Authors note: God I got pissed off with this. Originally, all the bold bits where gonna be strikethrough, but fanfiction wouldn't let me ¬_¬ So I hope this makes sense. Basically, the idea is Sherlock is trying to write Irene a letter/ note, but keeps changing his mind as to what to say. I do not own Sherlock.

Note: This was written before season two aired so sorry if it's OOC.

Letters to the Woman (or not-so-love-letters)

Dear Miss Irene,

Look, I'm going to be honest here,

I really don't see why you bothered to say goodbye. You never have before and

I'm not stupid, so please stop treating me like I am. You clearly meant nothing you said so why lie to me? !

You will always be the woman to me. It's a shame you'll never be mywoman…or anyone else's, for that matter.

Irene, you clearly don't quite understand the effect you have on me. I care for you. I really, really d

Please Stop trying to manipulate me. I am not your puppet and I never will be. You've got some real balls thinking you can bat your (clearly tinted, by the way) eyelashes and I'll come running. I don't know how many men have fallen for your sweet lies, but I won't.

I wish I could believe you

You honestly are the most beautiful woman I've ever had the displeasure to meet. You are so mentally strong in ways I've only barely seen and you are so very brilliant! I had never been bested until you and it's really quite wrong how sometimes I look at you and sometimes have to remind myself why I don't just pin you to a wall and rediscover what your lips taste like

Oh God, I'm so tired of your 'games'.

'And people call me a heartless bastard; why does no one ever turn around and see what a vile bitchyou are!

Don't lie. I know you hate everything about me. And I can't stand a thing about you. You make me sick…Maybe that's why it sucks that I think I'm in love with y

I just don

I respect you. A lot. 'Probably more than I respect anyone else alive.

Please, stop giving me reasons not to.