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The Venus de Milo.

A ancient Greek statue and one of the most famous works of ancient Greek sculpture. Created at some time between 130 and 100 BC, it is believed to depict Aphrodite (Venus to the Romans) the Greek goddess of love and beauty. It is a marble sculpture, slightly larger than life size at 203 cm (6 ft 8 in) high. From an inscription that was on its plinth, it is thought to be the work of Alexandros of Antioch; it was earlier mistakenly attributed to the master sculptor Praxiteles. It is at present on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris. (A/N Thank God for Wikipedia)

So yes I also know that its arms are missing. Hello those producers gave me the stereotype of High IQ for a reason.

Oh sorry for you unfortunate few with no brain and has yet to decipher my identity my name is Noah, yes the Noah from Total Drama Island. The same Noah who has, um, feelings for a loveable tech geek, yes Cody what are you some kind of moron?

Anyway these *cough* feelings have led for me to have some what of a soft spot for the boy. Let me tell you it takes a special person to make me feel anything, especially when it's this strong. I have also developed a burning pit of hate for his stalker, Serria.

When I heard Cody made her cry I felt overjoyed. I couldn't help but smile as I saw her stuffing her face with ice-cream, nice.

But then reality set in. Cody made her cry, so she would be most likely useless in the next challenge. So if they lost Serria and Cody would be up on the chopping block. Serria would vote for Cody out of spite, Courtney would forget about Heather long enough to realize how useless he is (face it he's no Iron Man), Gwen just wants him out of her hair, Heather will just be happy knowing she's not going home, and Cody would feel so guilty he'd voted for himself. I do not want him gone.

So I pulled a Trent.

Yes a Trent. I made it look like I was working hard when in reality I was trying to blow the challenge. You know like Trent did for Trent in Total Drama Action? Geez, never mind, watch the show.

It really wasn't all that hard. First they made me go trough lasers so that got rid of all guilt and regret I would ever have. The difficult part was when we had to put it together. I was going to have to come up with something cunning, something genius, something….

"Hey you got some of you Venus in our David!" or that works too.

I quickly picked up their arms, no one noticed, perfect.

After that everything went smoothly. Alejandro was too engrossed in the picture of a fake naked woman to help (Really who dose that? And on international T.V. too! sick). Owen and I agreed that he should keep Izzy away. That girl can break even the most unbreakable thing!

Then there was two. Tyler I was never really worried about, but he unknowingly played a big part in my plan. That illegible gibberish he was spouting definitely helped. It also set us back to return the legs. I wanted to kill Alejandro, though. How dare he insult my intelligence by pointing out the bluntly obvious! Wait, calm down it was your plan Noah; he just played a part in it, yha.

Looking back I really shouldn't have underestimated Team Viceroys moronic behavior. Of course they were going to lose. I was jut a bit worried is all, yup, just worried.

I would do anything for Cody. Why? Because it takes a special type of person to make me worry and Cody is more special to me than Serria will even ever know.