I just watched the Marianas Trench music video and I have to say… it's the creepiest, most disturbing video known to man. So here's a dark, disturbing oneshot. The way to get to the vid will be at the bottom.

She was flying, running through the forest, her feet barely making contact with the dirt. It was pitch black and disorienting. Trying to find him.

She leaped, jumping through the hollow in the root of the tree, tumbling, falling, being sucked into hell. She landed on her stomach, and staggered up, looking down the corridor she seemed to be in, the wooden wall in front of her pulsing, and slits of red light with zippers on them. Cautiously, she opened one zipper, and a skeletal arm and hand shot out, grabbing and reaching for her.

She shrieked, terrified, and took off again, racing down the corridor as the red slits burst open, skeleton arms reaching out, grabbing at her hair, her arms, her dress and face as she ran past. She skidded to a stop as the wall became shining and jeweled, glowing with a dark internal light and more slits on the other wall unzipped and skulls thrust out into the corridor, jaws snapping.

Panting in terror, she slid to a stop as the wall came to an end, and a cold barren landscape of small hills stretched before her in the darkness. Two figures cloaked in funeral blacks and veils with a baby carriage waved to her and she started towards them. They pushed the carriage over to her and she peered inside, leaping back as a skeleton snapped out at her, skull weaving closer and closer, snapping at her face and ripping fabric off her dress.

She flailed and slammed her hands into the carriage, sending it flying back to the skeletons in the black clothes, and they pushed it right back, skidding and swirling, the skeletal horror inside rearing up and snapping at her as it skidded past. She took off running towards a light that had appeared, feet flying, as a green-skinned witch descended on her, hair and dress flying. She skidded to a halt again as the witch's head turned around and revealed a skull with glowing brown eyes that popped out, weaving towards her, connected only by a nerve.

Her shriek came through closed lips as the eyes tried to worm into her mouth, and she shoved past the witch, horrified, and fell down a tunnel of mirrors, her scream sliding away behind her like an undulating snake as she flipped head over heels and landed in a dark room. The checkered floor beneath her feet was cold, and two small gold lights appeared in the darkness ten feet in front of her.

The realization dawned on her and she dashed across the room, leaping into his arms, feeling safe at last as he enveloped her in a warm hug and spun her around. Across the infinite room, a troop of skeletons waited, jaws yawning and cracking as they came forward and separated the lovers, dragging them apart, the girl's shrieks and cries echoing. They reached out for each other, and their fingertips grazed, but the skeletons wrenched them away from each other, carrying them off on their hard shoulders.

The witch swooped down on them, eyes twisting out of her skeletal skull at the two living people, then she disappeared as the skeletons slid the girl down into a pit, and the man down into another pit. The skeletons' joints snapped and cracked as they piled dirt over them, suffocating them.

The girl's hand twisted up out of her grave, straining towards the outstretched hand of her lover, and they met as the skeletons collapsed over their graves. Joined in death.

Disturbing. An edited fanfic version of the very scary Marianas Trench music video. After you watch the video, come back, review, and tell me on a scale of one to ten how disturbed you are. My rating? On a scale of one to ten . . . fifteen.

http:/ www. youtube .com/watch? v=Ny9Y0IpwpPE &feature=channel