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"And remember when Tasha decided that she wanted to take Uncle Obi-wan to her dressing up salon?" the teen in question scowled at her fondly.

"I was ambushed with makeup and hairclips! I couldn't escape," Obi-wan replied indigently, although a blush adorned his cheeks as he remembered the excitable three year old chasing him around Satines father's house with a bag of hair clips and a large red lipstick. After they had been dating for around six months Satine's family had almost adopted him into their busy lifestyle, and Satine's niece – the little overactive child that she was – had taken to him almost immediately. Satine hid her smirk in her drink as she took a quick sip, enjoying the way that her old lovers ears seemed to glow red in the dark lighting of the club.

"What have you been doing since…" he trailed off, trying not to remind them of the previous events that split them apart.

"I've been working on my writing, and my journalism, but father insists that I take over his company when I'm ready,"

"You should do what you want to do!" the other teen encouraged indigently.

"What, go against my dictator of a father?" she paused, and Obi covered her small hand with is large one and squeezed it gently.

"You're father only wants the best-"

"What like he wanted the best for you?"

Obi-wan winced and pulled his hand away, Satine immediately missed the warmth and comfort that the small gesture gave her.

"I'm sorry," he apologised. Taking both of her hands into his hand looking into her eyes. "I'm really sorry," he raised his hand up to her face and cupped her cheek. She looked at him, but couldn't meet his eyes.

"You're not the one that's supposed to be sorry,"

"I know," he brought his forehead close to hers, so their lips were millimetres away. "Can we talk about something else maybe?" they were close enough to share each other's breath. Satine looked down to his lips quickly, and then back up to his face, embarrassed that she'd been caught when his eyebrows rose and a almost smug grin slipped across his face.

Well, two can play at that game, she thought. Wriggling slightly she moved in the seat so her leg was slung slightly over his, hooking around his ankle. This time he really did look surprised. Now her smirk mirrored his, and she looped her arms around his neck.

"I think we have a lot of missed time to make up for," she murmured into his ear, her question was answered as Obi-wan's arms snaked around her waist and pulled her down to his level, so they went unnoticed in the small booth at the corner of the room.

Pressing a quick kiss to the corner of her neck he buried his face into her shoulder. He had missed the calmness and overall security that Satine gave him, and he knew that the questions from their past would arise again, but for now they could be buried six foot under. Instead he replied to her statement. "Yes, my dear, I couldn't agree more,"

"Hey have you seen Kenobi?" Cody's voice was raised over the loud noise of the club.

"Not since he went outside for a breather," Rex replied to his cousin. "He hata get away from 'Soka arguing with little Ani,"

"HEY!" the girl in question thumped him hard on the shoulder.

"Ouch!" Rex rubbed the sore spot on his arm. "I'm always gonna regret teaching you those pressure points aren't I?"

Ashoka grinned up at him, her blue eyes shining in the light.

"Yeah, taking your girlfriend on a kickboxing course for your first date wasn't such a good idea – was it?" Cody intervened, knowing that it would start up the all to familiar argument.

"We're not together!" they replied almost in sync.

Cody laughed in reply. "Oh really. You sound in sync enough to be together,"

To hearts are beating together…

The song bounced in the club, and Cody almost fell of his seat laughing at the timing of the situation. "I'm in LURVE with you!" he sang at the top of his voice, a couple of students looked at him from the down the other end of the bar. Cody then fluttered his eyes at Rex and pouted his lips in Rex's direction.

Ashoka's dark cheeks flamed in response to his teasing and Rex crossed his arms over his chest. "Not funny cousin," he growled out.

"Aww, can't take a little teasin'?"

"At least I'm not a lightweight enough to get drunk of two pints,"

Cody rolled his eyes. "I can still drive though,"

"Oh, by the Force!" Ashoka sighed and punched the other teen's arm.

"Hey that hurt!" he complained.

She gave him a withering look. "It was supposed to,"

"Guys have you seen Obi-wan anywhere?" Anakin asked over his girlfriends shoulder.

"That's what I just asked!" Cody replied groggily. Anakin gave him a raised eyebrow and looked to Ashoka and Rex for answers.

"He's drunk – well slightly tipsy, but drunk all the same,"

"And stop making assumptions," Ashoka snapped, thoroughly pissed off with her best friends cousin.

"What assumptions?" Anakin asked, genuinely intrigued, being the most tactful one in the room Padme elbowed her long time boyfriend in the side.

"Padme!" he whined, and then it clicked, and his face fell into a sneaky grin. "Oh I know,"

Ashoka scowled at him. "Anyway," she pressed, desperate to change the subject. "Where is Obi-wan?"

"Hey Dex!" Anakin yelled over the music to the bar tender. "Do you know where Obi-wan is? He's broken off the leash!"

"ANI!" Padme was none to impressed with her boyfriends comments about his best friend.

"Last time I saw him, he came back inta the bar with a blond on his arm – and they looked pretty friendly too," everybody turned to the bar tender, who looked rather freaked out about the synchronisation. "What?"

"This is Obi-wan we're talking about here, isn't it?" Rex asked first.

"No nonsense, girls interfere with my politics and debating Obi-wan?" Anakin added.

"Since when would a girl date our local ginger?" Cody replied, getting a thump in answer from Ashoka. He turned in annoyance. "Rex control your girlfriend!" he demanded (to which he received another thump in reply).

"Anyway, I think that it's sweet," Padme smiled. "At least he's found someone,"

Ashoka nodded in agreement. "It's time that he got laid,"


The girl shrugged. "He's a great friend and all but I think inside he's desperately sexually frustrated,"

Anakin groaned and buried his face into Padme's shoulder out of embarrassment.

"Hey guys, hate to break it up," Dex had wandered over to them, a man dressed in jeans and a biker's jacket in tow. "This guy wants check you out for his boss's music company," the man raised a hand in greeting, and revealed a dragon designed t-shirt underneath. Anakin pulled away from Padme, but still rested a protective hand on her hip.

"I'll go and get our pianist," he looked over at Dex and the man stuck a thumb in the direction of the booth that concealed Obi-wan and Satine from the rest of the club.

"Tell him to stop suckin' face before he comes over to us!"

There was no reply as Ashoka hit Cody again – for around the fifth time that evening.

Obi-wan and Satine pulled apart, their foreheads resting together as they caught their breath. Now the positions had moved so Satine was sitting across Obi's lap, but her arms were still looped around his neck. "I've missed this," Satine sighed and Obi-wan brushed some of the loose tendrils of hair that had escaped from her bun out of her face.

"I have to," Satine agreed, pressing a loving peck to his chin, and then to his nose, before meeting his lips again. Obi-wan pulled her closer than physically possible and pushed his mouth against hers. It was an oh-by-the-force-I'm-so-glad-I've-found-you-again kiss that left them both gasping for air. Rubbing his nose against hers he dipped in for a quick Eskimo kiss. Slipping is tongue into her mouth he battled against hers for dominance. She unintentionally pushed against him in the most provocative of places, making him groan in pleasure. He rose his hips up to meet hers, and kissed her again with all the expression that he could, his hands moved from the small of her back to her bottom, squeezing and kneading the flesh that he found.

Damn it was covered - by a pair of very nice denim jeans. But it was still covered. Experimentally he slipped his large gentle hands down her rear and stroked her thighs. She moaned against his lips and he grinned into the kiss. They pulled away for a split second before delving back into the make-out session.

"Obi-wan I was wondering-" Anakin's voice was unheard by the pair and cut short as he stood open mouthed at the two happily kissing teens. One was defiantly blond and the other was definitely his ginger best friend. The two teens pulled away from each other and rested their foreheads against one another. Obi-wan buried his face into Satine's hair and sighed.

"Go away Anakin," he looked up, his ocean grey eyes narrowed, Satine shifted off him and onto the seat into the booth, but with her hand still resting on Obi-wan's thigh.

She immediately recognised the other male, and her inside clenched painfully as she was reminded of their last encounter.

"The manager was here to talk about the band,"

"It can wait," Obi-wan replied, Satine's fingers knotted through his and she squeezed his hand.

"Aren't you going to tell me who you're little friend is?" Anakin gritted out, although he knew already.

"I'm sure that you remember me?" Satine replied coolly.

"For all the wrong reasons," Anakin snapped, he turned to his friend. "Why her?" he growled. "Remember how she screwed you over the first time?"

"That wasn't Satine's fault," Obi-wan would have stood up if it wasn't for Satine preventing any harm he could cause towards his best friend as she held his hand in a soothing grip.

"Yeah, and that truck that hit your parents car didn't have her father's company's logo emblazoned on the side?"

Ignoring the protests from Satine Obi-wan jumped up in reply and slammed his hands onto the table. "Satine wasn't driving the truck, it was her father's company, and it was not anybody's fault when the truck skidded on the ice and slammed into the passenger seat of my parents car," his voice was ice cold and deadly, not permitting any type of arguments against his reasoning. "I've been separated from Satine for three and a half years – that is damn well long enough,"

Anakin threw his arms up in the air. "So that gives you a right to go at it like to raving rabbits in the local bar does it?" he shot a look at Satine who didn't stand down. "How could you? With her? Her of all people?"

"I don't know about you Anakin but I can forgive people for crimes that they haven't committed. I think that you should grow up and go shag your girlfriend –that normally works as a stress relief for you,"

Anakin turned away, and Obi-wan turned to Satine, who was standing ready to leave, understanding that her presence was no longer wanted.

Whipping back round Anakin punched his best friend in the face. Surprised Obi-wan staggered backwards clutching his cheek and looked up at him through hazy eyes. Grabbing the other teens shirt in his fingers the furious brown haired teen pulled Obi-wan so close that he could see every indent on his face.

"Never talk about Padme like that again. Don't bring her into petty arguments. I thought that you were the person who was the one who was good at debating here. We're over at the bar if you want to bring your sorry excuse for a body over so we can talk about the recording deal with is guy," dropping the astounded Obi-wan he almost snarled at Satine before stalking off back to the group on the other side of the club.

Shakily Obi-wan sat down, and buried his face into his hands, wincing as he put pressure onto the bruised flesh on his cheek. "Obi I'm sorry,"

"Don't apologise," the other teen sighed, and ran a hand through his hair, looking up at the pretty blond standing close to his side. "It's not your fault. I have to go and fix things with Anakin before they become even more out of control," he stood and smiled warmly at her. "You could come and meet the rest of the guys, they're a lively bunch but I'm sure you'd get on well with Padme,"

Satine shook her head, but smiled in thanks all the same. "I don't think that my presence will be appreciated," she hugged him quickly and he nuzzled his face into her hair, pulling back he pressed a quick kiss to her forehead.

"I'm sorry tonight hasn't gone as well as I thought it would,"

"It went better,"


She giggled slightly and placed her hands on his shoulders, and then put her left one on his right cheek, stroking the slight stubble she found. "We've found each other again Obi. That's the best thing that's happened all year,"

He grinned at her logic, and pulled her into a quick kiss. He felt something slip into his hand, and looked at her.

"It's my number, give me a call when you're free,"

"I certainly will," Obi-wan agreed.

Smiling Satine kissed him again and ruffled his hair; ignoring his yelp of protest she grinned cheekily and squeezed his hand, before disappearing into the crowd and towards the door.

He shook his head in amusement - she definitely was amazing.

"Look who decided to finally show up," Ashoka teased as Obi-wan made his way towards them, a darkening bruise on his eye, and trying to flatten down his rogue hairstyle.

"What did I miss?" he asked as he sat next to her, taking a drink for himself from the centre of the large table.

"Oh, just about everything," Anakin spat, glowering over to the auburn haired boy. The other's looked confused about the change in dynamics from the two best friends.

The band manager coughed, drawing attention to himself. Dex had lent them usage of a room at the back of the club so that they could talk in relative quiet. "Hi, I'm Han Solo and I've been sent out to scout for new bands for my boss. I've heard good things about your band, and apparently your original style and own written lyrics have brought in twice the audience that normally appears when you're playing,"

"It helps that we're all local," Ahsoka spoke up. "We attend the Temple boarding school just outside Galactic City,"

The manager nodded. "So who plays what?"

"I'm the drummer," Rex started introducing himself to the manager.

"Base guitar," Cody raised a hand in greeting.

"Backing singer and anything else," Ashoka grinned in excitement.

"Pianist and I'm a lead singer in some of the songs," Obi-wan explained.

"Main singer and lead guitar," Anakin replied in greeting, scowling slightly at Obi-wan.

"Who writes your songs?"

"Mostly Obi-wan," Rex nodded in his direction. "But some of us write just for fun,"

"Sounds good. When's you're next performance?"

"Not till the next couple of months," Anakin answered. "We want to get settled into the new year school before we tackle performing again. Dex will give us a night as long as its a few weeks in advance,"

"Don't forget the pod racing trails," Ashoka reminded him.

Han turned surprised to the brown haired boy. "You podrace?"

Anakin puffed out his chest proudly. "You're looking at the champion for two years running,"

"Not that he's ever humble about it," Obi-wan murmured.

"So do we have ourselves a deal?" Han looked at the group of close friends. "I'll come to your next performance, record your songs and send them to my boss. If everything turns out I'll pop back and sign a deal with you,"

The band nodded, and Ashoka high-fived Rex. "Yeah that sounds fantastic,"

Han stood. "Thank you for giving up your time to talk to me and I'll look forwards to see your next performance," as soon as the was out of the room Ashoka jumped up and punched the air, getting amused glances from the other men in the room.

"Yeah - we're gonna hit the big time!"

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