"How was your, uh, day?"

"Fine…I guess."

"…what did you do?"

"Slept…breakfast…played with cats…lunch…siesta."

"Ah…I see."


"Cleaned, worked, ate…cleaned."


The airy, dull conversation drifted to an end, carried off by the warm breeze. Japan had decided to visit his friend Greece this afternoon; he didn't mind visiting the man. In fact, he did it quite often, or at least he tried to. The country was such a calming and historical place; oceans, sunshine, friendly people, and delicious food. It rivaled with Italy for being the paradise location, at least that's what Japan thought.

The two countries were lying peacefully together on a plush, soft bed. With the balmy air, calming crashes of the ocean, and softness of the sheets, it was becoming a challenge to stay awake. It was no wonder Greece slept so much. Japan seemed stiff on the bed, considering he was lying next to his best friend rather closely. Greece, however, didn't care and was lazily sprawled with his hand behind his head.

Every once in a while, Greece would let out a yawn and rub his eyes in order to stay awake. Japan was occupied with one of Greece's many cats, stroking it lovingly. That was another thing Japan liked about being friends with Greece; he loved cats and had a lot of them within his house. Every time Japan visited, there always seemed to be a new addition to the growing feline family. Greece was a caring man, taking in any stray cat he found on the streets of his home.

Greece looked over at Japan, smiling at how he was petting his recently saved stray. Greece reached over and placed a hand on Japan's. In return, Japan jumped at the sudden contact of skin, a blush setting on his cheeks. Greece smiled more and placed Japan's hand on the cat's back.

"She likes it when you rub her… here." Greece muttered affectionately.


"…Her name is Athena."

"You named her after one of your Goddesses'?"

"…Yeah…she's really smart…for a cat."

"I see."

Japan continued to rub the cat, purring being the result of rubbing the right spot. Japan smiled as he felt the cat vibrate under him. Greece watched as Japan pampered the cat, beginning to think to himself.

'Hmm, I wonder.' Greece thought; Japan heard sheets ruffle and felt two large arms wrap around his waist. His face immediately began to turn red and his heart beat raced.

"G-G-G-Greece-S-S-Sama…?" Japan stuttered. Greece pulled himself onto Japan's lap and rested his head there. He took Athena out of Japan's grip and placed her on his chest.

"Will you…rub me like you rub Athena?" Greece asked lazily. Japan's face was bright red and he didn't know how to answer. His emotions were storming within him; he didn't know what was happening.

"…Kiku?" Greece muttered Japan's human name; his olive eyes pleaded for Japan's hands to stroke his head. Japan felt his heart melt while looking into those beautiful eyes; he still didn't know what was going on between him and his best friend, but he knew the answer.

"…H-hai." Japan replied softly, his cheeks painted with a rose colored blush. He placed his small hands on Greece's broad head, brushing his fingers through his auburn locks of hair. Greece reached out, grabbing Japan's hands once again, only this time he didn't jump. He placed Japan's hands onto his face and closed his eyes.

"I like…being rubbed here." Greece merely said.


Japan's hands began to slowly stroke Greece's slightly tanned face gently. His fingers traced his jaw, circled around his eyes, smoothed his forehead, and lastly, brushed his lips. Japan gasped as Greece licked each finger lightly with his tongue. Within Japan's body, he felt confused. But…it felt right…

And nice.