Two days later:

"We should change that bandage before we go out honey."

"Yeah I know. You're right as usual." She gave him a smug grin and sat in a chair as he removed the old bandage and tossed into the waste basket. He stared at her arm and raised it higher to peer under it.

"What is it Jimmy?"

"Uhm, I can't find the wound."

She smiled and said "right, very funny."

"No, I'm serious, the wound is gone."

She lifted up her forearm and looked for herself. He wasn't teasing her after all.

"But how is it gone Jimmy?"

"I have no idea; I think I should run some blood tests." She grimaced at the thought of the needles but agreed.

The blood tests came back and with the exception of elevated levels of a few hormones everything seemed normal. He couldn't find anything to cause accelerated healing but it was still happening. Even the hole from the needle was gone.

"Cindy, let me see your hand a sec." She placed her hand in his. "This will hurt for a moment. Don't be angry. He made a tiny slice in her palm with a surgical steel blade. She winced from the sudden pain but bit her lip and remained silent. The blood seeped out of the wound. He used sterile gauze to wipe the area dry and confirmed his suspicion when he noted that the wound was already closed up. There wasn't even a scar.

"Well I'm not sure why, but your body is healing itself at a incredible rate."

"Jimmy, is it possible that wolf was infected with something that transferred to me? I mean it should have been dead from the collision, yet it got up and ran off into the woods. My best guess is that it regenerated from the extensive damage."

"Well, that makes the most sense. It could have been a test subject from a military experiment that escaped. Maybe the military was experimenting with a new serum that induces rapid healing?"

"The only alternative would be if it happened to be a werewolf and now your one too. But that is preposterous and the very idea is ridiculous." They both laughed and leaned on each other.

Her laughter trailed off and she shrugged her shoulders and said "I've seen a lot of things in my lifetime that shouldn't have been possible but somehow you made them real. I suppose we shouldn't rule out the idea until we know for sure. You do realize that it was a full moon when I got bit?"

His smile faded and replied "Your right it was."

Two weeks later:

Cindy's senses had magnified and she noticed things she normally hadn't in the past. She could actually tell which path Jimmy had last took in the house and could follow the sent to his location. She was concerned as she was taking care of the laundry and picked up a faint trace of a sent that was somehow familiar. She put his shirt to her nose and sniffed gently. It was a ladies perfume. She made a mental note of the scent. The fragrance was weak and her guess was that it was simple ambient exposure picked up by being in an area with the perfume. She decided to explore her new found skill with her sense of smell and headed off to the park eager to see what other scents she could discover.

As she wandered through the park she could hear the sounds of tiny woodland creatures as they scurried about their business. She passed by an area and got the impression that a couple had enjoyed a picnic lunch there shortly before her passing. She could still smell the ham salad and pickles as the scent lingered in the air. She continued on the path in the direction they had headed. She could hear them speaking to each other despite their being so far ahead of her. She noted that her hearing had increased to an absurd level and would have to experiment with that as well.

She arrived home and heard Jimmy on the phone in his study. They lived in the house three doors down from his parents place. Jimmy had paid for the house out right with the profits made from the sale of some of his inventions. She called out to him to let him know she was home. He called back he would be done on the phone in a minute. Jimmy was on the phone with Dean Caine the department head from Pramona SAP where Jimmy worked as a physics professor. Even though he was on the top floor on the other end of the house she could hear what Dean Caine was saying.

When Jimmy came down stairs he was grinning ear to ear but she surprised him by congratulating him on his promotion to head of the physics department.

"How did you know?" He asked.

"I heard your phone call."

"You heard us from all the way over there? Incredible."

"That's not all, my sense of smell has increased to the point where I was able to follow some animals in the woods today and I could tell what a couple on a picnic had for lunch."

He whistled. "That is impressive. It seems that you have received some pretty good side effects but we still don't know the full extent of this. The full moon is approaching and it could be dangerous."

"I was thinking about that a lot actually Jimmy. I can't explain why but I feel restless and I've been dying to go camping in the woods lately. I want to run and feel the wind in my air and to smell that fresh forest air. It might be for the best if I took a trip somewhere that is a little less populated anyhow just in case. I mean some of the tell tale signs are indicating that I am picking up wolf like traits and I wouldn't want to hurt anyone. Maybe werewolves aren't all the wolfman kind like in the movies."

They arranged the trip a sooner than expected cause a few nights before the full moon resulted with Jimmy waking up during the night to find Cindy gone. He went searching for her with no luck but in the morning she was in bed and her bare feet were covered in dirt and grass stains.

Despite her protests for his safety he was with her the night she changed into the wolf with the golden colored fur. He had offered to cage her within a secure monitor room at the lab but she preferred the option of being in the open forest. Jimmy had learned early on that when Cindy set her mind to something there was no force on Earth that could persuade her other wise. She later admitted that her desire to be in woods was the drive of the spirit animal that was sharing her body with her. She at least agreed to be tagged with a tracking device but her body kept rejecting the internal tags due to her body's regeneration and the external one tore off when she transformed.

She had been sitting by the fire telling a story when the moon broke the horizon. Her body went rigid and her eyes locked on the moon. She hunched over in pain and her body stretched and contorted as fur sprouted out from all over. The whole transformation took less than a minute but to Jimmy it seemed like an eternity.

He stared at the beautiful animal that his wife had turned into. He had seen wolves many times in his life to acknowledge that with the exception of her green eyes and gold colored fur that she looked like a real wolf.

She took one last look at him and dashed off into the woods. He could hear her low wailing howl in the distance. He spent the next few days tracking her where abouts refusing to give up. It was in his search that he met the hikers that told him of their sighting of the wolf with gold colored fur. He knew he was in the right area and searched until it was getting dark. It was then that he made the fire and prepared to wait out the night so he could resume his search at first light.

This leads us full circle to the beginning of the tale:

Jimmy had no choice after Cindy ran off into the woods but to tend his fire and hope she returned to him again.

To be continued…..

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