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How the episode "Safety First" could have actually brought Jimmy and Cindy together sooner:

After the parents were rescued from the Yolkians there was a massive party thrown at the Retroville park. Everyone came out of the wood work to be together. The music was blaring and everyone was dancing, playing games, or enjoying the food. Jimmy was surprised when Cindy approached him and asked if she could speak to him in privacy.

"I wanted to thank you personally for saving my parents. It wouldn't have been possible without you."

"Geez, thanks Cindy." Jimmy felt his face get really warm and he couldn't help but smile. He hoped his face didn't look as red in the dim light as he felt it did.

"I still consider you my enemy and have no intention of being any nicer to you but I feel I should repay the favor. If you ever really need my help I promise I'll be there for you. Oh and one last thing if you ever tell anyone what I just told you Ill make you look like this. She turned and faced the building they had been standing by and threw a punch right into the cinder block. With one last proud look she walked back toward the party. Jimmy did a double take at the wall. The cinder block she had struck had a hole in it the size of her fist. He couldn't help but stare at her as she walked away from him. His mouth hung open in utter surprise. Note to self: avoid ever getting in a physical fight with her.

Six months later:

Jimmy slowly entered the classroom with his head down. Carl smiled and said "Hey Jim you ok? You look kind of down."

Cindy turned around at hearing Carl mention Jimmy. She was prepared to mock him for being late but stopped suddenly when she saw the look on his face. Her heart dropped and she felt kind of sick in her stomach. She could tell something was wrong. Why do I care what is bothering him? I should be happy to see that smug look has been removed from his face.

He had slipped into his seat without his usual pompous and confident remarks to her about his latest invention or his homework assignment.

She whispered to him "Jimmy, are you Ok? Please look at me"

He kept his head down was trying to hide that he was sniffling. She caught the glimpse of dried blood in his nose and her concern grew even worse. "Uh I I'm fine Cindy." Just kind of had a rough morning"

There is no way I'm going to admit that I've been getting beat up by that older kid Terry, Cindy will never let me live it down. I can only imagine the taunts she'll cast my way. Her face flashed in his mind and he could see her laughing at him and it only made him more upset.

"Jimmy, I know we don't always get along but if you need someone to talk to I'm here for you. I promise I won't make fun of you for whatever it is" He turned to look at her suddenly. The shock was clear in his blood shot eyes. "Cindy, why are you being so nice to me?" She let out a sigh and said "I don't know. You just look really sad and I feel bad. If anything is supposed to wipe that smug look off your face it should be me". He grinned before he could stop himself. If anyone had been watching they would have noticed the grin was mutual. "Maybe we can talk about it after school Cindy. Would you want to meet me at some point this afternoon?" I can't believe I'm actually doing this they both mutually thought. "Sure, I'm going to the Candy Bar with Libby after school but I could meet you around 4:30 if you want." He said, "That works for me. Want to meet at the Lab?" She smiled "See you than".

After school:

Cindy had to head back to her locker to grab her math book. She told Libby Ill catch up with you at the Candy Bar shortly. She retrieved her book and was heading outside when she heard a commotion on the side of the building. Her natural curiosity led her to investigate. She stopped suddenly and the shock raced up her spine. That enormous freak of nature from the 4th grade was tormenting Jimmy. She felt the anger rush through her and felt really protective of her rival. His sad look in class was overwhelming and she felt such sympathy for him that she sprang into action. So that's what's been bothering him. I don't know what's come over me but I have to do something.

Terry had been using Jimmy's stomach to practice the bongos on. A voice cut through the pain and Jimmy was surprised to hear someone had yelled out their names. Terry stood up and turned to face who ever had spoken.

Cindy, "Mind telling me what you're doing to my friend?" It was Cindy! Did she call him her friend? She couldn't have. But it looks like she is trying to stick up for me. But what if Terry hurts her?

"I normally don't beat up girls but if you want some of what Neutron is getting I'd be more than happy to smack you around as well."

He started approaching her menacingly. Jimmy was still trying to regain his breath from having the wind knocked out of him. He managed to croak out "Cindy run!"

But, instead she settled into one of her martial art stances and the fire was clear in her eyes. Her voice was a snarl and the steel was clear in her words "I swear to you that you will never lay a hand on him or any other kid in this school again. You are nothing but a bully that likes to terrorize the ones that are weaker than you are. Come any closer and I'll show you the meaning of terror" Jimmy stared in shock. Did she really say that?

Terry paused for a moment as if he wasn't sure what to do. No one had ever stood up to him before. But his pause was only momentary. He lunged forward with his arms out stretched to grab her. He moved faster than she anticipated and managed to grab her by her shirt with both hands. She slammed her fists down on to his arms than chopped him in the face with her left hand. He lost his grip on her and she leapt backward gaining some distance from her attacker. He threw a punch but she ducked under it and threw a punch of her own into his gut. He hunched over in pain and Cindy didn't hesitate she kneed him square in the face. He fell to the ground with a thud. But it wasn't over. He got back to his feet and the threats of what he was going to do to her flowed freely from his mouth.

Cindy leapt in the air and hit him with a round house kick. She landed with her back facing Terry. He staggered only a moment but lunged with the intent to hit her from behind. Jimmy screamed "Look out!" Cindy leapt straight up and flipped over backwards as Terry harmlessly passed under her. She landed silently and when Terry turned to face her she threw everything she had into a kick that connected with his groin. Terry dropped to his knees and screamed as the pain shot through him. Cindy stood in front of him with a smug look on her face.

"That's for Jimmy! And, this is for making me late for the Candy Bar!" She then slammed her left fist into the side of his face with enough force that it left Terry out cold in the dust. Jimmy swore it sounded like a fire cracker going off.

Cindy approached Jimmy who was still sitting on the ground. The surprise was evident in his features. She held her hand out to him and as she helped him to his feet he simply stared at her. I can't believe she did that for me. She is just so amazing sometimes. I thought she was an annoying brat but she is really smart, strong, athletic, artistic and protective apparently I just hope I never have to fight her like that.

"You ok Jimmy?"

"I am now, thanks to you. Sorry you're late for going to the Candy Bar. Why did you stand up for me?"

"Honestly? You really want to know?" Does she sound nervous?

"Yes Cindy, please tell me" his expression was open and honest so she decided to continue.

"I care about you." The disbelief showed in his eyes. "I mean it Jimmy. I know we fight all the time but I actually look forward to it. I love debating with you. Before you came along school was pretty boring. You're the only one that ever has anything intelligent to say. I feel that you're the only one who could keep up with me and to be frank I like trying to compete with you. You give me the motivation to excel. I hate to say it but you're my inspiration."

He beamed at her "To be honest I was thinking the same things about you." He swallowed hard and ignored the butterflies in his stomach. He stepped toward her and hugged her tightly. It wasn't too surprising after what she had just said that she hugged him back."

"I know you're late and all so did you want a lift in my hover car?"

"Yeah that would be great Jimmy.

In the hover car:

"I'm guessing that Terry was the problem that we were going to talk about later wasn't it?"

"Yeah it was Cindy, well look at the bright side; you don't have to worry about meeting with me later."

"Hum, Oh yeah that's right" He noticed she frowned slightly.

I actually feel disappointed? No! Err Yes. Ok I admit I kind of still was looking forward to seeing her later. I hate my feelings sometimes. Not that I have feelings for Cindy or anything. But I can't lie to myself can I?

"Cindy, I know we don't have to meet up later anymore but would you still kind of want to come by and maybe watch a movie?"

Did he just ask me out? Why is my heart racing? What do I say? What should I do? Answer him you idiot!

"Alright I'll see you at the lab at 5 than. She walked away from him hoping he didn't see the large goofy grin that had formed on her face"

He watched her walking away and could barely contain the giddy excitement he felt inside him. He sped off to prepare the lab for when she arrived.

The End

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