E/O Drabble Challenge, Challenge Word: Dirt.

Summary: One too many obstacle could break even the most stubborn skull. And life seems to enjoy putting obstacles in the Winchester's way...

Spoilers: None

Hey, Viv - this one's for you! May there be no clouds or obstacles in your way. Happy Birthday and all the best to you, dear! Hope you enjoy a bit hurt/comfort :-)

And like always hugs to my fabulous sisters in crime, Shan and Barbara – keep sparkling.

It was like being a fireworks rocket. Literally.
Because someone had lit the fuse right inside his head – and the explosion shattered his skull into a bazillion pieces, illuminating his agony in sparkling colors.

He floated in waves of liquid fire threatening to devour him, until they stilled to a gentle rocking—calming, soothing…

With a trembling hand Sam wiped dirt from his brothers face, cradling the limp body like a child.

"Don't", he whispered, "don't you dare to die on me. Not again."

"O…key-dok" croaked blood-stained lips, "just... stop moving, m'seasick".

And the waves dissolved into salty drops.