A Webkinz Wedding

I don't own Webkinz.

We walked on the shore, hand in hand. The sun warming the air, the water rushing to our ankles. It was incredible. Tyler stopped walking when we reached an empty spot on the beach. He pulled a little box from his pocket, and got down on one knee. In a second I knew what he was meaning to do. "Allisyn Kylee Kinz, will you marry me?" He asked, his perfect brown eyes melting into mine. I placed the ring on my finger. "Yes," I answered. He smiled, got up from his knee, pulled me closer, and started to kiss me.

The flashback from the day he proposed to me lingered in my head. I stared at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a white dress, my fur all done special, my face covered in makeup. "Alli, come on, it's time." My cousin Kayla pounded on the door. "Okay, okay," I opened the door.

"You look really pretty." Kayla said. I smiled. "Thank you." My father walked over and grabbed my hand. "It's time." He murmured, leading me into the room. I spotted Tyler next to the preist, a huge grin on his face.

Finally, after moving .3 MPH, we reached Ty. The preist went on. "…Do you, Tyler James Fluffington take Allisyn Kylee Kinz to be your wife?" "I do." Ty answered. "And, do you Allisyn Kylee Kinz take Tyler James Fluffington to be your husband?" "I do." I said, smiling. "You are no husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." The preist announced. Ty pulled my body to his, and we kissed.

I hope you liked it. Just a short story about mine and my brother's webkinz pug's and how their wedding went.