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Harry couldn't feel his body anymore but Vernon didn't need to know that. The fat ass was trying to beat him into submission. Key word: trying. He was kind amused in the middle of the extreme pain. Vernon had come in swingging for a while but after 10 minutes of punching him black and blue the man was so sluggish Harry was now holding him up. The funny part was that the man was still swingging at him, mostly hitting himself and cursing at Harry rather colorfully.

"You brat. Just because you grew this summer you think it gives you the right to hit me! I'll show you, you freak!" Vernon yelled as he went to slap him. Harry had finally had a growth spurt and not even the years of starvation and beatings had stopped him from growing to 5'5" in a month, a record considering he was 4'11" when the summer started. He had had double chores all summer and, while he was still skinny as hell, he now had some muscles to show off. His 6-pack didn't hurt either.

Harry dodged the slap and the man actually twirled and fell on the bed, breaking the box spring and causing the bed to fall on the floor. He sat on the window seat and stared at his broken arm. The bone was sticking out and he realized he'd been bleeding profusely now that the adrenaline rush left him.. As he fell unconsious, he couldn't help but wonder who was gonna save him this time.


Severus shot up in bed as Harry went unconsious. He ran out the bedroom door and banged on Lucius's door franticly. He knew he had to calm down but right know all he could think about was saving his soulmate. The door burst open and Lucius grabbed his arm and pulled him in.

"Is there a reason as to why you are banging on my door at 3 in the morning?" Lucius asked him, somehow managing to make him feel tiny under his gaze, which was saying something considering his 6 feet 4 inches made him 8 inches taller than Lucius.

"Harry is in trouble." Was all he said but it was enough.



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