Let us see what the future has in store for our favorite hero.


Remus and Sirius opened the door to the hospital wing with a plan. They didn't know how Harry would react to everything but they had to take away the compulsions and that meant telling him part of the truth with said compulsions still in place, something neither of them was looking forward to doing. He could become violent or simply shut down and stop responding to anyone but Dumbledore. That fact alone made them hesitate for a moment but it didn't stop them. Sirius was the first to reach Harry and pull him into a hug, holding him as tightly as possible without hurting him. Harry beamed and hugged him back. He had missed Sirius and Remus during the part of the summer he spent at the Dursleys. Sirius managed to let go, finally, and Remus hugged Harry, though not for as long as Sirius did.

"Harry, how do you feel?" Sirius asked, sitting next to Harry on the bed while Remus settled on the chair next to him. Harry smiled at them. As usual his godfathers were more worried about him than themselves.

"I'm fine. Whatever Madame Pomfrey gave me has made me feel a lot better." Harry said.

"Harry, you should know better than to take anything without knowing what it is." Remus lectured.

"I was kidding Remy. Madam Pomfrey just gave me a nutrient potion because I won't be eating in a while. Where are we by the way?" Harry asked. He noticed they both paled at the question and quickly said "If I can know of course. I know Headmaster Dumbledore often considers it safer for me not to know the details." He was incredibly curious as to where they had brought him but he usually knew better than to ask. Something about this place made him feel... safe, calm, like he didn't have to watch what he said every time he opened his mouth.

"Harry... No one knows you're here." Remus said, hesitating at the possibility that Harry would react worse than they expected. When he merely tilted his head to the side Remus continued. "Some friends of ours helped us bring you here because we have reason to believe Dumbledore has cast several spells on us that are, not only considered very dark and illegal, but also very dangerous because they can not only twist a person's personality, but also how the person reacts to others. We think he may have cast these types of spells not only on you, but on others as well."

Harry's eyes when wide as the explanation sunk in. He had read about compulsion spells after Barty Crouch Jr.(as Moody) had tested their resistance against The Imperius Curse. He felt something inside him react to the explanation, wanting to lash out but now that he knew it was the compulsion spells he stopped the reaction, closing his fists as the sensation faded a little. He was acutely aware of his magic lashing against it until it caved, the need to lash out receding for the moment.

"Can they be taken off?" Harry asked, desperately hoping the answer was yes. He knew that, if left unchecked, compulsion spells could change a person's very being, including how their magic reacted in certain situations.

"We hope so. Remy and I can only remove one each because of the amount of magic it takes but we decided to take out the most important two and let a friend deal with the others." Sirius said putting his hand on Harry's shoulder reassuringly. "We can do it now or we can wait until you're better rested."

"Do it now. Leaving them any longer might do some lasting damage." Harry said, fearing for his magic and the damage the spells might have cause to it.

Sirius got up and pointed his wand at Harry putting all his power behing the counter-spell. It was wordless, needing the person's will rather than an actual incantation to guide it. He met some resistance but the spell caved. It may have been Dumbledork to cast it but it wasn't full strength. Harry felt himself sag a little and his adoration for Dumbledore disappear, leaving his memories and judgement unclouded to the wrongs of the Headmaster. Remus cast the second counter. This one changed his perspective of Voldemort and unlocked something within him. He watched his memories as they raced through his mind like a movie on fast-foward, stopping at moments when the compulsion had clouded his judgment of Dumbledore's actions and watching a memory he'd been Obliviated of...


"Harry, We don't have to fight. Let me help you escape their control." Memory-Voldemort said, only... He didn't look like the Voldemort Harry remembered. If fact, he looked more like he had in the diary except his eyes were a shade of crimson red that looked far too close to blood to be normal. Harry saw himself look at the man like he'd grown a second head and proclaimed his love for muggles.

"Like hell you will! You'd rather see me dead. Well, not today!" Memory-Harry said before he grabbed Cedric and the Cup and disappered. The scene changed and he was standing at the gargoyle to the Headmaster's office when he heard voices coming from the staircase.

"You need to watch Harry more closely. He nearly discovered the truth yesterday at the graveyard. If I hadn't Obliviated him he would have asked too many questions I don't have the answer to." Memory-Dumbledore said.

"Don't worry, Headmaster, I have it under control. I will keep him in-check. After that fight at the beginning of the year, he's desperate to keep our 'friendship'. I'll also talk to my sister. I'm sure she would love to be the next Mrs. Potter. I'll have to be a little more careful though because Granger, the damned mudblood, keeps getting in my way." He recognized the voice as Ron's and he was shocked. 'That... That... That arsehole! When I get my hands on him I'll-' His thoughts were cut off as Memory-Dumbledore and Memory-Ron stepped from behind the gargoyle. They took one look at him and Memory-Dumbledore raised his wand...


Harry felt a hand on his arm and opened his eyes, vaguely wondering when he had closed them. He looked at Remus, taking in his worried expression and realized he'd been out for a while.

"How long have I been out?" He asked. He wanted to scream, to cry but he stopped himself. It would do him no good to go crazy right now.

"Almost 20 minutes. You fell back on your own and just laid there so we took your vitals and let you work through it." Sirius said. "Our friend is standing outside. Do you want to see him now or do you want to rest now and talk to him later?"

"I'll talk to him tomorrow. I need to think right now." Harry said as he laid down and closed his eyes. Sirius and Remus both kissed his forehead and and bid him goodnight and walked out. Harry counted to ten then allowed himself to breakdown and cry until he fell asleep.


Severus, Lucius, Draco and Tom waited outside, sitting with tea just to have something to do other than pace the room from wall to wall. The door opened and Sirius and Remus came out. Harry's crying could be heard softly through the door but Severus held up a hand, feeling Harry's need to be alone. They sat down as the sobs quieted down.

"He needed to be alone. He's sleeping now." Severus said, feeling their eyes on him. They were his family but having them stare at him would always unnerve him.