Naruto stood across from Sasuke at the Valley of the End, as the Uchiha was using his Curse Seal at level 2 to become a demonic looking bird, and the blonde himself using Kyuubi chakra to form a cloak around his body with one tail showing. At the moment, Naruto himself was pissed off, as Sasuke just smiled thinking this fight was his, and the "dead last" of the Academy would know his place in staying down such a low level.

"Are you ready loser? Are you ready to die and help me fulfill my ambition?" said Sasuke forming a Chidori in his right hand.

"You fool. Don't you know how many people back in the Leaf love you? They give you everything and yet you spit on them like they did the opposite," said Naruto letting the demonic power of the fox influence his voice.

"Like I care about them. They're weak! I don't want their love. I want hate! I want to hate everything and everyone! The only way I can do that is to leave this miserable place we called a home," said Sasuke angrily and expecting Naruto to get riled up.

Instead, Naruto just...laughed? The loser was laughing? Laughing like Sasuke had just told him a funny joke.

"I'm so glad you told me that teme. You have no idea how long I have waited for this day. The day that I...stop holding back!" said Naruto, as he bit his thumb, and ran it over a hidden seal on his left hand that glowed with the design of the hidden seal spreading entirely over his body underneath his orange jumpsuit.

'W-What is going on? Holding back? Impossible!' thought Sasuke, as he saw Naruto's entire body be consumed in light, and power beyond Sasuke's exploded from the young Uzumaki.

"Surprised? Let me tell you a little story. A story about a boy, his demon, and the lies fed to him all his life by one Sandaime Hokage. A man I made beg for forgiveness and had wrapped under my thumb since I was 7 years old," said Naruto with the light fading from Naruto form revealing a much taller, stronger, and more powerful version of what he should have been this whole time.

(Flashback-5 Years Ago)

Naruto was sitting in the Hokage Office, in the guest seat across from the old man, and was glaring holes into the aged leader's head of the Leaf currently looking back at him with sadness in his eyes. Why? Because Naruto had found out the truth. The truth about everything. Kyuubi. His parents. Why the people hated and abused him growing up.

"You have much to answer for old man. I'm sick and tired of these attacks. It was a whole bunch from the Uchiha Clan this time. Nearly killed me had Kyuubi not saved my ass!" said Naruto using Kyuubi's words when the two met after the boy went unconscious after being stabbed in the chest by the sword from the one Uchiha leading the group.

"Naruto, I'm sorry you've had to suffer for so long, but the village will get over...," said the Sandaime, but the killer intent Naruto had learned to use from Kyuubi, and the fact the fox mixed his into it only silenced the Hokage further.

"Get over it? Get over it? When? In a few weeks? Months? Years? They've had all this time to get over and yet they don't! Where is my Godfather? My Godmother? Where are the guardians I was to have in my Father's last student should those two not be available? Tell me you lying sack of shit!" said Naruto, as he now had Kyuubi's voice speaking in mix with his own, and knew Kyuubi's chakra was slowly consuming his body.

"They...they want nothing to do you Naruto. I have tried to convince them, but the grief they've suffered from losing those close to them had blinded their judgment, and their hearts on what is right. I'm sorry," said the Sandaime seeing the boy's eyes now becoming crimson with clawed hands cracking the armrest of his chair.

"Well then...if they won't raise me...then you will!" said Naruto seeing the shocked man looking back.

"N-Naruto, I can't possibly raise you. My time is needed being Hokage and...," said the Sandaime, but the boy's demonic cloak only seemed to grow, and Naruto became more feral looking.

"I'm not giving you a choice. Either you help me get stronger...or I free Kyuubi," said Naruto seeing the old man's face go pale.

"You wouldn't! What about your parents? What they died for? You would betray their memory! Your promise to me in one day being Hokage" said the Sandaime seeing Naruto's eyes narrowing.

"They've already been betrayed by the likes of you and those they trusted. As for my promise, it was made under false pretenses by you old man, and void!" said Naruto seeing the pain in the old man's eyes at his words.

"I see. Very well. I'll make time to you Naruto, but no one can know what we do, and you will have to hide your abilities until the time is right to reveal them to everyone," said the Sandaime seeing Naruto nod his head.

"No problem. Just keep your eyes on the Uchiha. Kyuubi told me they are connected to him and they know it," said Naruto seeing the Sandaime nod knowing that was rumored to be the case with the fox.

It was on that day, a new deal was struck, and the beginning of the end for the Uchiha Clan had been set in motion.

(End Flashback)

'This isn't possible. I'm the elite of the village. Me! The last Uchiha!' thought Sasuke, as he saw Naruto's power far surpassed his own, and it was upsetting the Uchiha something fierce.

"Since then, I was trained by the Sandaime in secret after I helped him use Shadow Clones to deal with paperwork, and I fooled everyone into thinking I was the weak one of our so called Genin team. Fooled you pretty good too along with all the other bakas that couldn't see the truth. Funny thing is, only one of our group in the Rookies saw the truth, and she was considered weak my many too," said Naruto revealing himself to wearing black pants, boots, and a white trench coat with nine tails on the back of it with a fox frozen in a roaring state while the demonic cloak still covered his body.

"She? You mean...," said Sasuke, as he knew just who Naruto was referring too, and it made his blood boil that another had seen what he could not.

"Yeah. We talked right before my fight with Neji was going to start within that hour of the Chuunin Exam Finals. She confessed everything to me and I accepted her love knowing it was pure unwavering love. We formed a special bond since then and we have been together in secret with no one knowing about our relationship," said Naruto grinning at Sasuke memories of his special girl filling his mind.

"Doesn't matter who or what you are. After I kill you, I'll go to Orochimaru, get stronger, and then kill that bitch of a weakling after I have a little fun with her body," said Sasuke, as he grinned now, and would have grinned further at the look on Naruto's face had it not been one of intense anger that spoke of pain to all his enemies.

"Time to die!" said Naruto, as he readied the Rasengan in his hand, and came at Sasuke with a look that spoke of zero mercy for the Uchiha.

"You first!" said Sasuke before the two leaped into the air and their attacks clashed.

"Oh no Sasuke I insist you go first on this one. After all...only an Uchiha Elite like yourself deserves the honor of dying first and meeting OBLIVION!" said Naruto, as he easily overpowered Sasuke's attack, and made contact with the Uchiha's body causing it to be consumed in raw energy.

'This cannot be the end. NOOOOOO!' thought Sasuke, as he screamed loudly from the pain, dying like no other Uchiha before him, and feeling the intense power from Naruto's attack obliterating his body from existence.

At the same time, Naruto felt himself being pulled by those energies into a dimensional void, as it consumed him, and all he saw was light at the end of the tunnel. Naruto didn't know if this would be his end, but quite frankly the blonde didn't care, as he had enough of the Leaf, and hoped the one special lady in his life would wait for him.

'No matter where I am Hinata-chan. I will return to you. I promise. Wait for me please,' thought Naruto, as he closed his eyes, and let the dimensional light take him wherever it had opened up.

All he felt before losing unconsciousness was his body impacting the ground hard and the silent footsteps of an elderly man with a staff touching the ground every few seconds.

"Well aren't you a strange one child," said the elderly voice before he picked up the boy as best he could and took him inside the tower behind him.

The tower...of Isengard!

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