I love Indiana Jones and Doctor Who. I love crossovers. Here's hoping this fic will have the best of both worlds. This is my first chaptered fanfiction on this site. Doctor Who is not my property, and neither is Indiana Jones. If I owned either, I would be working for either the BBC or Lucasfilms Ltd. Either way I'd be quite happy.

Somewhere in South America…

Indiana Jones brushed aside a low-hanging branch and stepped over an old fallen log covered in tropical lichens. He pulled his fedora down slightly to shield his eyes from the bright sunrise facing him. As he got closer to the edge of the forest, he could make out a figure on the horizon. Female, he noted. He pulled his whip out of his belt holster cautiously as he neared the forest's edge.

"Help?" shouted the woman on the horizon. Indy could see her somewhat more clearly; she was sinking into the horizon. Quicksand.

"HELP! For the love of God, someone help!"

Indy began to run toward the woman. He held his whip over his head, prepared to crack it at any sign of threat.


Indy fell facedown in some dirt. He had tripped on a rock, of all things. A goddamn rock. He picked himself up, wiped the dirt off his face, and resumed running.

"I'm coming, sweetheart!" shouted Indy. "Don't struggle! Quicksand will just consume you faster if you struggle!"

"Okay!" said the woman. She had a British accent, Indy noticed.

He finally made it to the woman. She was in her 20s, Indy approximated, and was from London. She had her hair up in an elaborately spiky bun. And yes, she was panicking. Not struggling like he asked, but still panicking.

"What's your name, sweetheart?" asked Indy, offering his hand for her to grab onto. She grabbed on, and he pulled her, somewhat effortlessly, out of the quicksand. She dusted herself off.

"My name's Doctor Jones. Doctor Martha Jones," she answered, "and who might you be?"

Indy stared incredulously at Martha. "I… I… I'm Professor Henry Jones, Junior," Indy stammered. "You can call me Indiana Jones, or…"

"Doctor Jones?" asked Martha, somewhat sarcastically,

"Haha… yeah… about that," said Indy, shrugging. don't call me Doctor Jones, Doctor Jones – see, now I'm confused!"

"Okey dokey, Doctor Jones," said Martha, bemused.

"Seriously, Doctor Jones, stop calling me that," asked Indy sharply.

"Fine, fine, whatever…. Doctor Jones."

"GODDAMNIT, WOMAN, stop calling me Doctor Jones! I'm Indy, or Indiana Jones. Not Doctor Jones, because you're Doctor Jones. I'm only called Doctor Jones when I'm back at Marshall College. I'm head of the history department and I'm a teacher."

"Well, Indiana Jones, I'm a time traveler."

"…say that again?"

"I'm Martha Jones, and I'm a time traveler."

"OK… you're joking. Tell me you're joking. What year were you born?"

"1985," answered Martha coolly.

"Errm… well… this changes everything," said Indy.

There's more to come!