Disclaimer/Author: I do not own Lucky Stars or any of its characters. This is just a drabble I made in my spare time, since I'm going through a phase of writer's block at the moment. It's kinda silly, but I hope you enjoy reading it nonetheless!

Story Title; Writer's Block is an Illusion!

Inside the school cafeteria, Patricia and Hiyori were sitting opposite each other whilst having a brief conversation about Hiyori's upcoming Manga creation.

"So..." Patricia pressed on, after polishing off her can of melon soda, "...how long do we have to wait before you finish the next chapter?"

Hiyori closed her eyes and started to laugh nervously. "Ehhh... another week, or two... maybe. It's... it's annoying though! The ideas are there, but putting it on paper is a different matter entirely! I guess you could say it's the season of writer's block!"

"Writer's... block?" Patricia queried. She then narrowed her eyes and started to wag her forefinger. "Tsk, tsk, tsk! There is no such thing as writer's block! Writer's block is an illusion! It doesn't exist!"

Hiyori looked at Patricia with a faint confusion shown on her face.

"...I mean... does a runner suddenly stop running because she has runner's block?" Patricia explained, "No, no, no! She keeps on going, and going, until she reaches the finish line!"

Hiyori sagged her shoulders as Patricia listed another example.

"Aaand, does a maid suddenly stop cleaning because she has cleaner's block? No, no, no! She keeps on cleaning, and cleaning, until the whole palace is spick-and-span!"

Hiyori's upper body began to ebb away, as Patricia listed a third example.

"Aaand, does S*toshi stop catching Pok*mon because he has pok*ball thrower's block? No, no, no! He keeps on catching them until he reaches the absolute maximum Pok*mon there is to catch!"

Hiyori lowered herself to the point where her chin was resting on the edge of the table.

"Okay, okay, I surrender!" Hiyori groaned in thought, "Just say it! I'm lazy, aren't I? Lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy!"