Meanwhile, on the Dalek mothership….

The Daleks gathered in the main chamber of their ship. The Supreme Dalek, shiny and white, stood at the front of the group. Next to the Supreme stood a yellow Eternal Dalek acting as a bodyguard.

"We will exterminate The Doctor!" said the Supreme Dalek.

"Ex-ter-mi-nate The Doctor!" chorused the others.

"We will exterminate all companions and allies of The Doctor!"


The Supreme Dalek gyrated in approval. "We will find the nearest traces of the Doctor or any ally of his and Ex-ter-mi-nate them!"

Suddenly, a rush of energy and a blast of light filled the chamber and Martha Jones and Indiana Jones appeared, Indy rather dumbstruck at the fact he had just time-travelled. Martha looked round at the colourful Daleks and broke into a bemused grin.

"Rainbow Daleks? Really? Where are those dastardly metallic ones? I mean, the ones I'm familiar with. These can't be evil Daleks… they're rainbow coloured. Show me real Daleks, you circus freaks!" Martha said with a smirk.

"You DARE insult the pure Dalek race? We are the REAL Daleks! We will EXTERMINATE you! EXTERMINATE!" roared the Supreme Dalek, "Daleks, EXTERMINATE the companion of the Doctor!" The Daleks began to charge toward Martha and Indy.

"Doctor Jones, what are these things?" asked Indy, rather terrified. "They look like trash cans with plungers for heads!"

"They're Daleks, Doctor Jones," explained Martha. "They're the most feared beings in all the universe. Their goal is to exterminate all species except the Dalek race – including the Doctor."

"Then what do we do?" screamed Indy.

"D'you have a gun?"

"I do, in fact, have a gun. I'm not a perfect shot with it, but I have one."

"Then aim for the freaking eyepiece!"

Indy pulled his pistol out of his belt holster and shot at an incoming Dalek. The bullet hit the Dalek square in the eyepiece, blinding it.

"Nooo! My vision has been exterminated!" said the Dalek painfully.

"Nice shot, Doctor Jones," said Martha encouragingly. "Now there's only about fifty more in this room…"

"GRAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! DIE, YOU TRASHCAN-HEADED FREAKS!" Indy shot his pistol wildly, hitting about six Dalek eyepieces in the process.

"Daleks! Exterminate them!" ordered the Supreme Dalek. The Daleks who were not yet disabled by Indy's gunshots began to fire lasers of their own.

"Dalek shots are instant death! Dodge them, Indy!" shouted Martha over the blasts of the Dalek fire. She had begun to join Indy in the fight, using a small laser pistol of her own to blind the Daleks coming her way. After about ten more direct shots, Indy ran to Martha in a panic.

"Damn it, I'm out of bullets!"

"Use your whip?" suggested Martha.

"How in the name of the Crystal Skull of Akator would my whip defeat an alien robot?" said Indy, flustered.

"Just try it, Doctor Jones!"

"All right, all right!" muttered Indy, putting his pistol in its holster and whipping out his bullwhip. "Here goes nothing…"

Will Indy's Earth whip work against alien Dalek technology? Tune in next time, same TARDIS time, same TARDIS channel.