at him.

He wore tanned hides on his body, his shoes, his leggings, the vest over his white shirt. A fur cape flowed behind him and a pelt hat topped his head. His appearance was animalistic, and it sparked a flame in her.

He chuckled, "Isabella? May I come in?"

She moved away from the entrance. "Please, please Edward,do come in! My apologies, I do not know what has come over me!"

He walked into the room, shutting the door behind him. He lifted her hand to his lips, kissing her fingers lightly. He leaned into her, his mouth so close to her ear that his lips brushed them as he spoke. "I do know what has come over you Isabella, and I feel it too."

From across the room, Charlie grunted, then cleared his throat loudly.

Edward released Bella, turning to Renee, and thanking her for her hospitality. She smiled at him warmly, taking his cape. "I hope you are hungry, Edward."

He smiled back at her. "Oh yes!" He turned to Bella then, his voice lower. "I can assure you I have quite the appetite, thank you."

Bella and her mother began to bring dishes to the table, and Charlie motioned for Edward to sit. Wide bowls were filled for the men, hunks of crusty bread adorning the rich stew. After a quick prayer they dug in. After a few bites, Edward turned to Renee, "This is very good!"

Renee motioned to Bella, "She gets all the credit for this one, Edward. She was going stir crazy in the house, and needed something to do."

Edward turned his gaze to Isabella, "You are quite the talented cook, Isabella. Is cooking something you enjoy?"

She shrugged. "I enjoy it well enough." She smiled at him shyly, "Had I known we would be entertaining a guest, I might have put forth a little more effort." She turned from him, looking at the table. "Today was just rather tedious; I am forbidden to leave the house."

His face quickly changed from an affectionate smile, to a gloomy frown. "With good reason, Isabella. It is not safe for you outdoors, there is no other rational decision. I heard all about what happened at market," his voice rising, "you must not tempt fate further!"

She sighed in exasperation. "I hardly see how working in the garden could be considered 'tempting fate', Edward."

"The fact remains, that your father, myself, and the rest of the town's men agree that women and girls shall remain in their homes. It is the only safe way." He smiled at her, she could see the concern in his eyes. "Charlie, would you consent to let me escort your daughter on a lunchtime walk tomorrow?"

She looked at her father, pleading. "Oh Father, please!"

Charlie huffed, looking around the table, at each set of eyes imploring his assent. "Fine. Bella you'll have lunch ready for us and afterward you may walk with Edward, so long as you stay out of the woods."

She ran around the table to where Charlie sat, throwing her arms around him and peppering his face with kisses. "Oh, thank you Father!"

Renee and Bella began to clear away the dishes, leaving the men to their beer and talk. Bella took every opportunity to steal glances at Edward, but he was so deep in conversation, that he did not look her way. Her curiosity grew when she saw Edward actually leaning into her father's ear, whispering.

When the drinks were done, Edward stood. "Thank you for your hospitality, once again, Charlie. I must go, there is still hunting to be done. Tomorrow then?"

Charlie stood, walking over to Edward and clapping his hand on his back. "You are always welcome here, son. Good luck with the hunt."

Walking to the door, he stopped to address Renee. "Thank you, again, for the wonderful meal. I will see you tomorrow."

Bella walked to him, mindful of Charlie's scrutiny. ":I am so glad you could come. I cannot wait for tomorrow, thank you for arranging it."

She was shaken by the intensity of his gaze. "It was my pleasure, Isabella, anything to be in your company." He took her hand and brushed his lips against her knuckles, a feather light touch. "I will be counting the minutes until I see you again."

He took his leave then, shutting the door quietly behind him and walking off into the dark.

Bella was so anxious for the next day, that she quickly prepared for bed. She hoped that she could sleep straight through until the morning sun brought the new day.

Later that evening, as she tossed and turned in her early attempt at sleep, she once again heard Charlie and Renee talking.

"Renee, sit down. I have some news that Edward heard in town."

"Charlie? What on earth is wrong?"

"It is your mother, she is quite unwell."

Bella's sleep was troubled, dreams of wolves and the deep green forest haunting her throughout the night.




A man with long black hair stood in front of her grandmother's home, peering into the windows. As he heard Bella approach, he turned, his smile wide and filled with teeth like white knives. She took another step towards the cottage, and heard a piercing scream as the man leapt through the window into her grandmother's house.

She woke with a start, her mother crouched down on her mat, looking at her with worry. "Bella, it was only a dream!"

After she roused herself from both the dream and her bed, she helped her mother to set breakfast out. The three sat together, as Charlie divulged his plans for the day.

"First we will head to the towns, each one with it's own crew, to see if we can flush him out."

Bella was nodding her head as he spoke, then could not help the questions. "Would he not be in the forest? I had thought that the village paths were the safe places."

Charlie straightened in his seat, his furrowed brow and tight lip conveying the seriousness of the matter. "It appears that he finds his girl in the town, then follows them to wherever he is going to take them. The forest is where he seems to retreat once he has his victim, or afterward. We are hoping to catch him before he marks his next victim. Do not worry though, for the girls who do not heed the warning, Edward is out hunting in the woods. His instincts are unmatched."

With that, her father was done. He stood, gave Bella a curt smile, warning, " Do not forget, it is not just I who forbid you from leaving, but your Edward." He kissed her mother goodbye and left.

The two, woman and almost-woman, worked in tandem. They cleaned up after the breakfast, started the pottage for lunch, wrapped the prior day's bread and left it by the fire to warm, and swept the floor. Bella's mother, at no time, shared the news she'd received of her own mother. Bella was left to her own creative devices regarding her grandmother.

When the two had finished the morning chores, Renee excused herself. "Bella, I am sorry, but I'll be needing to sleep for a few moments. Your dreams rattled me so, I hardly slept last night."

Bella nodded absently, the flicker of an idea forming in her head. "I am so sorry that I disturbed you Mother. Please take all the time that you need."

She watched as her mother retreated to the alcove that her bed was set in. She fussed around the home, filling time while her mother fell asleep. When she was finally asleep, and Bella acknowledged her freedom, she took stock of her options. Her mind could not help but come back to her poor grandmother, alone and sick, in her cottage on the other side of town.

She slapped her hand across her mouth as the idea came to her and she gasped out loud. She would have just enough time between now and lunchtime to quickly sneak over to Grandmother's home, bringing her teas and poultices to help her heal. Pleased with herself, she began flitting around the home, gathering the items that would be most beneficial to her grandmother, and placing them in her basket.

Having gathered a variety of healing teas, poultices, some wine, and some of the pottage they had prepared, she readied herself to leave. She fastened her hooded cloak around herself, steeling her nerves and preparing for the quick walk as best she could.

After only a short time on the path around the forest, to the other side of the village, she spied a small path into the woods. Nervous to be breaking the rules set forth to her, she calculated the time she would be gone if she took the village path. She peered into the woods, where the small path led, and decided that it did not look so awful. She would save so much time using the path through the woods, instead of going around them, that no one would ever know that she had left her home at all. She looked again, into the deepest part of the forest, and saw that even in the deep realms of the woods, sunlight dappled the leaves of the plants on the ground.

She felt safe.




She walked at a leisurely pace, enjoying the shaded lush green atmosphere of the woods. Trees surrounded her on all sides, and above head. Pieces of sunlight shone through, bouncing off of the shiny leaves of the plants that covered the ground. It was a magical atmosphere.

She followed the path, deeper and deeper into the forest, until it took all of her focus to remain upon it. It was so narrow, and now, even in the midst of day, it was so dark, that it was hard to see. Frightened, but determined, she carried on.

When the path finally took a turn toward her grandmother's home, a small sense of relief floated into her body. Her walk turned into a skip, her confused scowl turned into a hopeful smile. The closer she drew to her grandmother's house, the lighter she felt.

Until she heard footsteps. Timed almost perfectly with hers, footsteps sounded; the crush of the leaves and loam underfoot sounding just seconds after and past hers. Almost perfect timing.

She spun, her heart pounding; the beats could be felt in her head and her fingertips. Her eyes narrowed, as she tried to focus on whatever the threat was that she felt. She could only think of one who was to be in these woods, who would follow her so. She could still see nothing, but rolled her eyes, showing her lack of patience for the line of questioning that she knew was coming.

When she turned and spied the person who had followed her, it was not who she had expected. Olive skin, long black hair, dark eyes, this was not her hunter.

He approached her stealthily, like a predator nearing it's skittish prey. His beaming smile seemed friendly, incongruous to his movements. "We meet again. You should not be out in the forest alone, little girl. May I ask where you are headed?" His slow footsteps crushing twigs as he moved. "Perhaps you would allow me to escort you to your destination."

Bella backed away from him as he talked, until her back hit the trunk of a tree, halting her escape. "I do not think that is prudent or necessary, thank you."

"Surely your father would understand that I only want to deliver you safely to... where did you say you were traveling to?"

She shook her head. "I...I did not say." She looked him in the eye, trying to convey a lack of fear. "I am going to my Grandmother's house, just a short way from here. I know the way, and your offer to deliver me is not needed. Besides, Edward..."

He threw his head back in laughter. "Yes, of course, Edward!" He leaned towards her, his face only inches from hers. "Still, where is your hunter now, my sweet little thing? I cannot help but wonder why he would allow you out here, by yourself, with who knows what kind of creatures lurking about?"

He began to walk backwards, his smile broad, almost too wide for his face. "Go, child, scurry off to your Grandmother's house." He winked at her, his jaw jutting out almost as if he was proud.
"Remember, do not dally, do not stray off the path. You never know who, or what, might be lurking in the shadows."

He turned and ran. She felt dizzy with relief as she watched, then heard, him move farther and farther away, the deep sound of his laughter trailing behind him.

Walking determinedly, she got back on the path, heading to her Grandmother's house slowly, but with sure feet. The farther she walked on the path, the wider and more luminous it became. Eventually she came to a glade where some flowers grew. She decided to pick a bouquet for her dear Grandmother.

She plucked the blooms one by one, putting together a small posy from what she had found. She pulled a ribbon from her hair and tied the stems together, making the flowers sit in a tightly arranged bundle. Hopefully the small gesture would brighten her beloved Grandmother's day.

When the path through the woods finally opened up into the clearing where her Grandmother's house was, Bella felt a wave of relief ripple through her body. She began to skip towards the abode, but stopped cold when she saw movement.

The man was back, having crept around the corner of the home, before rising to his full height before her.

She watched as he gave her a smirk and a brief wave. She shook her head, such a small movement, as she watched the man turn into something other.

He convulsed and shook for a minute, probably less, as he changed before her eyes. The man she had barely come to know, had, in front of her eyes, turned into a wolf. Not just any wolf, of course, but the wolf she had seen by the forest on her walk with Edward.

He snapped his drooling jaws at her, then leapt through the window, into her Grandmother's house.




Bella shoved open the door, and ran through the doorway of her Grandmother's house. She flung her basket to the ground, and quickly made her way to the bedroom.

There, on the bed, lie only bloody remains, pieces of torn flesh, the ripped remains of a bonnet in ruins on the floor. Blood was splattered about the room, dripping down the walls, covering the floor, even the ceiling. Bella gulped in breaths as she spun around, taking in the scene before her, and sobbing.

Suddenly, she felt moist heat on her neck, the door shutting with a click. The man taunted her, the smell of blood still coating his breath. "What inferior eyes you have, my delicious little morsel, and such useless ears. Your hunter left you alone, defenseless, when he could have smelled me coming from a mile away."

He walked around her slowly, towering over her, a hot fingertip tracing along her collarbone as he rounded her front. "Will he come for you?" He whispered in her ear. "You are his pet, no? Or will he leave you, an inferior human, to be a delightful distraction for one such as myself?"

He stood directly in front of her, his finger under her chin, his mouth hovering over hers. "What do you know about your Edward, my sweet? I wonder just how much he's told you?" He was behind her again, snapping his teeth by her ear. "I wonder, would you prefer my hot touch to his cold, hard embrace?"

As she thought back on her touches with Edward, she couldn't help but acknowledge that somehow she had known. Surely, since she had seen him enter her home, unharmed and completely collected, after his confrontation with this man-wolf.

He came in front of her once again, his smile predatory, his eyes traveling her skin, and she knew it did not matter. He placed his hand at the side of her neck, an eerily affectionate gesture.

With all of her strength, she pounded and pushed at him to force him away from her. The crushing pain in her hands only served to enrage her more. She screamed in fury as he picked her up and threw her on the bloody bed. He pounced on top of her, pinning her in place as she shrieked in terror.

She lay on the bed, deciding that fighting against him was useless, that staying still and silent might buy her time. She turned her head with a sneer, as he brought his face level to hers. She clenched her jaw, so as not to curse him, as he ran his burning lips across her jaw and down her throat.

She kept her body slack while he ground himself into her center, forcing her body to not buck against him in protest, or use her knees to make him desist. This worked as planned; he took this as acquiescence.

He knelt between her splayed legs, hovering over her, propped by an elbow on the mattress beside her. He sucked at her skin just above her cleavage, running a sharp-nailed finger across the edge of her bodice. Her breaths came out as quick pants, spurred on by fear, but he seemed to take it as indication of her arousal.

He rose to kneel above her, and placed the fingers of both hands at the center of her bodice. He pulled, and without resistance, the fabric split, revealing her breasts to him. He smiled, his white teeth gleaming wickedly. "Yes, now this shall make a fabulous meal."

Isabella stared in horror. His mouth descended upon her, his tongue rasping it's way up the underside of her breast. She closed her eyes, and began reciting prayers in her head, as she anticipated her death.

In the next instant, she felt a cool push of air against her and opened her eyes.

Edward stood over the rutting animal on top of her, his eyes black and narrowed. His glare flicked from Bella's exposed breasts to her assailant's back. In a second, the man-wolf was lifted off of her, flying across the room and hitting the wall. He bounced off, lunging towards Edward. His figure vibrated and quaked, changing, before their eyes, into the wolf they had come to know.

Landing atop Edward, he ripped a piece of hardened flesh from his ribs and flung it towards Bella with a growl. She watched in horror as the remnant of Edward's body flew her way, holding a blanket up before her face to shield herself. It landed with a solid thud on the mattress next to her, and she scrambled to the opposite edge of the bed to escape the disgusting chunk taken from her beloved.

She glanced up to see how he fared, only to see him ripping tufts of fur, and then, bleeding flesh, from the wolves body. Edward seemed in a frenzy, the blood issued forth from the gnashing of his teeth into it's neck, and the slicing of his nails through the wolf's belly, seemed only to spur him on.

Bella began then to back away from her Edward, seeing this side of him was unexpected, and frightening. It was an overall heady experience, the terror combined with pride for him, and affection. He had, after all, saved her virtue, her life.

When she saw the wolf's intestines coiled upon the floor, having landing with a wet smack, she could stand no more. "Edward!" She dare not stand, not even move. "Edward! It is done! We are safe. Stop yourself."

He looked up to her from his position, crouched over the disemboweled now-man in front of him. She saw the exact moment at which he realized what he had done, what he was doing now, and the effect it was having on Bella.

His eyes softened as he rose. He ran the hided sleeves of his shirt across his mouth, smearing the blood on both his face and sleeves. She watched as he seemed to crumple inwards. His shoulders rounded, his head hung down. He raised his eyes to her for only a moment, and with no sound issued, mouthed "I am so very sorry. I never wanted you to see this part of me."

She rushed toward him, gathering her skirts in her hands to wipe the blood from his skin. "Do not ever say that Edward! You have saved my life this day, and I will not hear apologies for it!"

He pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her and kissing the top of her head. "How will you, your father, forgive that I am a monster?"

He fussed at her shirt front, trying to cover her up to no avail, choosing to turn his back to her.

She would have none of this! She pulled up to his back, her naked breasts resting against his back. She wrapped her arms around him, her hands skimming from his chest to his abdomen as she spoke. "Human or inhuman, Edward, you are my hero, my savior. You have been my intended, my beloved. Nothing has changed, if ever, I know more now, than ever, that this is what was meant for us, to be together."

She believed every word. How could her father argue now, that Edward was not the perfect man to take his place as protector, guide and companion.

She tore some fabric from her underskirt, and began to wipe the blood away from Edward's face. When her eyes danced nervously around the room, landing on the missing piece of Edward's torso, he sighed with a shudder.

He sat on the floor, scooping it up and holding it to himself. "If you will just tie a strip around me, wrap it a time or two, it will heal."

Bella looked at him wide eyed, amazed, but not scared. "Just like that?"

He smiled at her then, looking relieved. "Yes Isabella, just like that."

After the week taken to mourn and bury her grandmother, it was deemed time, by both Bella and Edward, to approach Charlie, approach her father.

After they spoke to her father, the answer was clear. He could not, would not, argue. So happy was he, to have his daughter alive and well, that he assented to a marriage in the quickest of manners. The newly formed family celebrated over supper, a wonderful meal that ended with Charlie's consent for a walk by the woods.




Bella stood before her mother, tolerating the last minute fussing over her hair and clothing. "Now Isabella, hold still!"

Bella blew out a heavy breath as her mother arranged and rearranged the wildflower garland that adorned her head. "Mother, I promise, a single flower out of place will have no effect on my wedding."

Just then, miraculously, her father walked in and announced that Minister Benjamin and Edward were ready. "We do not want to keep the minister waiting, Renee. Heaven knows he has already put up with enough, trudging out to the middle of the forest for these two."

The ceremony was limited to the couple, Bella's parents, and the minister. It was everything Bella had ever dreamed of, her beloved holding her gaze as he spoke softly, promises of love and forever. After she spoke the same, they shared a chaste kiss before the witnesses and God.

When it was over, hands were shaken and the new family members embraced. Charlie gave his daughter a kiss on the cheek, his eyes glistening as he looked at Edward. "Take care of her, son."

Edward beamed as he spoke. "I surely will."

After her parents and the minister had left, Edward turned to her, his eyes sparkling, a joyful grin on his face. He placed his hands on either side of her face, and kissed her gently. "Oh Isabella, you have made me the happiest man on earth today."

She smiled at him, readying herself to kiss him more passionately now that they were wed. She lifted her hand to his face, only to find herself swept up in his arms, completely disoriented, as he ran through the forest to his home. Their home.





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The Nightengale Journals by Kimpy0464 No lie, the banter here is epic. Freeballin' Docward is delicious. Laugh out loud funny with good heart. "Night nurse Bella Swan blogs about her experiences via "The Nightingale Journals." When Dr. Edward Cullen is named the PICU's newest Fellow, their attraction is undeniable, but they are trying to remain professional. Epic banter and UST result."

Room 15 by ColdPlayWhore Fantastic. Snarky, funny and smart. Love CPW for all of her work. "What happens with competitive, determined know it all Bella meets arrogant, egotistical and self centered Edward while in competition for a prestigious medical internship? The shit hits the fan! "

Blame it on Rio by DoUTrustMe So freaking funny. Seriously. I run when this updates. "Bella wakes up to find a penis inside her vagina. Imagine her surprise when she finds out to whom it's attached. Rated M for language and lemons. .B&E."

Evermore Experience by deJean Smith She's genius just for the idea, the little world she creates. So unique, so good. "Bella Swan receives an invitation to the exclusive Evermore Experience, an in-depth immersion summer program where she plans to fully explore 19th century England, but fate has other plans for her once she arrives. A mostly AU story."

Click and Strum by Bratty-Vamp I can't not click on the updates. Typical addictive Bratty-Vamp, fast updates, perfect UST as always. "Isabella was anxious to start a new life, in a new location. And she was eager to put a few more question marks in her rigid day-planner. But the guy down the hall might have presented a larger deviation from her organized life than she bargained for."

1929 by Deb24601 I'm amazed that this story hasn't had more buzz. It's a rich story, well woven and suspenseful at times, with a wonderful love story in between. Not my usual fare in many ways, but I'm so glad I tried it. "In 1918, Edward survives the Spanish Flu only to find his family forever altered. Set in Prohibition era Chicago Edward struggles to find meaning in life. 'Dream Girl' gives him hope and he waits for her. But is love worth the risk? M for possibilities... "

My Viking by SheViking I dare you to read this and not get addicted. Period piece that people who don't read historical pieces are addicted to. Hotness in the Viking world. "Bella is captured by Vikings and brought with them to their home country where her new fate awaits. Can she ever find happiness being a slave? Will it make a difference that she is given to Edward to be his bed thrall? Rated M for old time lemons."

And of course we all read The Plan by QuantumFizzx, right? RIGHT?