Chapter 7-Full Circle

As expected from the fall of the Leaf, word soon spread about its destruction far, and wide to everyone in the Elemental Countries. From oldest to small, rich to poor, and saint to sinner were told of the fall of Konoha at the hands of one of its own. Most were very much surprised it wasn't Orochimaru, who many believed would be by his hands that the Leaf died, and learned it was the power of the new Kyuubi by the name of Namikaze Naruto of Whirlpool. After the army of Whirlpool left, various scouts from different villages arrived on the scene of where Konoha once stood, seeing only a crater of nothing where the foundation for the Leaf had been, and the Five Heads normally seen proudly on the Hokage Monument had been reduced to a mere stain without even a speck of their facial feature remaining on the mountain's side.

After the various Shinobi groups reported to their superiors about what they had seen, the various Kages ruling over their own villages sat down with their own advisors, and were trying to determine their next course of action. Iwa was upset over the loss of their demon vessels, which they had tried to force into submission after years of hate filled abuse to break their wills, but apparently it only made the two weapons created for war to seek out an alternative, and it came in the form of Namikaze Naruto. The Tsuchikage wanted to go to war with Whirlpool, but it would be a harsh march for their forces to get from their corner of the Elemental Countries to Whirlpool, and that wasn't easy either considering it would require a boats to make it to the continent size island. Iwa currently didn't have the resources to make such an expensive and most likely a very costly venture since they did not know anything about Naruto's forces.

The Namikaze took down the Leaf on their own turf without breaking a sweat.

Kumo was of a similar, yet different opinion, as the Raikage asked his younger brother Killer Bee for advice, and the second strongest demon vessel of the nine told the Raikage to consider peace talks with Whirlpool. Yugito was saved by Naruto on account of her being hunted by the Akatsuki with Kumo doing little to nothing to stop it and thus gave Naruto the perfect opportunity to bring the Nibi vessel into the fold. The Raikage had to reluctantly agreed, as he had been more focused on protecting Killer Bee then Yugito due to Bee being his younger brother, and the Raikage felt guilty about that. So listening to his younger brother, the Raikage sent a peace envoy to Whirlpool stating they wish to form a nonaggression agreement, and ask that Yugito return to Kumo.

Naruto informed the peace envoy that Yugito would be staying in Whirlpool, where it would be safe from the Akatsuki, and where she wouldn't be persecuted by others for being the vessel of the Nibi. Aside from that, Naruto had no problem with the agreement the Raikage wished to make with him, and had the envoy go inform the leader of Kumo of it.

Naruto also enforced the matter of Yugito staying in Whirlpool by stating that the army used to crush the Leaf was only a fraction of what he possessed and could unleash much more on Kumo if they weren't careful.

Needless to say, the Raikage accepted the slightly altered agreement, and there was even a chance to open up to trade in distant future.

Mist had also sent an envoy under the command of the new female Mizukage Terumi Mei, who wished to open up trade with Whirlpool right away, and have an alliance with its leader right away. Naruto of course accepted knowing that the two would benefit from it and the Namikaze wished to honor the first two people outside of the Leaf he had ever respected. Zabuza wanted to bring Mist back to its former glory with Haku wishing to fulfill his dream and Naruto in his own way wished to do the same.

Taki came with an envoy wishing to stay neutral knowing that Fu could lead Naruto's forces straight to their village and crush them out of spite for their abuse of the girl. In regards to Taki, Naruto asked Fu what she wished regarding the village, and the seven-tailed vessel shrugged since she cared little for it. Still, it was at a key location nearest to Iwa with the exception being Suna, and should not be ignored. So Naruto accepted the neutrality with the condition that Taki provide Whirlpool and Suna with information about Iwa's movements in their area. If the Tsuchikage himself took a crap in the forest there, Naruto wanted it recorded, and no excuses on their part.

Now came the harder part of things, which involved the Akatsuki, and Orochimaru with his butt buddy Kabuto. Both parties were pissed at him, as he had taken a great deal from them, and no doubt wanted the Namikaze's ass dead for all the trouble he caused. Two of Akatsuki's more "immortal" members dead, four of the vessels they wanted, plus the now human turned into nine-tailed fox leading them, and had a massive army ready to kill all intruders without hesitation. As for Orochimaru, he wanted Naruto dead over the fact he killed Sasuke years ago, and being dead meant no Sharingan for the Sannin. Not only that, but if Orochimaru still felt any kind of connection to his now dead teammates after all this time, then the demented snake would wish to find a way to avenge them, and kill the Namikaze.

"How do you want to handle Orochimaru and Sound village Naruto-kun?" said Hinata, as she was spending time with her lover today, and saw him looking over the map of the Elemental Countries.

"I want him gone right away. My army caught the Leaf by surprise, but not even they can fool the snake with the same tactic, and there is always a chance Iwa will try to flank us. I have Shinobi, but not enough of them as I would hope since what I have are mostly very young children, and they have to be trained to harness their abilities. Of course, as the current Uzukage, I have no doubt you'll make sure they do, and bring in a new breed of Shinobi the world has ever seen," said Naruto seeing Hinata smile and kiss him lovingly.

"And the world will be united under our hands," said Hinata, as she kissed him again, and was soon pulled into his lap.

"With the help of our allies, the army, and the Ring of Power I have no doubt it will become a reality," said Naruto, as he groped Hinata's rear, and loved how the woman sitting on him was moaning at his touch.

"I need you," said Hinata, as Naruto's hands did their magic on her, and felt the desire for the Namikaze growing.

"Then take me," said Naruto in her ear and felt Hinata grind her hips into his own.

"Are you sure? I'm not wearing any panties," said Hinata, as she felt the upper portion of the kimono being parted so Naruto could play with her breasts, and she in turn unzipped his pants to free his hardened erection.

"Don't worry. I can get a new chair," said Naruto, which truth be told was correct since there was always a chance this would happen with him, and Hinata on more then once occasion.

Which is why there were several extra chairs on standby.

Parting the lower part of her kimono, Naruto felt his cock enter Hinata, which earned him a moan from his lover at being filled by his length, and he let out one of his own at the bliss filled sensation it created for himself. Without hesitation, Naruto began thrusting up into Hinata's pussy, hearing her gasping in pleasure, and felt her trying to match him by matching him when she bounced so when going down he was going up.

Hinata pulled Naruto to her breasts, which he began to suck on, and made the Hyuuga vixen cry out in pleasure in the way he attacked them. It made her hips grind into him further with the help of his hands on her ass and in combination with his thrusting hit Hinata in just the way she wanted.

"Make me cum Naruto-kun. Please make me cum," said Hinata, as she was being stabbed by his meat over, and over again with such force she damn near rolled her eyes in the back of her head!

Not responding due to being deep in her massive valley pillowed delights, Naruto gave Hinata what she desired, thrusting faster, harder, and deeper then before. Combined with the assault on her breasts made Hinata's eyes roll in the back of her head and let out a wail of pleasure before cumming hard with Naruto soon following.

"God damn I love you," said Naruto panting with Hinata knowing his hot vixen of a woman was thinking the same thing about him.

"Me too. Up for another round?" said Hinata feeling him get hard.

"Do you have to ask?" said Naruto, as he saw Hinata slowly get off of him, and bend over his desk while shake her hips at him.

"Then come and get me big boy," said Hinata seductively before he did just that in parting the lower half of her kimono again and thrust into her pussy with a vengeance.

"You're going to be sore after this," said Naruto into her ear and groped her breasts aggressively that was surpassed only by his thrusting.

"I know. I want to beeee!" said Hinata, as Naruto gave the nipple on one her breasts a twist, and began thrusting in an animalistic manner.

"Good," said Naruto simply, as he continued to pound away at Hinata, and even lifted her leg to make her take him sideways while kissing the Hyuuga's panting mouth that did little to muffle the screams of pleasure being given.

Outside the room, Anko, Shizune, Yugito, and Fu were all blushing at the sounds of the loving making in the room. They would be lying if they said they weren't jealous of the Hyuuga getting all this pleasure while they themselves got nothing. It wasn't that the other males around them in Whirlpool weren't attractive, but there was something about Naruto that made them want him, and it was making them a bit...frustrated in certain aspects.

"Kami, I wish he'd let me be his concubine. He is a Lord of Whirlpool and could take me as one," said Anko, as she didn't mind being used by Naruto in that fashion since it didn't seem like such a bad gig considering, and the Namikaze was the last of his clans on both sides of his family.

"Bring it up at the next meeting and make sure you ask his mate before then. You know how she is around him. The only way to get to be with Naruto is through her blessing," said Fu, as she felt the same way, and also knew that Hinata was the Alpha Female of all of them.

"Maybe we should return later when they finish," said Shizune hearing another cry of pleasure and it was burning her up inside.

"If they ever finish. I once waited two hours for them to end their romp together," said Yugito, as she heard the demon inside of her calling Naruto an Alpha Male, and needed to be satisfied with more then one mate.

"Maybe we'll get luck and this will be a quickie," said Anko seeing Yugito shake her head before her blush grew a tad redder.

"That two hour wait was the quickie," said Yugito seeing their blushes increase.

"So...should we wait with playing a deck of cards?" said Anko knowing they could be here for a bit.

"Do you think its possible to play a card game through that?" said Fu pointing at the closed doors with the cries of pleasure echoing inside.

"Point taken," said Anko knowing playing any game while hearing the two foxes go at it was practically impossible.

Unless were a monk fanatically embracing celibacy.

After several hours passed, the sounds of Naruto, and Hinata getting it on had ended with the Hyuuga woman opened the double doors several minutes later with a glow about her that made the Hyuuga woman look like was a walking 200 watt light bulb! Keeping up the possibly the second best poker face, which is was when compared to Naruto's own, Hinata motioned for the envious woman to enter the Namikaze's Office, and begin their reports on the progress his country was currently in.

(Sound Village-3 Weeks Later)

"Orochimaru-sama, we may have a problem?" said Kabuto kneeling before Orochimaru obediently.

"What problem?" said Orochimaru seeing his second in command looking tense.

"Several outposts have gone silent and we have been unable to reach any of them by our usual means of communication," said Kabuto seeing Orochimaru narrowing his yellow snake eyes at him.

"That isn't just a problem Kabuto. It means someone is moving in against us and we need to leave this base now should it become compromised by whoever is trying to wipe out my bases," said Orochimaru finding it fortunate that he was able to find suitable bodies to replace his last one and to somewhat make up for losing Uchiha Sasuke.

An explosion from above, along with yelling, and the sounds of death descending upon the base soon followed. Making their way to the secret escape route out of the village, the two agents of chaos made their way outside of Sound, but now saw they were surrounded by an entire army of Elves, Fu, Han, and Naruto currently smirking at the surprised snake Sannin.

"Hello Orochimaru. How are you?" said Naruto seeing the Sannin glaring hatefully at him.

"You! I'm going to crush you for killing Sasuke-kun. Do you realize what you cost me? All the planning needed to make Sasuke-kun my new vessel? How long it took to wait for just the right moment to mark him with my Curse Seal and push his mind to the brink of madness?" said Orochimaru drawing out Kusanagi from his mouth.

"That's it? You're only angry for that? You don't care I killed Jiraiya and Tsunade? Your former teammates no less?" said Naruto seeing Orochimaru's eyes flash with some form of rage, but it was only for a second, and not enough to say he really missed the two other Sannin.

"They would have died eventually at my hands so it doesn't matter!" said Orochimaru seeing Naruto letting out a chuckle.

"And people in the Leaf called me a demon. You can see the irony here, right?" said Naruto to Han, who just nodded in agreement, and then refocused on Orochimaru along with Kabuto.

"How did you get to us so quickly with this army?" said Kabuto seeing the Elves having swords drawn and arrows ready to be fired from bows at a single moment.

"Elves are great a stealth whether they wear armor or not. They can even shoot you in the darkest of night if they wanted," said Naruto taking out his sword covered it in his chakra to make it was covered in an unholy flame.

"You may defeat us boy, but the world will not stand for your actions, and will untie to kill you along with all your followers," said Orochimaru, as he charged Naruto while Kabuto went after Fu, and began their battle.

'Unlikely,' thought Naruto, as he knew swordplay was the weakest skill in the Sannin's arsenal, and was easily besting the man in the art form.

Kabuto was finding Fu was not to underestimated either, as her skill with a spear proved to be very dangerous for the Medic Nin, and the seven-tailed vessel smirked at the man's frustration. Kabuto tried to use chakra scalpels on Fu, but the girl was too quick for him, and the spear she used had already caused significant damage to his ribs along with a hole to his should that nearly took off his entire right arm.

Orochimaru wasn't fairing any better, as he tried to poison Naruto with his weapon, but the Namikaze just evaded the stab movements like they were nothing, and it only made the Sannin angrier. He tried to switch with Kabuto, but an Elf shot an arrow when they tried, and it hit Kabuto in the knee forcing Orochimaru to leap back on instinct. The mere act in itself served to be just enough of a distraction for him to let Naruto once again get in striking distance again, and took the Sannin's sword arm clean off. Leaping away from Naruto, the snake Sannin used his connection with Kusanagi with his remaining hand to try striking the Namikaze down like he did with the Sandaime, but unlike what happened with his fight with the Third Hokage, the human turned demonic fox simply spun around grabbing weapon by the hilt before throwing his own weapon. Orochimaru didn't expect this, as the blade made contact with his heart with the weapon going all the way to the hilt, covered in demonic chakra, and eating away at the Sannin's key major organ needed to sustain his life.

Crying out in pain, as death took hold of him, Orochimaru saw Kabuto was fairing no better, and saw Fu do the same thing with her spear that Naruto did. The second in command's body couldn't heal his wounds like normal because Fu's own demonic chakra was preventing that from happening and was on his knees wishing to cry out in pain. He couldn't however, due to the spear piercing his chest before a quick pull, out and fluent spin cut Kabuto's head clean off his body.

"So far so good," said Fu, as she cleaned off her spear while Naruto did the same with his sword, and sealed away Kusanagi.

"Yes. Inform the rest of army to move in on Sound. Burn it down," said Naruto to Han, who nodded, and led the Elves to village that would soon be destroyed.

True to his command, the Sound village was burned to the ground, and there was nothing left except the ashes that blew into the wind. After moving several miles from the very destruction he ordered, Naruto slept peacefully until his senses determined someone, or rather some people were headed his way. Making a bird sound, as well as sending a small pulse from his ring go throughout the encampment, Naruto's army was awaken, yet were pretending to sleep, and it was just when the intruders entered the encampment did the army rise ready for a fight.

"You sure about this Itachi?" said Kisame, as he was staring at Elves armed with swords, and bows with arrows all aimed at different parts of their body with the slightest twitch from either of member of the Akatsuki bringing about both their deaths in the span of one heartbeat.

It felt like being in Mist all over again!

"You said it yourself Kisame. Better to be by the side Devil, then be in his path, and I would prefer not to be in his path," said Itachi, as he saw Naruto standing there at the ready with Han, and Fu all waiting for a single act required for this one sided fight to start.

"Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame. Two member of the Akatsuki organization. Your leader must think you are very capable of completing suicidal missions if he just sent the two of you," said Naruto seeing Itachi take one step forward and the faint sound of rope stretching back a fraction could be heard echoing from the archers in the Namikaze's army.

"We are not here to fight you Namikaze Naruto. We are here to serve," said Itachi, as he kneeled before Naruto, and Kisame slowly doing the same.

"Liar," said Naruto simply.

"No. We speak the truth. I have proof. This scroll," said Itachi producing a sealed scroll and gently rolling it to the space between the two.

"How do I know this scroll won't explode? How do I know this isn't a trap you created to trap me?" said Naruto eyeing the sealed scroll with the symbol of the Sandaime on it.

"Because deep down you trust me Naruto. Just as you trusted me to guard you all those years ago when growing up. I was the only Uchiha ever trusted," said Itachi, as he had done just about everything within his power to foil assassination attempts, and beatings the people of Konoha tried on the once alone boy.

"If he tries anything...kill them both. No hesitation in firing. Got it?" said Naruto to Fu, who nodded her head, and kept a close eye on the two.

Slowly walking up to the scroll, Naruto picked it up, and unsealed it before reading what was in the contents that would prove Itachi's loyalty to him. Slowly, Naruto's eyes began to widen, as he read the secret mission the Sandaime had entrusted to Itachi in spying on the Akatsuki, and providing Jiraiya with information about the organization's movement in hunting down the tailed beasts to be extracted for some unknown grand scheme. In the scroll was details of the people involved, bases locations, which demons were extracted, and the order needed to extract the demon's from their bodies.

"As you can see, I was a loyal agent of Konoha, but the only people, who even knew of this was the Sandaime, and Jiraiya though I don't know if Tsunade was told," said Itachi with Naruto snorting at the names of his now dead Godparents.

"I doubt it. If she did, then it was beneath her to inform me, and anyone else that should have known. Besides, neither of them cared about my life before, and I don't care about them either now that they're dead. Seeing as you two have nowhere to go, I take it you want to join me, and bring a form of stability to the world," said Naruto seeing Itachi nod and Kisame doing the same.

"I maybe blood thirsty at times, but I'm not an idiot when it comes to face you kid, and I would be an idiot to stick with the losing side," said Kisame, as he saw Naruto scowl at him, and heard Itachi sigh while muttering what sounded like "idiot".

"I see. And how do I ensure your loyalty beyond the now when the world is no longer at such a state of unrest?" said Naruto seeing Kisame seeing Kisame thinking for a second before giving an answer.

"Um...a good dental plan?" said Kisame seeing Naruto was not amused.

"Come here Kisame. I think I have a way," said Naruto seeing Kisame seem hesitant to do just that.

"You're not going to kill me, are you?" said Kisame seeing Naruto shake his head no.

"If I wanted to kill you Kisame, I would have ordered the Elves to shoot you with enough arrows to turn you into an early morning meal, and taken your sword to the Mizukage to collect your bounty," said Naruto seeing Kisame walk towards him though it was clear the shark man was nervous.

"Okay. So what do you want to-HEY!" said Kisame, as he Naruto quickly grabbed the shark man's face with right hand, and called upon the Ring of Power.

Behind the former Seven Swordsman of the Mist, Uchiha Itachi didn't move a muscle, as the Uchiha watched Kisame's face become covered in demonic energy, and Naruto's ring finger shining brightly like the light from the lighthouse in the thick fog. Kisame tried to pry the hand from his face, but the grip was iron clad, and wouldn't budge no matter how hard the shark man tried to break the Namikaze's grip.

Eventually, Kisame stopped thrashing, and just seemed to become limp with Naruto still holding the man's head before letting go to make swordsman fall to the ground. For a brief moment, Itachi thought Naruto killed Kisame, and wondered if that was what now awaited him? However, within moments of kissing ground, Kisame rose from the ground, and now had a glazed look in his eyes before bowing before Naruto.

"Welcome to the fold Kisame-san," said Naruto simply.

"I live to serve Naruto-sama," said Kisame before grinning and his eyes stopped being glazed.

"Excellent. Rise Itachi. I trust you," said Naruto seeing the Uchiha rise from his position on the ground and walk towards him.

"Just like that?" said Itachi suspiciously.

"Yes. Just like that. If you were really trying to trick me upon arriving here, you would have sprung the trap already, or tried to stop Kisame's full conversion to my side," said Naruto seeing Itachi nod to that sense of logic.

"What now?" said Itachi seeing the army around him cautiously put away their weapons.

"First, we're going to destroy Iwa completely. However, that mission is not the one I have for you, and the one I do have requires more in terms of diplomacy. I'm sending you to Spring Country to bring about an alliance and trade agreement with Whirlpool. At the same time, I need you to change the minds of her advisors since they were loyalty to the Leaf, and are no doubt pressuring her even now to make war with me," said Naruto, as he saw a look of relief on Itachi's face in not having to be apart of Iwa's destruction, and was silently grateful for it.

"Am I going with him?" said Kisame seeing Naruto shake his head no.

"No. Your appearance will bring fear where it is not needed. You assist in Iwa's invasion and flood the village with water like I know you can. We're going to turn village of Stone into the village of mud! Once the area is filled with water, you're going to attack them with it, and when the time is right the army will move in to kill them all," said Naruto seeing Kisame raise an eyebrow at an afterthought running through his head.

"No prisoners?" said Kisame wondering if all of Iwa was going to be destroyed and not just the buildings or adults.

"The children will be spared and relocated. Civilian children will go to Wave Country and children from Shinobi families will go to Whirlpool to be trained properly by the Uzukage. My wife and mate Hinata," said Naruto seeing the two former members of the Akatsuki nod in understanding.

'Just like he did with the Leaf,' thought Itachi, as sailors on the ships that did trade with Whirlpool noticed a lot of kids, but none of them seemed to belong to the adults, and made them wonder if they were orphans.

The plan to deal with Iwa only confirmed Itachi's suspicions of what happened to the children of Konoha.

Still, it was a good plan, and an honorable one in sparing the children death while giving them a purpose in life.

A plan Itachi could get behind.

"When do I leave?" said Itachi knowing the sooner the better.

"Now. The sooner the better. Head to the port slightly Southeast of here in Fire Country where my fleet is docked. Take this with you. By wearing this special emblem on your shoulders, it shows proof to everyone that you are one of my loyal subordinates, and that I trust you. When you find the ship you want, tell its Captain to set a course for Spring Country while sailing under diplomatic flags, and keep things civil. Another thing you need to do is change into something more specific to Whirlpool and it just so happens I can accommodate you," said Naruto handing the special Whirlpool emblem to Itachi and then motions for some of his men to bring over some extra armor plus helmet meant more for the Elves.

But it still suited Itachi nonetheless at the moment considering it was better then the Akatsuki cloak and hat over his old Leaf ANBU uniform. Besides, this was more of a disguise for Itachi then an actual full fledged change in his wardrobe, and allow the Uchiha a chance to meet the Daimyo of Spring Country instead of being executed on the spot.

"I won't fail you my Lord," said Itachi bowing before leaving for his intended destination.

"I know. Just do your best. That's all I ask of my subordinates," said Naruto seeing Itachi fade into the shadows of the forest area around them.

"The remaining Akatsuki won't go down without a fight Naruto-sama," said Kisame, as he knew the remaining members in the group would be difficult to beat, and could lead to heavy causalities for the new Kyuubi's army.

"I know. That's why when we confront them, we have to make sure they're all dead, and stay dead long after its over," said Naruto seeing Kisame nod in understanding.

"I can do that," said Kisame grinning looking forward to that fight.

"I know you will," said Naruto, as he already had things planned out in fighting the last remaining members of the Akatsuki, and bring peace to the Elemental Countries through his hands.

(Whirlpool-At the Moment)

"So you all wish to be with my Naruto-kun. Am I hearing you correctly?" said Hinata, as she saw the four women in her office looking mildly embarrassed at the question, but still just as determined nonetheless, and they each nodded their heads respectfully.

"We felt it was best to speak to you first about this Uzukage-sama since you are his mate after all," said Yugito seeing Hinata narrow her eyes at the four of them.

"You should know I don't like the idea of sharing my mate with anyone. It makes me feel like I'm not enough for my mate and someone else is required to pick up the slack," said Hinata, as she saw the women getting even more nervous under her eyes, and was gently tapping a clawed finger on the arm rest of her chair.

"It's not that at all Uzukage-sama. Its just...with Naruto-sama being the Feudal Lord of Whirlpool, it is expected of him to have more then one lover, and with all do respect...the man will have certain needs after you become pregnant with his child," said Fu, as she saw Hinata's eyes glaze over when the words "pregnant with his child" were spoken, and it didn't take a genius to see that was the Hyuuga's grand dream to have Naruto's child before the woman snapped out of her dream state.

"I see. Well, I can certainly understand that since my Naruto-kun is a man after all, and with me being pregnant would block any kind of release he may require. I will take your words under advisement and speak to him about the idea upon his return. Dismissed!" said Hinata, as she went back to doing the necessary paperwork for the day, and speak to Hanabi still living in Isengard about restoring their clan within their still slowly growing Shinobi village when older.

Hinata had seen the way her little sister looked at Konohamaru so it wouldn't be hard to get them together and since the boy was the last of his clan it wouldn't complicate matters if Moegi became interested in the young Sarutobi too. It actually made Hinata realize that letting Naruto have others be attached to them wasn't that bad an idea either, as Naruto was now caring the status of a Feudal Lord now, and each Daimyo did have more then one female companion outside of his wife to make sure there was at least one child of their family bloodline alive. The four women, who came to her about wanting to be with Naruto clearly wanted to for all the right reasons, even if not stated by either woman of the group, and it would go against her kind nature to deny these women what they felt on account it was similar to her own love for the Namikaze.

She would definitely talk to Naruto about this later.

(Iwa-1 Week Later)

The Tsuchikage was afraid, as he had every right to be on account of his village being destroyed by the very person, who destroyed their rival village, and at the hands of the son of their most hated enemy from the previous war. Even more terrifying was the fact Roshi, Han, and Hoshigaki Kisame were helping in the siege of the village with an army behind them.

It was bad enough each Shinobi was a one man army, but to have an actual army made things worse, and with two of the three Shinobi knowing every detail of the village made things worse. There was no escape route his forces could take, no hidden surprise that could be used against the opposition, and no outside force capable of flanking them.

'So this is how it ends for Iwa and on my watch no less. How did everything go so very wrong?' thought the Tsuchikage, who watched from the top of his Kage tower, and soon sensed a someone behind him.

"Any regrets you wish to speak of before you die?" said Naruto calmly bringing out his treasured glaive he used back in Middle Earth while dripping with the blood of a few now dead Iwa Shinobi.

"No. But could I ask you one question?" said the Tsuchikage seeing Naruto nod.

"What's the question?" said Naruto simply.

"What did I do wrong? What could I have done to cause me to lose everything?" said the Tsuchikage seeing Naruto smirking.

"Do you really not see it? Are you that blind?" said Naruto seeing the Tsuchikage looking hesitant to speak for a second.

"I must be considering I can't see the reason behind Roshi and Han leaving Iwa for you," said the Tsuchikage seeing Naruto shake his head.

"Its because you treated Han and Roshi like they were mindless weapons meant to just do your bidding. They didn't want a life like that. Nor did they deserve it," said Naruto, as he saw the Tsuchikage grimace, and no doubt tried to deny the truth.

"Demon vessels are meant to be one thing and one thing only! Weapons. Weapons of war to be used to wipe out our enemies. That is how things have been since before I was even born!" said the Tsuchikage definitely.

"And yet we are. The Leaf is now gone, Iwa is soon to join it, and all because of one very simple if not almost identical act done by both villages. You have both hated us for what we were, even if we had been made by you all the same, and made our lives very miserable without remorse while thinking that we live only to serve cruel Masters like yourself," said Naruto seeing the Tsuchikage still trying to deny the truth.

"You make it sound as if your kind actually deserves to be treated with respect just like any other normal human beings. You're not! You're just monsters! Monsters humans had created and like anything else we create...we can destroy!" said the Tsuchikage definitely, but the man was soon silenced by a diagonal slice made by the glaive, which left a nasty deep gash on the Kage's torso, and the man was forced to his knees.

"That's if we were born monsters. We are humans turned into monsters and therefore are immune to dying at the hands of our so called 'creators' responsible for making us this way. You only have yourselves to blame. When you see my Godparents in Hell, tell them I said hello, and thanks for nothing," said Naruto before taking off the Tsuchikage's head clean off his body.

"Iwa has fallen Naruto-sama," said Han appearing behind Naruto and seeing the dead body of the Tsuchikage.

"Good. Find out where the children are, blindfold them all, and quietly escort them to the transports we have that will take them to our temporary base near Taki. Fu will be there to meet and assist you in taking them through that area to the ports that will take them either to Wave or Whirlpool," said Naruto seeing Han nod before going about giving the order.

With Iwa now wiped out, only one last threat to Naruto, his mate, and the stability of the Elemental Countries remained in effect.

Its name was the Akatsuki.

And according to Kisame, their HQ was located in Ame, and was ready for assaulting.

(Akatsuki HQ-1 Week Later)

"Itachi and Kisame have betrayed Akatsuki," said Pein seeing Konan, Zetsu, and Uchiha Madara secretly disguised as Tobi.

"Is this confirmed information?" said Konan seeing Pein nod.

"What spies we have left working for us have seen Uchiha Itachi speaking to the Spring Country Daimyo wearing the armor of Whirlpool and Kisame was seen assisting in the destruction of Iwa. They no longer wear the cloaks, hats, and rings of the Akatsuki," said Pein seeing Zetsu becoming nervous and so was Konan.

"What should we do Pein-sama?" said Konan seeing Pein was deep in thought.

"I don't know. The only thing that comes to mind is become dormant until the time is right to strike and take down the Kyuubi vessel when he least suspects it," said Pein before an explosion shook the meeting room around them.

"Were under attack!" said the white half of Zetsu in an panicked voice.

"Everyone for themselves!" said the dark half of Zetsu just as panicky.

"Am I interrupting or can anyone join this meeting," said Naruto walking into the room with Fu, Kisame, Itachi, Roshi, Han Yugito, and a mixed army of warriors ready to kill the opposition at a moments notice.

"You!" said Pein narrowing his Rinnegan eyes at Naruto, who smiled at him, and brought out his sword.

"What? You were expecting Santa Claus? The Easter Bunny perhaps?" said Naruto, as he looked at the orange colored mask wearing member of the Akatsuki with one eye hole try to move away from the group.

"Don't bother Madara. They know and are prepared for your attempt to escape. Same with you Zetsu," said Itachi seeing Madara's form stiffen slightly and then slowly remove his mask to reveal his face to them.

"Of course they know. You told them about me Itachi," said Madara coldly while his Sharingan activated and stared right at Naruto.

"Don't bother trying Madara. I'm immune to your attempts to manipulate me with your eyes and so are the others," said Naruto having taken measures using the Ring of Power to create a special shield over them that negated such a power.

Madara scowled.

"I will rule this world boy. All will bow to me as they should have when I fought Senju Harashima for the right to be Hokage and there is nothing you can do to stop my dream from becoming reality!" said Madara drawing his sword out and preparing to attack the Namikaze.

"Fool. Focus on the others. Madara is mine," said Naruto seeing them nod and charged them while the Namikaze went after the oldest Uchiha in existence.

Naruto and Madara clashed violently against the other. Each looking their foe dead in the eyes, their chakra clashing, causing dimensional friction between the two of them, and shook the large room with each clash of their power. Nothing around them seemed to matter, as the two titans of power, and rage clashed with each being intent on being the superior force between them. Their chakra lashed out at everything in sight, destroying the ground, the walls, and pieces of the ceiling above.

"You won't win boy. I will become the one true God of this world. Even Kami and the Shinigami will bow to my will!" said Madara trying to get through Naruto's guard, but finding it impossible to do so, and all the while his opponent just grinned at him like it was a game.

"What is it with you arrogant Uchiha and the desire to become a God? 'I must be the best at everything', 'I am the superior being', and 'all will tremble at my feet' gets annoying. Are you sure you're not compensating for something?" said Naruto seeing Madara now getting angrier and trying his best to crush the Namikaze no matter knowing what would happen in a few years time in the demon's reemergence into the world.

Seeing an opening, Naruto took it, and cut both of the Uchiha's hand at the wrists before kicking him away into the statue that was meant to hold all nine demons. Seeing how this thing as a major threat to his Generals, Gaara, the Raikage's younger brother, and then the three-tailed beast swimming around somewhere in the ocean the strongest of the nine-tailed beasts decided it was high time to take out the key means to the Akatsuki's plans. Singling his archers to prepare to fire with explosive tags attached to the arrows, Naruto motioned them to fire at the statue, and soon hundreds of arrows flew through the air at the demonic thing.

Madara looked at the arrows all hissing, counting down to the end for when they would detonate, and destroy the statue. Leaping away, the Uchiha barely managed to get away from the blast, but no sooner had he escaped did appear behind him, and was practically covered in demonic chakra.

'This cannot be happening. This was not suppose to happen!' thought Madara, as he tried to figure out someway to defend himself, but it was far too late, and Naruto brought his sword down on the man's face before slicing him completely in half while the demonic chakra destroying the rest of the oldest Uchiha.

"The statue! Its gone!" said Konan, as the one beast they captured had been freed, and its spirit flying out of the room to materialize elsewhere.

"So is the leader calling the shots in the shadows. Right Pein?" said Naruto seeing the man glaring at him hatefully at him focused his other Paths to the Namikaze.

"We would have changed the world for the better. No more war. No more suffering. No more needless death!" said Pein seeing Naruto shake his head.

"And what about the death of myself and the others. Wouldn't our deaths be needless? Wouldn't those, who care about us be suffering, and in pain? Why not sacrifice incurably sick people so we continue to live after the extraction? Why not use ruthless criminals that have no conscious instead of just us? You say you don't want anymore wars, but what you're doing is gearing up for one big war, and it could kill everyone. I don't know about you, but I'd rather not rule over dead people since it takes the fun out of things, and I like to have fun all the time," said Naruto seeing the different Paths charge him, but were flanked by the others, and Konan was finding herself unable to use her paper ability properly due to the massive wave of water Kisame threw at her.

Poor Zetsu didn't even have a chance to fight, as he had been quickly sliced in half by the swordsman's weapon when things first started, and simply forgotten.

"You are beaten. Surrender now and I will grant you a position in Whirlpool worthy of your abilities. I do not wish to kill you since it is clear your goals are noble if just a bit misguided," said Naruto seeing Pein glaring defiantly and Konan being unsure about it.

"I won't be your slave. I am a God. And a God does not follow someone like you!" said Pein, as he charged Naruto, but the Namikaze moved faster, and grabbed him by the face with his right hand.

"I'm sorry you feel that way. In another lifetime, we could have been brothers, or at least close cousins. I sense that much from you...from my Mother's side," said Naruto before channeling demonic chakra through his arm, into his hand, and then obliterated Pein with his power.

The power behind the attack traveled through the invisible connection to the real Pein had over the others and upon reaching the source of them all had killed the man behind the Six Peins.

All that was left now was Konan.

"He's gone. He's gone," said Konan, as she collapse to her knees at seeing the other Paths fall moments later to signify the real Pein was indeed dead.

"I'm sorry. I really am. I can tell by your sorrow he was special," said Naruto walking towards the woman, who now looked up, and saw his sad eyes.

"He just wanted to make the world stop this ridiculous fighting for power," said Konan crying before Naruto kneeled down in front of her.

"I know. As I said your intentions were pure, but the means to make them reality were not, and it was why you failed. However, if you side with me, we can make that dream a reality, and bring about the peace long dreamed for. You are the only one capable of bringing the people of Ame together now and together we can finally bring peace to the Elemental Countries," said Naruto seeing Konan look at him for a long moment and then nod in agreement.

"Anything you wish of me I will do...Naruto-sama," said Konan, as she took the back of his ring hand, and kissed it to prove her new found loyalty.

"Thank you Konan. Now, let's get out of here, and prepare Ame for the ground shaking news you're going to do deliver," said Naruto seeing the woman nod and the two got to their feet.

"Yes Naruto-sama," said Konan knowing an announcement would have to be made and soon.


It had been several years since the last few remnants within the Elemental Countries had been put down and a relative peace had fallen over it. Oh there was a few bits of fighting here and there, but nothing to cause enough of a spark to trigger a massive war to bring an end to it. The remaining Shinobi villages had formed peace with each other, finding balance in what Naruto had created after crushing the Akatsuki organization along with the Leaf, Iwa, and Sound village. The Feudal Lords of the Elemental Countries had been allowed to travel to Whirlpool to meet with Naruto on his reasons for crushing these three villages.

When each Daimyo returned to their respected countries, many were surprised by the Feudal Lords actions in setting up trade rights, and peaceful alliance based relationships with Naruto. They had effectively given Naruto a massive amount of influence over the Elemental Countries and with various people loyal to him in control of certain aspects within the courts of all the different Daimyos. What many didn't know was that Naruto had used the Ring of Power to bend the weak-minded Daimyos to his will with only the Spring Country Daimyo not being exposed to its power. She had found love in the form of Uchiha Itachi after meeting with him on his diplomatic mission there and Itachi had admitted the woman was indeed remarkable in her own right. So Naruto not only let the marriage happen, but was a witness to it, and wished the two a happy marriage.

As for Naruto himself, the Feudal Lord of Whirlpool had found himself surrounded by six lovely women on his bed when he wasn't running Whirlpool itself. Yugito, Fu, Anko, Shizune, and Temari later on in accordance with her choosing to be with him via political marriage between them. Naruto was a bit reluctant at first, not because of Temari herself, but rather her being used by Gaara in the form of an object to solidify an alliance between Suna, and Whirlpool in an effort to keep each side in a stronger relationship. However, Temari had confessed to Naruto that she had liked him, and had volunteered willingly knowing that any other female Shinobi would seen it as a mission.

Temari didn't.

Hence why after speaking with Hinata, it was decided that Temari would join Naruto's little group of concubines, which was the official term used since he had already married Hinata, and joined the other girls who wished to be his lovers. Even now, Hinata was currently pregnant with their third child having already given him twin sons, Anko was six Months along carrying a what she said felt like a girl, Shizune was at three Months, and the other girls desperately trying to have kids of their own though they wanted to space out the times their fellow "Sisters" were pregnant since they didn't want to deprive their stud of a lover of being satisfied while they were carrying his child.

That would be cruel!

"You spoil me," said Naruto with his pregnant lovers on his left side and other three on the right all holding onto him lovingly.

"You more then earned it," said Hinata, as she snuggled up against him, and kissed his cheek.

In the next room, the twins cried out for one of their parents to see them, and Naruto could only laugh knowing it would be him that took care of them.

"The twins are calling. I don't want to be a bad Father and neglect them," said Naruto kissing each of his girls and then got off the bed wearing his bathrobe before he went to check on his children.

"You're never be a bad Father Naruto-kun. You're perfect," said Hinata seeing Naruto stop at he door and smirk back at her.

"Its because I have all of you here in my heart. Not this on my finger," said Naruto before he went to check on the twins and felt that after everything that had happened to him he was finally...complete!


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