New story. It won't be long. Only a few chapters. This story takes place about 9 almost 10 years after Sasuke First left and he's be brought backt o the village and put on trial. This story will take place within the first few weeks of his returning. Please review this one, it's the first time I've written a sasusaku in a long time. And yes, it is a sakura and Sasuke one, though I'll admit I planned a side couple in here. Sakura found somewhat of a sweet heart in the years of Sasuke's absence! Also, Soundtrack for this song is Feels like home by Chantal Kreviazuk. If you want to get a feeling for my mood.


Something in your eyes, makes me wanna lose myself.- Chantal Kreviazuk

Sasuke stood before almost the entirety of the leaf village, on a pedestal, the Hokage behind him. His shoulders were held straight and proud, despite his quickly dying confidence. Just being back in the leaf made him feel weak and uncertain.

"Sasuke Uchiha, you were forcefully returned to Konohagakure, is this correct?" Lady Tsunade's voice was loud and strong in his ears.

He tried to ignore the urge to wiggle his hands against the strain of the chakra bracelets attached just a little too tightly to his wrists. "That's correct." His voice was blank and he ignored the whispers that spread throughout the crowd only to be silenced by the glare of the Hokage before she continued.

"You did not attempt to return of your own will?" She repeated almost redundantly.

"No I did not." He spoke soundly, his eyes remaining on the small space of gray ground at his feet, not daring to look at the quiet speculators he could feel watching him.

"And on numerous occasions we've attempted to retrieve you?"

He nodded again. "That is correct." He forced his voice not to sound annoyed.

"So you do not deny your status of missing nin?" She asked, her tone even and distant.

"No, I do not." What would be the point of that?"

"Very well." She was now beside him in three steps and he looked over at her, his eyes leveling with her knees, not daring to look at her face. "At this point we will call to stand," He raised his head at this, "Naruto Uzumaki."

His eyes shot towards the crowd as stepped forward his former team mate. Standing much taller and more square than he remembered was none other than Naruto. His hands were in fists at his sides, his uniform was slightly different: he was currently a jonin it appeared. He wouldn't have ever thought Naruto could make it, but then again, 9 years was a long time.

Naruto's lips were drawn into a straight and thin line as he stood beside the Hokage, towering over her by a few inches. Times had definitely changed. "Naruto," She greeted him with a respectful bow, her eyes softening and this motion Naruto returned. "You are the only person who agreed to testify on this mans behalf," Sasuke almost winced, Naruto was the only one? Why would he agree anyways? It wasn't as if they were friends.

"Yes," He said and Sasuke noticed just how different the man sounded. This was not the same child he grew up with.

"Do you condone to this man's sentence? The penalty being death?" She asked while ignoring Sasuke, as if he weren't even there.

Sasuke felt his heart squeeze as Naruto shook his head looking out over the crowd. "I do not." It was all he said. Nothing inappropriate or misjudged like he Naruto he knew would have.

She nodded as if she knew that was the answer. "Then you would have him put on probation?"

Naruto nodded. "Yes."

She turned towards Sasuke looking at him after a long pause. "If I had any more say in this than I do, I would have you put to death." He did not doubt this for one moment. "However, the council has agreed to show you mercy at the insistence of the future Hokage." She spoke softly and Sasuke squinted at Naruto, who's eyes were averted anywhere but towards him. "Let it be known now that in taking on the responsibility of your name, Naruto has placed his honor on the line. If you fail him, he will be demoted. He will no longer be in line to become Hokage." At this Sasuke did outwardly wince. "You will be under constant surveillance until I decided against it. You will not be allowed to leave the village, nor will you be able to resume work as a ninja unless I say so. Do you understand this?" Her voice was stern and her eyes harsh.

He nodded. "Yes." He whispered. Why would Naruto do this?

She nodded. Very well. Welcome back Sasuke Uchiha, citizen of Konoha." With this she turned and left the stage and he was hoisted to his feet by two ANBU who he didn't recognize. They pushed him after her. Behind him he could feel Naruto following, the chakra was undeniably his friends.

He was ushered into the main building and all the way up to the Hokage's office where they pushed him in, both holding his arms tight, as if the chakra bracelets weren't enough.

Tsunade was staring out the window, her hands folded behind her back and immediately Naruto crossed the room, closer towards her. Together the two seemed almost like equals, a fact that probably shouldn't be, but still was. Also something that made Sasuke feel almost out of place.

Sasuke remained quiet, his mind racing. Naruto the future Hokage? Of course the idiot would be the one to keep his promise.

"So Sasuke," Her voice was strong even though her back was facing him instead of her knowing eyes, "How are you enjoying the view?" She asked too casually for comfort.

He shrugged and the ANBU tightened their hold on his arms. He rolled his eyes, "Why?"

She turned to face him, her lips curving into a smile. "It's never looked better, after all, we only finished the last of the construction just last year."

This wasn't surprising. He had heard of the devastation that Pain had caused the village a few years before. He chose not to say anything in an effort to keep his position relatively neutral.

After a moment of her eyes holding his, her lips switched towards the ground, frowning. "I do not like you Sasuke, but luck is on your side." Her honesty was not surprising.

"Hn," He made a noncommittal noise.

"Fortunately you have a few powerful people on your side." She motioned towards Naruto, then to the door and he followed her hand immediately without asking what she wanted.

Sasuke stiffened as his former team mate passed him and behind him he heard the door open.

"Hey," He heard Naruto's voice and he could hear the smile that touched the boys lips, but what he was not expecting was for two more ANBU to walk in.

Fluttering past his left was a tall man, only a few inches shorter than Naruto he reasoned, in full ANBU uniform, with a plain white captains mask on, and his hood raised. The smell of smoke was strong, and there was something about the way they stood that rang a bell in his head.

The other was obviously a woman, from posture to size in comparison. Though the cloak hid her features away, and the mask painted upon it a flurry of flowers, there was still something there. This second ANBU wore two extra pouches around her waist: A medic.

They were completely hidden but he still felt like he knew them from somewhere.

They stopped simultaneously at the Hokage's desk, only a step a head of him.

She smiled at the two of them. "I'm glad you're back. I have a mission for you."

They nodded in unison as if they knew already. This puzzled Sasuke to no end. She nodded towards him, "You'll both know who this is, and this is your new mission."

Sasuke raised his eyebrows. ANBU just to escort him around? He may be an ex-rogue but this was a bit extreme. Or maybe not.

For a moment they were quiet before Sasuke saw Naruto take a step towards the female ANBU and face Tsunade. "You can't put them on this as ANBU."

She nodded. "Yes I know this. They'll be in civilian wear so that they won't draw too much attention."

Naruto put up more protest. "No, you can't assign them to him. He's seen their ANBU uniform. He can't see them now."

She glared at him, "I can do whatever the hell I want to Naruto. Now step back."

The boy did step back, but he was fuming angry. It was present in his entire presence. "I'll take the mission alone. You don't have to…"

"Naruto, shut up." she hissed. "They are more than capable of taking this mission."

At this Naruto stormed out of the room without looking back. Sasuke did notice a small fracture in perfect posture by the female nin as she flinched, as if she was going to follow him, but instead she held position.

He was then pushed out of the room on the cue of Tsunade's nod and led through the halls as if he were a child. On his heels were four ANBU. This was going to be hell.

After a long walk, he was taken to his new apartment and it was small, white and very sparsely decorated. There was only about 2 pieces of furniture in each room.

As soon as they pushed him in, the two ANBU who had been his escorts the entire time turned and left after a low bow to his new guards and the two stepped in quietly.

He turned towards them, his hands dangling in front of him uselessly.

"This is your new place." This voice; He knew the voice. A boring and tired tone, a yawn came through the white mask and he squinted as it was peeled off to reveal who he knew it would be: Shikamaru Nara.

Shikamaru was an ANBU captain. "Uchiha." He said, his tone almost bitter as he reached in his long robe and pulled out a cigarette, lighting it in the house without even looking back at Sasuke.

He turned his face towards the other ANBU. Did he know this girl too?

As if on cue, a hand reached up and pulled off the cloak first, letting loose a slim frame covered in tight black uniform, and creamy arms, the ANBU tattoo on her right arm stark against the pale skin there. Slowly the hand removed the white mask, covered in pink flowers of some sort and somehow he already knew who it was before the face even appeared. His chest constricted painfully. He sucked in a breath. "Sakura." He whispered.

Standing before him was his old team mate, pink hair pulled back, but still the same outrageous shade, lips still just as rosy but more plump, cheeks slimmer, but still the same blush bled across them as he spoke. She was the same.

"Hello." She breathed. He held her crystal clear green eyes and he felt his heart rate speed up.