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I have been having an Obi/Satine fanfiction bouncing around my brain ever since I saw them on the show together. I love their chemistry throughout the show and am so excited to see that she's back bigger and better than ever in the new trailer for season three.

This is a tester, for I have just gotten over a writers block that's been annoying me for ages.

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"Obi-wan!" his best friend and roommate poked the good-looking teen in the chest. "Come on Dex told me that this big band manager wants to speak to us," the eighteen year old glanced at his excited friend, his sea blue eyes shining in amusement, and the lights of Dex's Bar reflecting of his face in an array of colours.

"We're finally gonna hit the big time!" a dark skinned girl punched the air in celebration whilst the two other males in the band high-fived behind her.

"Yeah we," Anakin Skywalker poked his female friend in the forehead.

"Hey!" Ashoka Tano crossed her arms over her chest and pouted at him, turning to the drummer – Rex – who was leaning against the bar she turned on her puppy dog eyes. "Rex tell him that I'm as much as a part of the band as he is!"

Cody grinned at his cousin who shifted uncomfortably and nudged him. "Yeah Rexsta, tell her,"

Sensing the drummer's awkwardness Obi put a hand on the young teens shoulder. "Your as much as part of this band as any of us here," Ashoka smiled up at him, her brilliant cerulean blue eyes sparkling. "Thanks Obi-wan,"

"Padme!" Anakin had spotted his girlfriend and wrapped his arms securely around her waist, pressing his face into her rowan sweet smelling hair. Ashoka rolled her eyes but didn't comment, instead the teen sat on the bar next to Rex and Cody.

"Hey can I have a normal?" she called over to the friendly bar tender, who automatically started making the drink. Cody raised his eyebrow.

"You shouldn't be drinking at your age 'Soka," he teased, and in reply the sixteen year old rolled her eyes and flipped him off, and Cody scowled in reply - to which Rex roared with laughter.

"Anyway I'm not drinking," the chocolate coloured teen replied. "I'm just having a diet cola with ice and lime,"

"Ooh, lime," Cody grinned at her his white teeth almost shining in the darkened light of the club. "Gone up in the market have we?"

Ashoka didn't get to answer as Rex had punched his cousin's shoulder. "Shush,"

"Phfft," Cody replied, downing half a pint of his beer.

Obi smiled as he leaned against the familiar bar; soaking in the atmosphere he watched Anakin and Padme dance with each other, their arms wrapped around their corresponding torsos tightly. The band had been playing at Dex's Bar for a number of months and where getting increasingly popular with the surrounding music scene and generation. He grinned to himself and picked up his drink, breathing in the smell of one of Dex's famous Tongue Smackers.

"Hey Kenobi!" the auburn haired teen turned to see his friend Mace Windu make his way through the crowded club.

"Hello Mace," he raised a hand in greeting, calm and collected as always. Mace chuckled.

"It's not even the start of term at Temple but the bars already packed!"

"I'm just doin' my job," Dex interrupted the two males and handed Mace his usual drink.

It was frothing slightly and Obi-wan really didn't want to know what is friend was drinking.

"I see by your face that you're not impressed by the drink," Mace grinned his dark eyes shining.

Obi-wan rolled his eyes and smiled at his friend. "I do not find the need to become drunk off my head a week before the new school year,"

"I'm not getting drunk off my head," Mace replied stiffly, taking a swig out of his favourite drink. "I'm just having a drink – what's the problem with that?"

"Hey Mace," Anakin called over the music, a smiling (slightly ruffled) Padme on his arm.


"Aww, still wound up about that prank?" Anakin was grinning from ear to ear and his eyes lit up like Christmas tree bulbs.

"I don't think that pushing my speeder into the swimming pool and then freezing it with liquid nitrogen was a funny prank at all," the darker skinned boy crossed his arms over his chest.

"Cheer up – you got another one didn't you?"

"Not until last week, and that's only because it's a month from my eighteenth,"

"It was Ashoka's idea!"

The teen's head whipped around so fast her neck cricked and her beaded dreadlocks clicked together with the movement. "What was my idea?"

"The speeder prank," Anakin drawled, Padme rolling her eyes, and smacking him in the chest.


"You had no right," she replied. "And even though it was Ashoka's idea she never told you to carry it out,"

"Padme!" Anakin wobbled his bottom lip and pouted, annoyed that his girlfriend had ratted him out.

"Thanks Padme," the Sillian girl grinned and stuck her tongue out at Anakin who blew a raspberry in return.

"Its like working with children," Obi-wan shook his head in defeat, placing a note on the bar to pay for his drink.

"Leavin' so soon?" Rex asked, grinning as Anakin and Ashoka started to bicker.

"I wish…" Obi rubbed away an oncoming stress headache. "I'm just going to get some fresh air, I have to be back to talk to this manager to wants to see the band," getting up the teen pushed his way through the crowd of bodies and made his way outside. The cool Coruscant night air ruffled his neatly kept hair and whipped his trousers around his ankles. Sighing the teen leaned against the clubs wall and shut his eyes to try and stop the oncoming headache.

Opening his eyes he stuffed his hands in his pockets, not noticing as a pretty teenage girl walked by, to the impressive car waiting outside the club on the edge of the block. He heard something drop and realised that her purse had slipped out of her small handbag (it never occurred to him why girls insisted on using bags that small – either have a bag that could keep everything in or just wear something with safe pockets – that was his opinion anyway).

Stooping he picked up the purse, clutching carefully in his hand he called out to the girl. "Excuse me ma'am," he stopped his short jog as she turned, they where only a arms length away from each other. "You dropped your purse," the teen stopped and turned and it was only then when Obi-wan realised how beautiful she looked. She was slim, but her curves were subtle, her moonlike blond hair seemed to flow over her shoulders and come to rest just above her chest.

What he was lost in was her eyes, they shone like crystal blue waterfalls, and spoke of wisdom and experience that was much beyond her age.

"Sorry I didn't catch that," she looked up into his face and Obi-wan swallowed.

He suddenly felt like a naughty school child caught scribbling rude words on the blackboard, and his face flushed red. "Er, your purse," he held out his hand and the black leather flopped into his palm.

"Oh, thank you," she smiled. "I wouldn't know what I'd have done if I'd had lost it," Obi-wan felt a warmth flood through him as her fingers brushed hers when she took the purse out of his hand. "Thanks,"

"Ma'am are you alright?" their moment was broken when a man opened the driver's door.

She nodded in his direction. "I'm fine Merrik," she replied, the driver nodded.

"We'd better be getting back otherwise your father will get worried,"

"Alright," she rested her hand on the open car door and one again thanked Obi-wan. The teen grinned sheepishly and gave her a half wave as she was driven away.

He was sure he recognised those eyes somewhere before…

Shrugging he walked back to the club – and then froze, a whiplash of realisation smashed through him and he couldn't realised how stupid he was to forget her. Turning on his heal he broke into a run, her name being ripped out of his mouth (startling a few pedestrians on the street) as he chased after the black car.


The girl in question knew where she'd seen those wise ocean blue eyes before, and she knew that it had been her Obi, but if her father found out that it had been him, he would have killed him (by his own hands or a assassin – either way would do). Swallowing she wiped away a few stray tears that slipped down her cheeks. Her chauffeur saw her tears and his old eyes crinkled into a fond smile.

"What is it my dear?" he asked gently, his eyes reflected in the main view mirror.

"Just some teenage angst," she gave him a watery smile. "I'll get over it,"

His eyes flicked down into the wing mirror. "You do realise Satine that the boy that gave you your purse is running after the car?"

She froze, and turned in the seat – so he had remembered? Sometimes he was so slow on the uptake. "Merrik!" she didn't mean to sound so demanding. "Stop the car!" as Merrik slowed another car horn blared, and he winced realised that there was a green traffic light at the end of the road. "I'm sorry ma'am but I can't stop here,"

"Damn," Satine swore. "Stop at the corner,"

Defeated Obi-wan doubled over to catch his breath as he saw the car pull around the corner. There was the love of his life whisked away from him in one fatal swoop. Swearing angrily he rose from his crouched position and turned on his heals, he really didn't care what the band manager had to say now… he swallowed and jammed his hands in his pockets. Now that Satine was gone.

He was about to go into the club but he heard footsteps running towards him from behind, and a female voice calling his name.

"Obi-wan!" he stopped, stock-still and whipped around to see Satine pelting towards him on the darkened pavement. In no time at all he had his arms full of the blond teen, and she was clutching his beige jacket almost sobbing in relief. He wrapped his strong arms around her and pressed his face into her hair, breathing in the soft sent.

"Satine, oh my," he nuzzled her hair gently and pressed a soft kiss to it, pulling back she looked up at him, touching his cheek gently and running a hand down the slight stubble of a failed beard.

"Obi, it's so good to see you again,"

He grinned at her. "Likewise,"

"I've missed you," she murmured playing with the lapels of his jacket. Obi-wan cupped her right cheek with his hand, and lowered his head down to hers.

"Missed you too," he whispered, brushing his nose against her and feeling the warm breath of her lips, millimetres away from his. "Satine," he breathed, his old affection and desire almost crushing him.

"Obi," she breathed and leaned up pressing her lips to his. Obi-wan was startled by the force of her kiss but regained himself and wrapped his strong arms around her waist, almost pulling her up off the floor towards him. With one hand he tried to loosen the bun resting on top of her head, giving up when the stubborn thing wouldn't come undone he cupped her cheek, and pulling her closer than he even thought possible. The kiss soon turned into a heated opened mouthed tongue tussle, Satine gripped Obi-wan's shoulders and pressed herself up against him even more. It was odd how Satine's soft curves seemed to mould perfectly into Obi-wan's hard square body.

Soon the need for air arose and the couple reluctantly pulled away, although they were still pressed up against each other, and their nosed brushed. "Satine, I'm sorry-"

His excuse was cut off as Satine pressed her lips up once again to his, making him sigh against her lovingly. "You're sorry about what?"

"Everything," he pulled away and smiled at her, but his and was still resting on her cheek. He was about to pull away but Satine leaned into him, and grinned at his surprised expression.

"Isn't this the part where you ask me for a drink?"

His face broke out in a megawatt smile, his teeth shining pale in the light. Pulling away he gave her a sarcastic bow and straightened up, offering her his arm. "Mi'lady, would you care for a drink?"

Laughing quietly at his mannerisms she took the offered arm and snuggled up to him (surprising him greatly as he knew – from experience – that Satine wasn't normally this affectionate). Slipping his arm from hers he wrapped it confidently around her shoulder, and led her into Dex's Bar, not caring about the consequences for the rest of the night.

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