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A Second Chance

The Zero Requiem was executed flawlessly. The hatred and fear that had been funneled onto the person of Lelouch vi Britannia in his life was transformed into joy and peace at his death. Lelouch had successfully destroyed the world to recreate it in his own plan, and the world was better off for it. However, few people knew of Lelouch's true intention to save the world, and saw him only as a monster. These people would forever mourn his death.

Nunnally was absolutely in a panic. Her brother was but an hour dead, and suddenly his body was gone, leaving a small trail of viscous black blood before it faded off of the pavement. "Zero! What happened to Lelouch?" she yelled at him. "Give my brother a proper burial!"

Nunnally somehow that Zero was really Suzaku. She wasn't quite sure why, but before her beloved brother died, when she placed her hand on his, she was granted with a vision. "My brother… and Suzaku and C. C… they planned his death. It's thanks to Lelouch that the world will be peaceful, but I will never forgive him for leaving me like this…" Nunnally whispered to herself tearfully.

Suzaku shrugged. "C.C. told me that she would take care of it. Think about it Nunnally, if we give him a proper burial, with a gravestone, it would honestly only be a matter of time until we started seeing grave-robbers mess with his body, and would probably serve to fuel the distrust of the people. It's better that nobody knows where he's buried."

"But… I want to be able to visit my brother…" Nunnally said in a small voice. She had never known so much pain as she was going through right now, having lost the only constant in her life, the rock that she could always depend upon. "Lelouch…"

"Don't worry, Nunnally; I'm sure that you and I will be able to visit him! It's just that right now we should wait for things to cool down before finding out where he's buried." Suzaku bent closer to her and whispered into her ear. "By the way, don't let it seem as though you know me. If they discover the link between Lelouch and I, we are royally screwed." Suzaku scratched his helmet in confusion. "Speaking of which, how do you know me?"

"It's complicated – I'll tell you later," said Nunnally. "I won't reveal you… however, you have to promise me to tell me as soon as C.C. tells you where brother is buried. I trust her, because I know she cared for Lelouch too."

Suzaku nodded. "No harm in that, Nunnally. We're all in this together now."

Sunlight filtered into a peaceful, leafy grove, giving the area an almost ethereal look. A mysterious girl, a girl with hair more vibrantly green than most of the plants nearby, pushed, almost stumbling, into the grove, carrying a burden that she knew only she could bear.

"Lelouch, you are such a pain even after you're dead!" she snapped at his body, sagging to the ground at last and dropping him unceremoniously against the lush grass. She fell silent, however, remembering his sacrifice for the sake of the world. "Now you'll never fulfill my wish…" she whispered.

C.C. honestly wasn't sure how she felt at the moment. Was she happy that Lelouch had found his peace in the end? She would never have wished her curse on anyone; she knew that given a few hundred years, she wouldn't even remember Lelouch's name. That didn't stop the pain that she felt right now, however.

"Why do I care, anyways? You were just my partner," C.C. continued to address the corpse. She started to undress him so that she could clean his body for his burial. Lelouch would be buried in his student's clothing: not for any special reason, but just because his Emperor's clothes were stained with his blood and Suzaku had his Zero outfit. C.C. worked methodically to clean his wounds, her hands gentle on his cold, dead skin.

"I'm not sure how long I can bear this," she told her unresponsive accomplice. "I think I'll take a break."

Lelouch had no objections to offer, so C.C. dressed him up and leaned on a tree nearby. She was soon fast asleep.

Lelouch awoke to pain. More pain than he had ever known in his entire life; more pain even than he had known when he died. The searing, white-hot agony prevented him from even wondering how he was alive. He could not scream or move, but could only lay there helplessly on the cool grass and shake and cry silently. After what seemed like years to Lelouch, the pain began to subside and Lelouch could think rationally.

Why am I alive? he asked himself mentally. He could easily enough think of a few possibilities. Immediately after his supposed death, one of those loyal to him must have taken him and healed him: it couldn't have been an easy feat, considering Lelouch was quite near death. No… there's no point denying it. I died, but I was supposed to stay that way.

Lelouch deduced that he must somehow have come in possession of a Code before his death. C. C…? His thoughts were however interrupted when the pain chose that time to return in full force, tearing his mind into a red haze while his limbs started to twitch. He could almost feel the wounds from his death pulsating, pushing together, stopping the newfound flow of blood in his body, and finally he found the breath to scream.

C.C. was rudely awakened from her sleep by a bloodcurdling scream. She had had a pleasant dream, one in which Lelouch was alive; she didn't even remember that he was supposed to be dead.

"Lelouch! What's wrong, are you okay? Talk to me you idiot!" she yelled while shaking him. She pinned his arms and legs down with her body and looked into his eyes, which, while definitely alive, did not respond in any way to the sight of C.C.. Suddenly she remembered that Lelouch was dead, and scrambled off of him as quickly as she had pinned him.

"HOW ARE YOU ALIVE?" C.C. screamed at him, in a rare moment of panic. Lelouch did not respond – could not respond – could not even comprehend her words through the pain. He could feel his insides knitting themselves together somehow, so agonizingly slow – then it was done. Lelouch slumped back once more, perspiring everywhere and gasping for air before fainting dead away into a deep sleep. C.C. shuddered as she saw the sigil of Geass being branded onto his forehead. "Lelouch?" she asked hesitantly, touching his face." She threw herself on his chest and cried. Right now she didn't care about the damn curse of immortality. Lelouch was alive, and he would stay that way forever, with her.

A smell… A most delicious smell… Lelouch was so hungry when he awoke for the second time in his new life that he would have gladly eaten C.C. However, he could hardly move his body. He felt totally and utterly weak… as helpless as a newborn babe. The air around him seemed still and silent and Lelouch observed that it was about evening, much later than the time he would usually eat dinner with Sayoko and Nunnally. He felt a little chilly, but he was sure that the hot meal that C.C. seemed to have made would warm him right up.

"I see that you've awakened," C.C. stated, interrupting his thoughts. She could see Lelouch's deep purple eyes focusing in and out on her before fixing her with a glare. His head lolled to the side. She chuckled. "You're not quite ready to feed yourself, so I thought I would make you something. It's no pizza, but it will make you feel a little stronger. You've been through quite the ordeal, coming back to life."

Lelouch was so hungry he was hardly processing what C.C. was saying, unusual for one of his mental prowess. He pointedly shifted his glare from C.C. to the stew.

"Alright, alright… it's pretty much done. Can you move at all? Come here," C.C. commanded.

Lelouch's body twitched. C.C. sighed.

"Okay, you're in terrible shape. I'll feed you, you lazy pig." C.C. was delighted to see that her taunting was having some effect on the unfortunate Britannian, as he seemed to grow more annoyed with each of her statements. C.C. moved up to Lelouch and drew him up to lie on her lap. "No, this won't work." She put him through several other awkward positions before deciding to have an arm around his waist and him leaning on her shoulder. "There – perfect. Open wide."

Lelouch complied, although he was still giving C.C. a baleful look. As soon as the food entered his mouth, however, he was overcome by his hunger and soon forgot about his ire at C.C.'s poking fun at him.

After a few minutes of eating with C.C.'s help, he felt much better. "Delicious," he said weakly, the first word after his resurrection. "I owe you, witch."

"It was nothing. We are accomplices," C.C. waved away his thanks. "Are you ready to have a talk about all of this?"

Lelouch felt better, yes, but he still felt exhausted, even though he knew that he had just slept for a long time. "Not yet… I need more rest." Lelouch explained. He was already starting to fall asleep on C.C.'s shoulder.

"I will sleep too then. I assume you don't mind if I sleep next to you as it's getting slightly cold here for my tastes, but really you have no choice as you're too weak to fend me off, isn't that right? Goodnight Lelouch…" C. C. lay Lelouch down gently and then snuggled up to his side for warmth.

What is this side of her? She seems so caring compared to the old C.C…. Lelouch pondered. She made me food and now is cuddling with me, of all things… is this even the same person I knew?

C.C. shifted so that she was almost draped over him. "You're doing this on purpose to bother me," Lelouch accused her sleeping figure. C.C. seemed to mumble, but settled back down, her head on his chest. Lelouch, finding his right arm cramped, moved it under and around C.C., holding her to him, and fell asleep shortly after.

Lelouch woke up and felt quite refreshed, at least compared to his extreme weakness of yesterday. Unfortunately, he could still not move, as he didn't really want to wake C.C. just yet. Speaking of which…. C.C. is not bad looking at all….Lelouch thought cautiously as he glanced at her lithe form, apparently completely unaffected by all the pizza she ate. I think perhaps that I would be perfectly content to lie here with C.C. forever, careless of the world…. Why should I worry? Haven't I sacrificed enough for everyone else's sake?

Lelouch allowed his eyes to drink C.C. in. My witch… she and I will become the only constants in this world, the only source of permanence. What will she choose? Will she be with me forever… or leave?

C.C. looked down at him, having somehow woken up while Lelouch was preoccupied. "Like what you see?" she asked coyly.

"Don't get the wrong idea, witch," Lelouch said, but his words had no real bite. C.C. stared at him expressionlessly. "I'm hungry," she announced. "We are not so far from civilization, but obviously you cannot simply venture in – we'll need to give you some sort of disguise, to hide your… ah… distinctive looks."

"Distinctive looks? Is that a compliment?" Lelouch asked jokingly.

"Perhaps it is, what of it?" C.C. asked back, turning the tables on Lelouch. He suddenly realized how close they were, as he was still pinned down by C.C.. Blushing, he pushed her off and stood up quickly, turning away so she wouldn't see him. "ANYWAYS, we should concentrate on getting some more food-" Lelouch was interrupted as his legs quickly gave out on him and he toppled onto the ground face first. "I swear I'm never going to skip Gym class again..." he moaned, rolling over.

C.C. started to laugh. "For a man who ruled the world once, you sure are clumsy," she said. Lelouch groaned. "Yeah, yeah, I get it. Can we eat now?"

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