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Back to the Future II

Dean woke with a start and grabbed Kayla by the wrist as she went for her gun. "It's okay." He kissed the top of her hand and laid it back on the bed; her heart beat hard against her chest. "Sorry."

"What's wrong?" She let the air back into her lungs.

"Anna…she was in my dream and no, not like that. She told me to meet her, said it was important."

"That's a face we haven't seen in awhile."

"Yeah…call Cas. I'm gonna wake up Sam." He rolled off the bed and grabbed his phone.

Kayla let her adrenaline die down and took her phone off the nightstand. So much for morning grogginess.

"Kayla what's wrong?" He sounded immediately concerned, no doubt due to timing. They should still be asleep.

"Not sure yet. Anna busted in to Dean's dream. She…"

"What did she say?"

She nearly came out of her skin as his voice was right beside the bed and she dropped her phone. "I sure as hell don't need coffee this morning."

He was distracted. "Anna, what did she want?"

Dean was hanging up with Sam. "She said to meet her right away because she didn't have much time. I think she needs help."


"Two two five industrial. You know what this is about?"

"No, but it doesn't sound good. Anna was imprisoned, she was…retrained."

Dean eyed him, trying not to sound accusing. "Yeah, she said you turned her in." It was a failed attempt, it came out a little demanding.

Can grimaced, it was a decision he wasn't proud of. "That was a long time ago, and it's too late to change it. The fact of the matter is, if she's out…"

"She escaped." Dean corrected.

He shook his head. "Impossible."

"But Cas she…"

"I'll go. It isn't a discussion. If she truly needs help, or wants to help, I'll bring her to you." He didn't sound too convinced about that outcome. There was a fierce protectiveness in his expression and he disappeared before they could argue with him.

Kayla sighed and pulled the covers away, she looked longingly at her comfortable sleep shorts and tank top. "I guess I can get dressed now."

A quiet knock came from the door. "It's Sam."

Dean nodded to her and waited for the bathroom door to shut before opening the door for him. "Hey."

He looked exhausted; he didn't get the abrupt awakening that they did. "What's up?"

"Oh you know, angels and the apocalypse." He shut the door. "Anna contacted me and said to meet her, we told Cas and he freaked. He went to talk to her himself."

"So…what you're saying is, there was no reason to wake me up." He put his already-packed bag on the floor.

"Well sorry Sammy, everything seems to be a friggen life or death situation these days. I didn't think you wanted to miss it."

Kayla came out of the bathroom pulling her mussed hair into a pony tail. "I'm gonna grab breakfast."

"Not by yourself." Dean told her; they had to be more careful if there were other angels around. God knows who else was around. Ha. If God knows, he ain't telling.

"I'll go with you." Sam grabbed the keys off the dresser. "It'll keep me awake."

Dean hesitated but gave his silent consent by moving away from the door. "I'll call you when I know anything."

As he started the car, he stopped before putting it into reverse and looked at Kayla. "Why does this feel so awkward all of a sudden?"

"I was just thinking the same thing." She admitted with a shrug. "I guess…we don't really spend that much time alone anymore."

"Yeah I guess." He grimaced and pulled out of the parking lot. "It sucks really, not that we don't spend time alone, just, the reasoning."

Kayla didn't answer him, she knew the reason as well as he did.

"He doesn't trust me." He laughed quietly to himself. "And it's not even a trust issue like, he's afraid I'll hit on you, which is the sad part. He doesn't think I'll protect you." His grip tightened on the steering wheel, like the entire idea of it pissed him off. "It's all about Castiel now."

"That's nothing about you, you know that. Cas just has more, ability to protect. I mean, he's an angel, he can zap you out of trouble."

"Having the ability and desire to are two different things. I mean I know he wants to now, but let's face it, Dean chose him over me a long time ago."

"That's just not true Sam, that's stupid." She defended, though she didn't know how truthful she was being. "You're his brother."

"I'm his brother that let him down, and that lost his trust. You heard it come out of his mouth, things can't be the same."

"Try getting along, that would be different."


"I wasn't really joking. I wish you could see the way you two interact, from an outside standpoint."

The diner parking lot was nearly empty; apparently no one else wanted to get up either. "Well why don't you enlighten me?"

Hell, where to start with that one? "Let's just take hunting. You guys sort of, you parallel hunt."

He laughed and opened his door. "You're gonna break out Psych 101 on me?"

She ignored the sarcasm. "You act like two hunters that happened to be after the same monster. You're both just trying to reach the end result, but you're not helping each other get there."

Sam opened the door for her but didn't respond.

"And when you're not hunting, you're hardly speaking, unless it's about hunting."

He gave her a side glance and snagged one of the menus from the counter. "I don't suppose that would have anything to do with a little brunette that's got him wrapped around her finger?"

"Oh!" She laughed. "So this is my fault now. Isn't that projecting?"

"I just tell it like it is." Sam put in the order for everyone's breakfast; they knew each other well enough to know by now.

"You know, we really put an effort into keeping our extracurricular activities past dark. Sam, if you wanted me to kick back at the hotel so you guys can hang out, you should have said something."

He realized then that he was grasping at straws. It had nothing to do with Kayla; Sam didn't want to hang out with his brother. They hunted, and they did what they could to stand each other with that much.

"All I'm saying, is when Gary did the body swap, before he tried to kill Dean of course." She pointed out. "It was like what you guys should be, as brothers. They worked together on the hunt, they rocked out in the car, they drank together…" She stopped before she could say they were more family than Sam and Dean actually were.

His expression tried to portray indifference. "What do you want from me?"

It was sad to see the change in him. "Nothing, I guess. It's just, the thing with Ruby threw things off. But Dean could still say, 'yeah, he was a dick but he's still my brother.'" She sighed and grabbed the to-go bags. "You're kind of losing the 'he's still my brother' part."

They didn't say much after that. Sam hated that she had a point; they didn't act like brothers. At least before they used to give each other a hard time for their differences, now they just put more distance between them because of them.