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Chapter 0: Cultist vs. Magician

On a desolate beach in the North Blue, a crab crawled across the sand, moving towards a small dune. The crab froze as the dune shook slightly before it continued its trek up. Just before it reached the top, a hand burst through and crushed it. The hand was attached to an arm, naturally, and that arm was attached to a man. This was strange, since the last the man could remember, he hadn't been attached to any of his limbs. In fact, his head hadn't been attached to anything. He had been blown into pieces and then buried alive by a kid. A smart kid, the man conceded, but a kid nonetheless. The man rose out of the sand and checked himself over. His Akatsuki robe had been destroyed from the waist up; leaving him wearing what was roughly a loincloth over his pants and sandals. He still had his Jashin medallion, his scythe, and a pouch full of his only tool, the telescoping pikes he used after his curse had been set.

Hidan, former missing-nin, member of Akatsuki, and one half of the Zombi Combi, looked around the beach wondering where he was. Ok, so there's a big fucking ocean. Maybe I'm in Kiri? No, that shithole only has swamps. There are no beaches in the whole elemental nations, as far as I know. He looked towards the horizon, where a large ship was sailing towards the island. Praise Jashin. Answers approach. He thought with a grin.


"Captain Hawkins! Land ahoy!" Shouted the man in the crow's nest. Basil Hawkins, captain of the Hawkins pirates, looked off the bow towards the tiny speck of sand and began to shuffle his cards. Laying them in front of him, he glanced at the various outcomes of landing there with disinterest, until he focused with a start at the outcome he always checked.

A ninety-five percent chance my crew would be wiped out if we landed there? Perhaps we should skip this island… He shifted the cards, checking for any gain. A ninety percent chance I'll find something useful on the island. "Prepare a longboat. I'm going ashore alone." He said softly. "Gather the prisoners on the deck. I need to prepare my 'dolls'."

His crew exchanged wary glances before setting about to follow his orders. If the captain was preparing his devil fruit's darkest ability this far in advance, he must have seen something foreboding in the cards. From the crow's nest, the navigator could see a silver-haired man lying on the beach with a number of spears stuck through his chest. Perhaps the island is dangerous. "Begging your pardon, Captain, but there appears to be a dead man on the beach. Are you certain you want to go alone?"

"I do not see the shadow of death on myself this day. However, its pallid hand is waiting to grasp the crew if they set foot on that island." Hawkins said, checking that his sword was clear in its scabbard. "Prepare the longboat." He said again, his hand shifting to straw and nails as he took a sample of each of the prisoners' blood. Fifteen dolls. It should be enough. He thought, climbing into the boat and rowing towards the island.


Hidan was waiting patiently, murmuring prayers to Jashin as he lay in his god's symbol with spears through each of his organs. He could hear the sounds of a boat approaching, the slap of the oars growing louder as it approached. With a grunt, he rose, pulling the pikes from his chest as he watched the small boat come to shore. Strangely, the man in the boat avoided even stepping in the water, leaping over the front of the boat and landing safely on the beach.

"Good afternoon." Basil Hawkins said, watching with mild fascination as the wounds on the man's chest healed slowly. "May I ask how you're doing that? Is it some manner of devil fruit? Logia perhaps?"

Hidan stared for a second, before smirking. "I have no idea what you're talking about. No fucking clue what a 'logia' is. And you've got one other thing wrong…" Hidan said, pulling his scythe from behind him.

Hawkins' eyes narrowed, as he placed a hand on the pommel of his sword. "And what is that?"

"I'M THE ONE ASKING THE QUESTIONS!" Hidan shouted, swinging the scythe by its cord in a horizontal arc, trying to trap the man's head between the blades. Hawkins' reaction was to sigh and duck, looking in anticipation as the scythe whipped around and embedded itself in the loud man's midsection. Hidan grunted as his weapon pierced his stomach, growing angry. "That fucking hurts, you bastard! Now answer my questions before I get really pissed!"

"You haven't actually asked anything yet, loudmouth." Hawkins pointed out dryly, wondering if this was the danger to his crew.

Hidan paused at that, before laughing. "I suppose that's true, isn't it? You'll have to forgive me. I spent the last month buried alive, and I fear it must have affected what few screws I had left."

Hawkins stared, wondering if the man were a lunatic. Actually, I think he just admitted that he was. But that doesn't necessarily mean he's mistaken. "You've been buried on this island for a month?"

Hidan shrugged. "Actually, I was buried in a forest. I don't really recall moving, but I just dug myself up over there, so who knows?" He pointed over to a man-sized hole in the sand. Hidan pulled his scythe free from his stomach and dropped into a low-stance. "Now then, where the fuck am I?" He asked, flinging the scythe forward and following it with a pike extended.

Hawkins side-stepped the scythe and parried the pike. "You're in the North Blue, on a small island in the middle of nowhere. Where should you be?" He asked, slicing Hidan across the chest and backing further inland, away from the water.

"Last I knew, I was buried alive in the middle of a forest in that shithole Konoha, in the middle of Fire Country. Where's the nearest Hidden Village?" Hidan demanded, allowing his wound to close again.

"I have no idea what a "hidden village" is. By definition, it sounds like that's the idea. Nor do I know of any Konoha anywhere near here." Hawkins spun his sword with a flick of his wrist, preparing an attack of his own. "I'll ask again. How is it your wounds keep healing? Did you eat a Devil Fruit similar to my own?"

Hidan spat off to the side. "That again? I have no idea what a 'Devil Fruit' is. But it sounds interesting. Even more interesting, is that you make it sound like you can do the same thing I can." He began to spin his scythe. "But if that were the case, you wouldn't keep dodging my attacks like a pansy."

Hawkins stoic expression slipped into acceptance. "You wish to see what I can do? Fine." He took the brunt of Hidan's next swing head-on, the scythe skewering through his chest and shoulder. As Hawkins pulled it free, a small straw doll fell from his arm, bearing three puncture wounds on its chest. Back on the ship, he knew, his crew would be throwing one of the prisoners overboard. "I can transfer wounds to others, as long as I have a sample of their blood or other form of DNA."

Hidan paused, yanking his scythe back. "And how are you able to do that?"

"I ate a Devil Fruit, of course. Since you don't seem to know much about the world, I'll explain, if you're willing to stop trying to kill me." Hawkins said, seating himself on the beach and pulling out his cards.

Hidan sat as well. "Fine. While you explain, and…do whatever it is you're planning with those cards, do you mind if I pray to my God for forgiveness? It's a sin in His eyes to engage an opponent and not kill him."

Hawkins stared for a brief second. "Not at all. I wouldn't have pegged you as the religious type. May I ask your God's name? And yours, as well?"

Hidan slashed his wrist, pouring his blood in a circle and triangle. "My name's Hidan; and I am a humble worshipper of Jashin, God of Slaughter and Conquest." He lay in the circle and skewered himself again with a pike. "And you are?"

Hawkins watched in fascination for a moment, before returning to his cards. "Basil Hawkins, captain of the ship you see there and all crew present." I can see no probability of him dying in the immediate future. Given his apparent resistance to injury, that probably shouldn't be surprising. "As you've seen, I possess the ability to transfer injury to others. A few months ago, I consumed a fruit that was rumored to be a Devil Fruit. I know not its name, or any other abilities it may have given me, only that it is what we call a 'paramecia' type."

"So logia and paramecia are both types of these Devil Fruit? Are there any others? How common are they?" Hidan asked between murmured prayers.

"There is a third type, which has many sub-types, called Zoan. The fruit themselves are incredibly rare, though there tend to be at least one "user" among the more famous pirate crews. And of course the Marines have quite a few users in their ranks."

"So which are you? Pirate or Marine?" Hidan asked, deep in thought. "And what do the three types do?"

"I'm a pirate, of course. No one orders me where to sail besides fate. It is by these cards that I plan my next move. In fact, they warned me against bringing my crew to this island, but promised I'd find something interesting if I made the journey myself. Clearly, the cards were warning my crew against stumbling upon you, but also mentioning you to me." Hawkins smiled as he put his cards away. "For your second question, paramecia fruit offer a single ability to their eater, and are considered the "weakest". Obviously though, that depends on what one considers "weak". Logia allow the eater to turn into an element. Rumor tells of a pirate who can turn himself into flames, and the Schichibukai Sir Crocodile can turn himself into sand, apparently. These are considered the strongest, for plain reason. They allow the eater to be impervious to harm by turning into their element. What use is a sword slash against a being made of fire, after all?"

Hidan frowned. This is a strange place I find myself in. Strange, but infinitely more interesting than hunting for the bijuu. "And the final type?"

"Yes, the zoan fruit grant the user to turn into an animal, which is predicated by the fruit they choose. This is why I said there were many sub-types of zoan fruit."

"Are there any drawbacks to eating one of these Devil Fruit?" Hidan asked, rising from his prayers and removing his pikes.

"Yes, of course. What power doesn't have its price? According to legend, once you eat of the fruit of the sea devil, the sea itself turns against you. You forever lose your ability to swim, and being even partially submerged in water makes you weak and sluggish." Hawkins rose, sheathing his sword. "Now, Hidan, if you don't mind, I have a question to ask of you."

Hidan put his scythe on his shoulder and cocked an eyebrow. "And what would that be, Basil Hawkins?"

"How would you like to join my crew?"


Endnote: So here's the (admittedly) short first chapter. I hate putting time skips in in the middle of a chapter, so I decided the first chapter would have to be short. The next chapter will take place two years after this, which probably necessitates me explaining my imagined timeline for this story.

Hidan emerges two years before Luffy sets out to sea. Oda hasn't given any back story for the Hawkins pirates just yet, so in my mind, they first set sail around this time. Hawkins has the third highest bounty of the Supernovas, which, considering Kidd is a mass-murderer and Luffy declared war on the government, means he's been doing run-of-the-mill piracy for a bit longer than either of those two. Hawkins ate his devil fruit, set out to sea, and roped together a few members of a crew in a manner of months. I don't see the crew mentioned in my story being the members of the actual Hawkins pirates shown in One Piece so far. After the time skip, these members will appear, the OCs I used for this chapter having died/been killed by Hidan long ago. So Hidan will be the First Mate of the Hawkins pirates in this story.

As for Hidan joining the Hawkins pirates in the first place, let's think about what we know about them to begin with. Each appears to conform to a religion with a focus on death. What better crew for a follower of Jashin to join? Also, I see Hawkins pairing his voodoo dolls to Hidan working out very well for both of them. Transfer the damage to an immortal!

Hawkins knows so much about the various Devil Fruit because he's been doing research, trying to figure out just what fruit he ate. (This saves me the trouble of making up a name for what Oda hasn't provided yet) Obviously, he hasn't succeeded in that regard just yet, but he knows quite a bit about the various types. He's already heard of Ace, who was offered a position in the Schichibukai almost immediately, so is likely pretty famous. In terms of Hidan eating a devil fruit; that I'm not sure about just yet. What are your thoughts on the matter? In my opinion, Hidan had to sacrifice the majority of his ability to mold chakra to gain his immortality (hence his lack of jutsu use, but ability to stick to trees), so personality-wise, he'd be more than willing to give up being able to swim for an ability. Any suggestions for a fruit? I've read that there were rumors that Akainu had a blood-related logia before his lava abilities were revealed, and that idea seems fitting enough for Hidan.

Anyways, this Endnote has been almost a page already, so I'll just ask you to stay-tuned and please Review! See you next time, true believers.